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  1. Had a decent season last year, are we expecting him to be a top 15 pitcher this year or regress some?
  2. Just signed a multi-year deal with the...Rockies? Will play some 1B and OF according to Rosenthal. What kind of ceiling are we looking at in COL?
  3. He's not just going to straight come out and say they're looking to trade the face of their franchise. He was talking on MLB Network yesterday saying it is a possibility if someone wants to help their future.
  4. Turner to SS, Werth in LF, either Harper or Cutch in CF (going to at least give him a chance to play CF at first I'm sure)
  5. Nationals trying to get a Cutch trade "done today", from what Rotoworld's front page says.
  6. So one week of Starks getting like 10 touches and the "coachspeak" of MM again, and we're instantly declaring him the RB savior for us all? I don't put anything past MM and would rather just hold both until we get a much clearer message, rather than just one week of playing from WAY behind from the get-go.
  7. AJ to outscore Gio by 12 pts in full PPR... doable? I hope so.
  8. My RBs in that league are Ty Montgomery (ESPN league), Crowell, C. West, Starks, J-Stew....pretty weak there.
  9. Its in a 14 team PPR league, one where I can only start 3 WRs max, and I own OBJ/AJ Green/Jordy/Sanders... Should I move OBJ/J-Stew for Bell/Deangelo and start Sanders in OBJ's spot? Thanks guys!
  10. Anyone else?
  11. Need to pick 2 of: Ty Montgomery Jonathan Stewart Isaiah Crowell Charcandrick West Thanks!
  12. Why do you keep beating the Knile drum? You literally do not seem to even recognize the other side. By that quote, could mean he's on kick returns for all we know