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  1. not a blurb, but found amusing in yahoo's box score, nonetheless.
  2. ^^ love the weeknd. one of the few artists i can honestly say i can listen to entire discography and enjoy it front to back without needing to skip anything. extremely rare for me. speaking of things OVO this gem dropped today. this might just be my favourite track of the year. not a whole lot of lyrical value, but the sound, the beat, the vocals...i'm in love. if you enjoy the weeknd you'll probably enjoy this too. http://octobersveryown.blogspot.ca/2014/08/ilovemakonnen-tuesday-feat-drake.html?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitterfeed
  3. CBS must have their own DL since he never went on Major League Baseball's DL..
  4. Singleton grounded out next. then there was a strikeout. either way it was kinda BS b/c altuve was out by a mile if there was no throwing error. bad luck there.
  5. CBS must hire their blurb writers from the same pool Rotoworld does.. at least they didn't stick with the outfielder theme throughout it's entirety, although that would have been awesome.
  6. i'd have no problem listening to this beat on loop for an entire week straight.. "and if i had a time machine, i'd probably use it like a vacuum and try to clean"
  7. Against the fearsome double team of Brendan Ryan and Endy Chavez. Straily looks awful. 56 pitches through an inning and two thirds against the freakin Mariners. he does look awful tonight. i meant in general though; aside from his era (i realize it's a bit silly to say that..) his numbers look solid (whip, hr, k rate, opp ba, etc).
  8. 2 straight walks, followed by 2 straight Ks lol. he seems to know how to flash just enough for silly owners like myself to stay believing..
  9. ^^ and now we seem to be getting closer to dropville again. not a great start here against an offense he should be handling. had guiterrez 0-2, before letting him battle back to 3-2, then bomb opposite field, which was crushed. now 2 straight walks. yuck.
  10. i can't drop a guy with that kind of WHIP and who's absolutely dominated (that doesn't even justify what he's done) the minor leagues. continuing to hold.
  11. are you getting that from the rotoworld/yahoo blurb? i believe they were recapping what his treatment was (walking boot for a month) back in May. I could be wrong, but it sounded like this move to the 60 day DL doesn't affect anything, as that 60 days would be up in July. I haven't heard how his checkup went today, so that's the next update we need to hear. i agree though that at this point expectations should not be anywhere that could lead to any kind of disappointment. ie. don't even expect him back this year..