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  1. Lol. Losing track of the days of the week. Thanks for the correction!
  2. Starting tomorrow at AAA Las Vegas.
  3. Promoted to AA. Nice turn around from a talented player...
  4. Consistently flat, blown out of the building? mevins31, I hope you watched that come back from 9-2 today. 😂
  5. Anthony Alford reportedly making opening day roster with Jays after Morales trade.
  6. For sure. Kendrys is a terrible 1B.
  7. Another solid outing against a pretty tough lineup. 7IP, 3ER, 5H, 1BB, 9K.
  9. Met relievers let in 3 of his earned runs. Could have been a great outing if they shut the door.
  10. 3rd start at second base. In an article on Franchy, I read the manager saying Pirela at second was a way to find time for the outfielders. Still a believer but mostly because my middle infield is terrible. Let’s go Pirela!
  11. Could get into rehab games this week per beat writer Twitter/ Gibbons. So, we’re probably looking at sometime next week.
  12. Probably grabbing more AB’s from Travis than Diaz.
  13. FWIW, AA favoured road trip call ups when he was GM in Toronto. Brett Lawrie had a lot of hype and was called up on the road in Baltimore. I remember the local radio guys talking about how it put a little less of a spotlight on Lawrie.
  14. I think it'll be tough getting another 4 starts. Gibbons yesterday on Bautista at 3rd, Donaldson at SS: "Not a lot of plays but I thought they looked pretty good out there, kind of natural." "We'll see. You may see them out there together again." Tulo's not coming back anytime soon and their MI options are terrible. Also, I think one of the main reasons behind the move was that Estrada is an extreme flyball pitcher. So, maybe something they try once a week?
  15. Finally moved up - number four in the order moving forward.
  16. Great to see him back in the lineup!
  17. Yet another Smoak-bomb. In the off season there was a lot of talk from the front office that Smoak had the backing of their analytics department. Whenever I heard it, thought it was just them trying to justify a weird, seemingly needless contract extension and not resigning EE. Maybe it wasn't just spin.