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  1. I actually think I would do that deal. You get the best QB in the game and Kittle really improves you at TE. Gordon can slide in for Jones. I guess the X-factor is if you think OBJ comes back to form. My bet is he does! I'd do that deal if I was you. Help me?
  2. I'm in the minority and would go Woods. Especially with the news that Gurley is doubtful. I think that Goff will be hitting on alot of short slants and there will be plenty of targets to go around. Help me out?
  3. Hi all, I am in 0.5 ppr league that has 2 keeper spots and 1 Dynasty spot (if you draft them when they are a rookie you can keep them forever.) I'm currently 4-1. I have been offered David Johnson and Curtis Samuel for my George Kittle and Kerryon Johnson. I have always been a fan of DJ and would really like to have him on my team for the next few years. However KJ is younger (22 to DJ's 27) but I'm still worried about if KJ is a sure fire RB1 in the future. Do you think this is too much to give up? I'm not so much worried about losing Kittle as I have Waller to plug in to that spot. Looking ahead: If I took the trade my keepers would be Hopkins, DJ and my dynasty would be Mixon or Montgomery. What advice do you have? I could counter but Kittle has to be involved and I'm not sure he would take another one of my backs. I will be glad to help in return for advice. Thanks! Russell Wilson Sea - QB DeAndre Hopkins WR -KEEPER Julian Edelman WR Kerryon Johnson RB -KEEPER Joe Mixon RB -DYNASTY George Kittle TE James Connor Flex Alshon Jeffery Flex BENCH David Montgomery Chi - RB Darren Waller Oak - TE Jared Goff QB Marvin Jones Jr. WR Alexander Mattison RB Jamison Crowder WR A.J. Green WR
  4. I am thinking of offering Acuna for Lemahieu in a HtoH points league. It seems that DJ avoided ligament damage and may be back in early June. Kingery is killing me at 2nd base and I have Conforto,Dahl and Soto riding my bench with Eaton coming back "possibly" at some point. Would you make this deal? Should I ask for more in return? Thanks in advance!