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  1. That's a stretch.. the point is the odds are higher in h2h to have more teams remain competitive.
  2. When you consistently win h2h leagues, I wouldn't really call that luck and injuries can affect both leagues just the same. I've been in plenty of roto leagues where teams lost their 1st round picks at the start of the season and were pretty much done for in all cases but the same thing happening in h2h could drop that same team to 8th and they still have a shot to win it. Like you said, to each his own.. and the main reason people say roto is boring is the reason the guy mentioned above, about teams being knocked out and only a handful being competitive throughout the season.
  3. Who do you guys like for ROS in H2H? standard cats
  4. What mixed signals? They said 2-4 weeks and he's practicing now and we're within the 2-4 week period.
  5. In a vacuum, which would you guys stash?
  6. A bit optimistic, especially on the points side.
  7. Didn't he lose like 6lbs in a day from whatever illness he had? That doesn't sound like something you get over in a few days.