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  1. So is yahoo ever going to DL him? It's been hours...
  2. Alex Gordon is hotter than the sun right now, if he's still out there. Robbie Ray as well.
  3. Called up to start tomorrow, per Rotoworld's front page... Do we see yet another Rockies SP carve out some value? Not the best matchup vs the Cubs tomorrow at Coors though...
  4. Bedrosian to the DL as well...Geez.
  5. so is stattracker screwed up or did miggy hit a HR? edit: Nvm, they fixed it. Wow is Miggy on some sort of hot streak lately.
  6. Well it is Madbum tonight isn't it? lol
  7. Uhhh what? No mention of a concussion, and he pinch hit last night...wouldn't be surprised if he's back starting tonight.
  8. How does that in any way say he won't play everyday? They're rebuilding and called up Arcia, they are going to let the young guys play.
  9. Duffy traded to the Rays. Looks like he gets to play 3B full-time...Buckle up for a fun last 2 months!
  10. Moore to the Giants, last second...supposedly.
  11. Moore to the...Giants?
  12. Nope, just Brinson and ortiz
  13. Lewis Brinson and Ortiz in the deal
  14. No Gallo in the deal!
  15. Pre-existing injury the Padres didn't disclose but Rea did after he left his start.