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  1. Which side would you rather have in a keep forever league? Goldy/Stanton or Trout?
  2. If Santana gets dealt by the deadline (almost assuredly will), I bet he'll be right up.
  3. I hate both the Turners in this game, going against them both
  4. So everyone's just ignoring the week he had leading into the ASB? Classic "what have you done for me lately" crap in here...geez.
  5. Of course he's not in yahoo's system.
  6. Last 2 are relying on trades, Vogelbach being moved to the AL to DH, and Meadows relying on Cutch getting traded... Frazier might get a September shot in CLE... really too early to say since it's based on trades being made.
  7. In 1st by a comfortable margin in the league in my signature... Hoping Stanton and Cutch continue where they left off last week!
  8. Jaime Garcia and Chris Carpenter came back from TOS surgery and have been great. Hope for Harvey's sake, it turns out the same.
  9. Because Ramos hasn't been with 0 blown saves? GTFO lol
  10. I had one before major surgery, it is a very risky thing where you have to sit completely still and they have to make sure to go into the EXACT right spot so not to really mess with some nerves in your spine. It should alleviate a lot of his back pain, it sure did for me as long as it was in.
  11. Choo with a leadoff HR, Pineda might be in for a long day.
  12. Kershaw to the DL, might be out a while... Any chance of De Leon? Or is his pitch count way too low still and not stretched out enough?
  13. Hidden behind a paywall... wtf?
  14. Well...they now have him playing CF tonight in AAA. Stay tuned.
  15. Completely forgot about him. You're probably right...nothing to see here