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  1. RIP to everyone who didn't draft one or two this year. Geez.
  2. Four games this week but an injury and an organization that has already thrown in the towel this season. Ugh.
  3. That Julius Randle kid was ok tonight too.
  4. Just the fact that the Kings and Vlade seem inexplicably in love with him make him an add in most leagues until we see how this shakes out. I mean, the report is that they eschewed better deals because they really wanted Hield. I don't think you do that to bury him on the bench, especially when you won't need to chase the 8 seed anymore.
  5. I don't think any current owners will. Hopefully most of you had a bye this week (until he screws you over next week).
  6. They should just suspend Big Ben for a few home games. Would probably help fantasy owners out.
  7. Isn't Lou Williams ahead of him in that though?
  8. 0 assists, 4 turnovers so far. In the negative for the moment in my league.
  9. Right, if Ryan got hurt I'm sure there wouldn't be any wailing from the Julio owners. C'mon now.
  10. Eh, both of them are to blame, since Arob also has a case of the dropsies this year. But I get it, fantasy wise we want last year's version of Hoyer, force feeding it to his number one no matter what. Just doesn't win many football games that way.
  11. Maybe my memory is off but did Megatron in decoy mode have as big of games as Julio has had this year? Also I haven't been keeping track but is it like the same two guys saying they're dropping Julio for Gabriel over and over or are there really that many frustrated Julio owners? I can't think of more than maybe a couple of WRs who perform week in and week out, every receiver has duds. I will gladly trade you ARob or Hopkins for Julio before you drop him though.
  12. People drafted Allen Robinson, Hopkins, Keenan, etc. and their QB situations and there's all this whining about Ryan not getting it to Julio enough?
  13. You held onto him this whole time??? Tell me you at least have an IR spot or something that you could put him in.
  14. ARob and Hopkins would rule that league.
  15. 26 points for garbage time Bortles, I'll take it.