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  1. Kudos to you; you have no one I'd drop at all. You could always try to pair a couple of players in a two for one, but it's not really a priority just for a maybe closer.
  2. He's the 21st ranked 2B on the year in Yahoo! in my 12 team mixed dynasty in which I own him. We don't have a M-INF slot, and it's only 12 teams @ 29 players rostered per team. That's with Altuve, Gordon and Hiura behind him, too. I generally consider most players outside of the Top 6 at their position unacceptable unless they have that sort of upside or they have something unique to them, like Gordon's speed or a set closer's role or the like. I had had some hopes for Hernandez this year, and while I certainly agree with you that there are more than a few glimmers of hope (for instance, I doubt I could list 20 2B before I got to him), I'm starting to be more interested in whom my league mates would drop for him than I am in him. Scud.
  3. I don't feel like either side got the jump on the other: I think this all comes down to how Turner is replaced in your lineup.
  4. Yes. This is why you save the #2 waiver; hopefully, it's enough.
  5. If you've already got him, I hold on to see if last year's second half heat up is annual pattern now. If you don't already own him, I only pick him up if he's a FA. I don't think I'd bother to trade for him at this stage in his career. One year, the second half heat up doesn't come, and you're left with Miggy Cabrera.
  6. I would jump at that if offered: Freeman is by far and away the winning side.
  7. Before the season, this would have been a laugher, but Altuve's slowed down and started to show his age, and Giolito's real. I don't think I can tell you to decline this, but I would very much want to if I were you. If Giolito can spin 4-5 years of good pitching and not just be next year's Folty or Gausman, you'll be kicking yourself for taking a smaller 2B right at the turn to 30 and fast decline. I actually accept this just because the % chance that Altuve has a year or two of elite hitting left is too hard to deny, and you can always work for find innings. I just think is no guaranteed win for you at all.
  8. I hate to say it, but I prefer Marte as safe as it is to say so. Bichette is more fun to wish on, but Marte really seems slept on.
  9. Closers are as set as coastal waterlines, but that is good value.
  10. I could see this being a win even this year.
  11. I currently own Cesar Hernandez for 2B (with Adamses on the pine). Should I drop him for Keston Hiura? I own his rights but only have to call him up at 150 abs. This is 5x5 h2h dynasty, plus holds and OPS. I didn't put in my whole team as I really don't have another dropper unless people dislike Wily Adamses, whom I prefer to Cesar just on the basis of age and upside. I am win now, but primarily, I just always want to be better without killing the future.
  12. I really worry about guys like this: while his OPS over the last two weeks has been good, he's been pretty mediocre this year: a .768 OPS with 7 homers and 5 SB feels really blah. (I play in BA/RBI leagues, too, but I refuse to evaluate players on inaccurate measures). I'm getting tempted to cut bait on him once this current hot streak concludes: I can't see winning in my league with this scud in the lineup.
  13. A lot to like here, but I'd want to improve on my last of: playing one of Pham or Santana is so much better than playing Pham and Santana. Polanco/Reyes indicates you agree already: Still, I'd love to see what Lyles/Franmil might yield.
  14. That 2B upgrade is too much to ignore: I take this and deal with pitching from the wire. Braun might have to be a casualty here when Tatis comes back.
  15. I don't make the pitching switch. Folty in particular is a tough hold now, but I would give him more chances yet to see whether his velo comes back with more time since his injury. The hitting side a lot harder: I personally like Lowe and Mazara best in that list, assuming that's not Pete Alonso. If I can sit lowe and mazara, I'd take them. Yadier Alonso and Smith might be better off if you need playing time now. I would consider Peter Alonso untouchable in this context.