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  1. Carson didn't even get a shot after halftime. Was he even ever in on offense, I don't remember seeing him.
  2. On the plus side, the guy is huge and he must play a ton of downs because that o line needs all the help it can get. The receiving corps is such a dumpster fire that he was like third in targets and had the longest reception of the day for a Seattle receiver. On the other hand, he got everything but one catch late, and the other TE Vannett had the same amount of targets.
  3. Taylor Gabriel about to feast in the backfield. Seriously though I didn't even realize Cohen got hurt in the fourth.
  4. If a rookie can't learn pass protection, he isn't starting, especially where the offensive line is a sieve. That being said I have no idea how either guy is in pass pro.
  5. A back that can pound the ball on a team with a stifling defense? But yeah, trick plays, sure.
  6. Matchup doesn't matter if he doesn't have the clear lead for touches. They're not even rotating them in, it's like a series a piece with slight favoritism towards Penny as the rookie. Maybe not droppable in really deep leagues but unstartable as anything but a desperation, everyone of my other players is hurt, heave.
  7. It's just amazing to me that they don't run the ball with the lead late in the game.
  8. I mean, Mack is a special player but there's absolutely no reason to mic him up.