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  1. I think Cousins will get knocked out of the game with the porous Vikings offensive line unable to provide enough time to get Diggs the ball. Philly will have it's DB's close to the line of scrimmage as they know Cousins has to get rid of the ball quickly. And the O-Line will struggle to keep Cousins upright for any longer routes.
  2. I think there are a good deal of people here who do points leagues. Most of my friends started out in roto and eventually went to points leagues. To me, Points leagues more closely mimic the real life game than categories do. I did categories for a couple of years. I used to do it for both baseball and basketball (has anyone ever played roto football??). I had players on my team for basketball to bolster blocks and steals that really were not all that important to their NBA team winning or losing. Roto takes a lot of work and analysis that points leagues don't. But when I had to start punting categories to win, I went to a points league and have never gone back. Roto and points are two completely different games. So when I post here, I usually try and state I'm in a points league to minimize the confusion my post might cause when people playing categories read it. And when I see posts from roto guys saying that so and so should be taken in the 4th round, I look at stats and projections to double check where they would be drafted in a point league league. There is usually quite a difference. There is a lot of good content that I get here even if it is mostly roto based. Minutes played, who is playing what position, battles for playing time, shooting %, projections on scoring and playing time are all appreciated.
  3. GP Min FGM FGA 3M 3A FTM FTA OR TR AS ST TO BK PTS 81 2546 505 1102 86 232 303 417 42 304 590 133 227 45 1399 72 2320 506 1187 168 515 346 485 85 562 429 78 246 25 1526 Player in the first row is Fox. Player in the second row is being highly touted this year as a late second round pick, maybe higher based on projections. (Fantasy Pros says he has gone as high as 16th in ADP) I'm in a points league, so I'm haven't looked at things from a category view in a number of years. But to me Fox looks pretty good when comparing him to Luka Donic. If I was able to get Fox in the 4th round, I'd be happy. FantasyPRos says Fox has gone anywhere from 26 to 41 ADP
  4. I didn't follow him really close last year. I watched him a lot when he was with the wolves. Seems like his game has improved a bit since then. But it seems he really runs hot and cold for a period of time. When he is on, everything he throws up goes in and when he is struggling, it single digit scoring. 1 for 11 shooting, 3 for 15. Then he comes out of it and has some games where his FG% is 50-60% and drops 30-40. If he was there in the 4th, I would look at him pretty hard in a points league. It's been so long since I've played Roto, I have no idea of how he looks for categories.
  5. They got "Bricks for Hands" Laquon Treadwell back into the fold now that Beebe is injured. So I don't see how they would possibly think of moving Diggs.
  6. I don't think it is statistically possible for A. Robinson to score enough points tonight after my opponent had Mahomes,McCaffrey,K.Allen & Kupp yesterday.
  7. Probably doesn't belong in this thread. But Rhodes played hurt a lot of last year Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes is healthy now. He obviously hopes that remains the case, but if not, he might not try to play through injuries the way he did last season. Rhodes missed two games in 2018 while having foot and groin issues and also was hampered during the season by hamstring and hip problems. He said it was unwise playing at times when he was injured.
  8. Eric Wilson and Eric Kendricks are still pretty good line backers that will be there though
  9. Rhodes has had a couple of pretty tough match ups the first two weeks. There are a lot of cornerbacks in the league that can't cover J.Jones, D. Adams and Ridley. It will be interesting to see how this matchup goes this week.
  10. Good to have someone else doing points. Most people here are Roto. I'll look at this when I get a chance. I'm still in the playoffs for baseball. So after that, I will get serious about basketball. Thanks for the links. - Rod
  11. I thought he was Verlander early in the year. He hasn't pitched well for about a month. He is probably the reason I'm losing in my playoffs right now and I have to start him.
  12. Zobrist blows a double play with the SD pitcher batting. Grounder to second, errant throw into left field, allowing 3 runs to score and SD takes a 4-2 lead over the Cubs. It was the Cubs 100 error on the season and second by Zobrist in 2 days.
  13. Tex Bullpen blows Lance Lynn's win giving up a 2 Run HR to Meadows in the 8th. Lynn went 7 innings, 1ER, 7K's and left with a 3-1 lead. I don't think Lynn has had a win since Aug 2nd against Detroit.
  14. Any locals/Charger fans have more info on his status? we have free agent moves tonight and it would be good to know where he is at to see if I need make a move.