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  1. Bonus: Since this is Westbrook's thread - he himself has 46.5% eFG% (career) and 46.8% eFG% (2018-19), and just about any NBA player is comparatively a better shooter than him He's sandwiched between Dennis Schroder (47.0% eFG%) and Andrew Wiggins (46.1%) in 2018-19.
  2. This list only makes sense if a "shooter" is "someone who shoots the ball in a basketball game". Dennis Schroder Career: 43.0% FG%, 32.5% 3P%, 47.3% eFG% OKC: 41.4% FG%, 34.1% 3P%, 47.0% eFG% Carmelo Anthony Career: 44.9% FG%, 34.7% 3P%, 48.2% eFG% OKC: 40.4% FG%, 35.7% 3P%, 47.6% eFG% Corey Brewer Career: 42.5% FG%, 28.4% 3P%, 46.5% eFG% OKC: 44.4% FG%, 34.3% 3P%, 52.4% eFG% (18 game sample size) Victor Oladipo Career: 44.3% FG%, 35.2% 3P%, 49.5% eFG% OKC: 44.2% FG%, 36.1% 3P%, 49.1% eFG% Dion Waiters Career: 41.2% FG%, 34.7% 3P%, 46.8% eFG% OKC: 39.6% FG%, 34.3% 3P%, 44.8% eFG% Randy Foye Career: 40.1% FG%, 36.6% 3P%, 48.2% eFG% OKC: 34.9% FG%, 30.9% 3P%, 43.3% eFG% (27 game sample size) To get an idea of how atrocious this is in terms of pure shooting - 109 out of 120 players that are displayed in basketball-reference.com for the 2018-2019 season had 49% or better effective FG%. Calling Dion Waiters a shooter is also as vomit-inducing as watching him play basketball 🤢 It took a while to compile these stats, but figured sharing real numbers would be a nice way to share the laughter with the rest of the fantasy community.
  3. I was just joking and asking a rhetorical question, but to answer my own question more seriously - Westbrook is showing signs of a rapidly declining asset that may become tougher to move especially in the back half of his contract. If I were the Thunder, I’d trade him ASAP while he’s valued and movable - after all, it’s not a guarantee that a team like the Knicks will be around to pay for a bad contract. If the Heat trade for him, better win immediately before he and Jimmy have a chance to get angry
  4. Jimmy + Russ pairing? Who's gonna chase who out in this scenario? 😂
  5. I'm going to offer a contrarian point of view in that if Kawhi cared about his health, he should stay in Toronto. If he goes to the Lakers, they'll have a very top-heavy team with Lebron/AD/Kawhi all having their own load management / injury concerns. Even one significant injury would likely force the others to play significant minutes in order to carry their team. Raptors had 17-5 record without Kawhi, and I think it's pretty safe to say they'd make playoffs without him. I think Lakers are pretty screwed if Kawhi doesn't join, so hopefully his mindset is that he'll want to join a team that isn't screwed without him 😄
  6. While I don't think this is necessarily going to be wrong, the level of entitlement is what is shocking about Lakers fans. It's really as if they've already signed a 3rd superstar and AD has signed an extension... As a Warriors fan who has been through some pretty dark times, it's precisely this attitude that makes me wish the Lakers will spend a few more years in the dumps. Realistically speaking, the Lakers will likely be a top-heavy team with an injury prone super star in AD, so there's definitely a fair amount of risk even if the 3rd star is quality. It'll be interesting to see how they'll fill out the other starters and the bench.
  7. http://www.espn.com/nba/team/stats/_/name/tor/seasontype/2 JV has played just 2-3 more mpg than CJ Miles, FVV, Delon Wright, Siakam, Poeltl, and OG Anunoby. 5 mpg less than Ibaka.
  8. Just found it amusing that Rubio is on the list for this supposed “sneaky efficient” list ?
  9. Poor Monta? As much as I liked him when he was on the Warriors, let's not forget the infamous moped accident (which happened right after his 6 year contract extension) during the 2008 offseason. He shredded his ankle and was never the same player after recovered, got suspended for 30 games without pay (immediately causing a rift with management after a long-term extension), the team went 29-53 allowing the Warriors to draft... yup, Stephen Curry. Sure, Warriors management could've handled the incident better but I'd say a lot of what happened was self-inflicted. It was a career-changing incident for him (both in terms of health and team relationship) and indirectly changed the NBA landscape for the next several years, up to the present. I'd say that feeling sorry for Monta for not wanting to play w/ Curry and getting traded seems to be off the mark when you look at the bigger picture.
  10. Adding my 2 cents... It's funny to see how much hate the Warriors get for their recent success, considering how long we've historically been the laughingstocks of the NBA. Just making the playoffs felt like an unbelievable accomplishment when we had only made the playoffs twice in nearly 20 years. 3 championships in 4 years feels absolutely surreal... and I doubt any longtime fan cares about how it was done. This article came out just 6 years ago after fans had booed our new owner on Chris Mullin's jersey retirement night, shortly after our fan favorite Monta Eliis got traded away for Bogut. It paints a great picture of the frustration that spanned for decades: http://grantland.com/features/how-annoy-fan-base-60-easy-steps/ Personally I'm cool with the criticism and anger regarding KD's decision to join the Warriors. I felt pretty angry when Lakers traded Kwame Brown for Pau Gasol because I knew it would result in multiple championships. I guess one could argue that this move isn't nearly the same magnitude.. but I pretty much share the same sentiment as @parrothead - it's about time that things fell into place for us.
  11. If only one could learn from mistakes... Rookie mistakes + Denial = LosingEffort
  12. It's amusing how LA transitioned pretty quickly from having one polarizing basketball character to another. Can't help but wonder when we'll be seeing the "any basketball purist will tell u that lonzo ball is god's gift to this world" posts here
  13. LuSamSiam clearly violated the draft rules, by skipping 2 picks and picking past after-hours (6:00PM PST). He picked 3:45PM PST, then skipped two picks (which belong to Puzz) by picking again at 8PM PST: Puzz should have the right to protest, and it's a shame that some posters are attacking him. The instigator is acting like he is conceding e.g. "I'm not for all this baby stuff", "I don't feel like I'm the one throwing a hissy fit", "I'm offering to remedy the situation completely and give you what you want", which makes this situation all the more sillier.
  14. He actually hit his first 3 threes in the first 3 minutes, so he was on pace for 48 threes!
  15. He was actually #40 on BBM last year, at only 12ppg and only 29.7mpg. Still think that he'd only be a 4th/5th rounder this year with Granger?