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  1. and 2 basket HRs, one should have been challenged...good job Bochy.
  2. They did this last year before he went off the last month or so... Was it also in ATL? but damn... he's been awful.
  3. Just saw something on the bottom line on MLB network saying 8 weeks for him minimum with a fractured left wrist, via Ken Rosenthal
  4. From listening to the Nats telecast, he's having issues locating his 2 seam, which was one of his stronger pitches the last few years. Annoying, but not super worried.
  5. Wily Peralta demoted to the bullpen...any chance we see Hader?
  6. moved Nova for Salazar, buy low, sell high
  7. ah yes, the aces that are Jaime Garcia and Joe Musgrove kind of crazy to see so far.
  8. So you come in saying to sell a guy by saying he K's too much, but who would give much for a guy off of the WW like that? Not a lot in any competitive league... Hold and ride it out. Kid looks real to me.
  9. Based on what?
  10. Dropping Gattis after week 1, holding onto Gausman during his garbage streak, not grabbing Alonso and Zim when I had the chance...
  11. Another Altherr 3 run HR! Kid is on fire. No way he gets benched when Kendrick comes back!
  12. Rizzo with a day off as well...been in a brutal slump lately.
  13. couple teams off today, a few day games on the docket (finally). Does Altherr keep it going?
  14. huh, weird... oh well, moving on. Must have been some weird thing on my end of twitter
  15. Weirdly, Adam Rubin, who broke the news of Cecchini being called up, deleted his tweet about it... dunno if this means anything.