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  1. I punted 2B hard after every guy I wanted got sniped in the draft, so I'm rolling with him as my starting 2B. I agree with the possible sneaky value provided. That team might stink to high heaven, but I'd be happy with a .275, 20 HR, 85 RBI year.
  2. Color me intrigued, there are worst options as your last roster spot. If he bombs, then you just get the next hype guy off the wire.
  3. Look at every season before last year. Not double digit wins once. And not because he isn't a "good pitcher". Wins are fluky. Andrew Miller won 10! Games last year.
  4. Then why does Quintana not win more games? This is failed logic.
  5. I'm on board in a 14 team, 23 man roster... I was about to post the same thing about him tipping pitches. Got that fixed and was awesome afterwards. Needs to impress while Price is on the DL though, and have the others at the back end of the rotation be mediocre.
  6. With as much as the Brewers run, I can see some possible value here if he can continue to work on adjusting to MLB pitching. They'll give him a long leash it looks like...
  7. Whoever is left out of Kershaw/Harper, not really close with any other choices.
  8. Yes. Oh >>> Watson, JBJ > Russell (imo, once you take out position scarcity). No need for Russell since you have Lindor.
  9. Chad Allen... is that Cody Allen when he blows saves? Changes his name? Not a bad team, but damn you have such a thin SP staff. It's Kershaw and nobody...
  10. Trout side. C-Mart isn't just some throw-in, and I think Murphy regresses some.
  11. If its for the league in your signature...why would you do it? You have plenty of hitting, minors and MLB. You need to keep all the pitching depth you can get.
  12. For the league in my signature, moved archer/blackmon for kershaw.
  13. It's for the league in my signature, I gave up Archer/Blackmon for Kershaw... There are some decent FA's like Rajai Davis and Kiermaier I can pick up to replace Blackmon...What's everyone's thoughts? Too much?
  14. Daniel Hudson in PIT as well, paid him $11m over 2 years... wouldn't surprise me if he closes before Riverio does.
  15. for my league in my signature, moved Realmuto/Osuna/DeGrom for Blackmon/decently high picks. A ton of SP/RP in the draft this year, don't mind Archer as my SP1.