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  1. Please delete this post, meant to edit an error and accidentally posted again.
  2. Zion averaging 29 ppg is lol funny...and basing it off 3 preseason games is even funnier. There will be highs and lows, some 30 point games, maybe even a 40 point game here and there, and then there will be some 6 point, got in foul trouble games mixed in as well. Got him 41st in my ultra competitive big money 12 man league, wasn't even planning on drafting him, but he fell so I took a shot.. I'd be happy with 19ppg, 6-8 boards with a 60% fg% and think 1 steal and 1 block a game all should be obtainable (I think the zero blocks so far is a little fluky). But in my lifetime the most dominant force I can remember coming in and dominating the way Zion is trying to, was Shaq, and he got all the minutes and shots he could handle, and still only averaged 23. I think it would be hard for Zion to top that, but we'll see.
  3. Legit, that might be the most ignorant thing I've ever read, especially if you're in daily moves league, and if you think it's 99% luck, you probably have no idea what you're doing. I personally take my time, look ahead for the week, possible streamers, matchups, what moves to make if I fall behind in certain categories, who I need to start/not start to win certain categories as the week goes on. I just won my big money league championship this year, and can say with 100% certainty, I could have won with my team or his team, a lot of categories were close, I just made the better/smarter moves thoughout the week, picked up the best streamers a few days before their starts while he got stuck with scrap heaps that got rocked... Obviously in a 1 week matchup, anything can happen, but there's a lot of variables, that a great manager can overcome. I'd say 70% skill/30% luck is a fair assessment.
  4. Brady always had the touch, the problem was his biggest deep threat he's had in the last 10 years has probably been Chris Hogan. (To which he threw a number of bombs too) When he finally got a real deep threat in Gordon, he lead the NFL in receiving yards the last 8 weeks they were together and had plenty of long throws/bombs along the way.
  5. Actually, Brady was working all offseason on arm strength and speed on his throws, they clocked him a month ago throwing what would be the 2nd fastest ball mph wise in NFL combine history (61 mph, only Josh Allen has thrown faster at 62 mph)... So don't know if I'd exactly call that a noodle arm.
  6. Strop has been a disaster lately, I'd be shocked if he's in the mix...
  7. Cishek seems to be the guy most added on yahoo by a decent margin as of right now.
  8. Weird, Cishek has been lights out lately...... Need a closer real bad for the final two weeks, my gut tells me Cishek but hard to disagree with the sites that basically do nothing but predict closers... lol Hmmmmmmm
  9. Stuck out 10 in 5 2/3 today a AAA rehab start, threw 82 pitches and only gave up 1 run... Guessing he could get the call either this week or next week at the latest, might be time to take a chance if you were thinking about it.....
  10. And he's hurt again, pain in his side. Grabbed him last week as a stash, but thinking I might just let him go.
  11. 1.72 whip over 18 innings.... I'll pass. Let someone else deal with that disaster in the making...
  12. So who in the world is Seattle's closer now that they have traded there entire bullpen? lol
  13. I feel like a rage drop would have been 2 weeks ago, now I feel like it's pretty worthy.. Probably will wait til tomorrow to see what happens when the dust settles.... but find it hard to believe they can keep rolling him out there, seems like they weren't too keen on it even before the most recent blowups the last 3-4 weeks... We thinking Lorenzen is the play here if he gets demoted? Not really sure I want to ride that train either... lol
  14. Thinking about just cutting Iglesias, even in my deep league, 8 losses, era over 9 the last month, not even getting 100% of the save opps.... Just over this guy this year....Anyone else actually worth owning in the Cincy bullpen?