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  1. What's up everyone?! Let me know what you think of my team, I'm super torn as to whether I like it or not. My RB depth is crazy but my starting WRs are subpar. 12 teams, 6 pt passing TDs and half point PPR: QB: Carson Wentz WR: Antonio Brown, Julian Edelman, Josh Gordon, Geronimo Allison, Emmanuel Sanders RB: David Johnson, Joe Mixon, Chris Carson, Miles Sanders, Austin Ekeler, Duke Johnson TE: Delanie Walker K: Jake Elliott Def/ST: Philly
  2. Yeah agreed. Not many goal line carries for the bengals this year.
  3. If you can get him as your WR3 its a value. Right now Yahoo has him preranked as 142nd overall so I stole him in the 8th(right after Sterling Shepherd and right before Marquise Goodwin). It works out perfect if you go RB heavy early. For those drafting on yahoo right now enjoy being able to steal him. I'm guessing that'll end if he shows out in preseason.
  4. I just drafted Joe Mixon at 19th overall (to compliment David Johnson as my RB1) and am already regretting it. He's super talented but the bengals could be a dumpster fire this year.
  5. I just took him at 5 in half pt ppr over zeke and right after Hopkins. He's going to get a ton of touches and will be Kyler's safety outlet out of the backfield. IMO a super safe RB1.
  6. What’s going on with this game? Both Michel and James white are super quiet today.
  7. You have to start him every week (better than that bum Allen Robinson) but temper expectations. 9ish points at a WR slot isn’t the worst thing in the world. However, owning him and Julio Jones (who’ve combined for a total of 1 TD) is super frustrating.
  8. This. I tried to trade him for Juju this week (CSB, I know) but no way in hell you can trade him for anything less than mid RB1 value at the moment. Due to injuries he’s the workhorse back (more receiving than rushing) for a Tom Brady offense. Dudes gonna be on fire from here on out.
  9. Workhorse rb for a decent offense and goal line carries? I’ll take it.
  10. I’d love to trade him as I already have Kamara and James white (half pt ppr, also csb to me) but the people in my league are of the mindset “you got him off of waivers this week so I’m not giving anything of value for him”. I DO think he’s going to be a top 15 back ROS. His highlights look awesome.
  11. His vision is insane. I want to plug him in this week.
  12. If you have nobody else to drop them do it. Qb is so deep this year that you’ll be able to pick someone up off of waivers if you need someone. Thanks for the help with mine!
  13. Albert Wilson? He’s a dart throw. Look for Enunwa, Ronny Anderson, or Antonio Calloway.
  14. Thanks for the help with mine. I’d keep Ertz. For his career he’s gonna be with Wentz and he’s only 27 (I think). Try to trade Engram.