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  1. I think I take the chance on OBJ. I'm an upside whore.
  2. I would rather own Jackson. I think sometimes we take backups and handcuffs too literally: you already have 3-5 good RB options this season and 2-4 dice rolls with upside. I certainly don't think I'd pay with Jackson for him either.
  3. There's no chance you can do better on the wire.
  4. That's a very nice team, I think. There are a lot of good options at TE and WR, and those are dart throw positions week by week in all but rare instances anyways. The QB is solid, and the RB are super duper. It's a good hierarchy for positions for a team.
  5. I don't think I do this: I really like those WRs, but I would rather scramble for a WR later than a RB.
  6. I heart Michel. He's so dreamy. Sorry, where are we?
  7. What happens in the event of thunder? Rescheduling? I would just stay the course nonetheless unless there's a documented shortened game.
  8. In a standard ten-teamer, take Rashard Higgins or keep Tre'Quan Smith? Non-ppr, redraft 10 teamer. PS: Is there a discussion in our forums for this week's waiver wire column? The writer was SUPER high on Higgins.
  9. Last night's performance v. a very good offense with renewed velocity was excellent. Anyone else buying in?
  10. I would hold firm here. I just don't like the idea of selling while you're still going for a playoff spot.
  11. Would you drop Justin Upton to get Oscar Mercado in a 12-team mixed league dynasty league (5x5, plus OPS for hitters)? I typically don't play Upton most days: he's behind Bellinger/Marte/Bryant for OF and Goldy/Rendon for UTIL. PS: It's a LF/CF/RF league, and the only three players I have with LF eligibility are Bryant, Upton and Stanton, so there's risk I would be without one if I added Mercado, who's LF/CF/RF himself now, but he seems to be primarily a CF now.