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  1. Aaron Gordon 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    If only one could learn from mistakes... Rookie mistakes + Denial = LosingEffort
  2. Lonzo Ball 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    It's amusing how LA transitioned pretty quickly from having one polarizing basketball character to another. Can't help but wonder when we'll be seeing the "any basketball purist will tell u that lonzo ball is god's gift to this world" posts here
  3. LuSamSiam clearly violated the draft rules, by skipping 2 picks and picking past after-hours (6:00PM PST). He picked 3:45PM PST, then skipped two picks (which belong to Puzz) by picking again at 8PM PST: Puzz should have the right to protest, and it's a shame that some posters are attacking him. The instigator is acting like he is conceding e.g. "I'm not for all this baby stuff", "I don't feel like I'm the one throwing a hissy fit", "I'm offering to remedy the situation completely and give you what you want", which makes this situation all the more sillier.
  4. I asked to elaborate what you're arguing about - not the definition of Vegas odds. Seems like it's an appropriate reflection of the opinions of the masses (at that time) on which team is favored to win, yet you don't elaborate on the reasons why you dismiss them. If you want to argue that the general populace's opinion is stupid, sure go ahead and do so. Maybe you should actually use strong facts to support your case though, if you don't want to be dismissed as revisionist BS. I'd say that @tremixt has successfully debunked your claim here: Lastly - since the vs Thunder series came up as an example, here's an article that illustrates some opinions from shortly before the series opener: http://hangtime.blogs.nba.com/2012/06/11/blogtable-finals-predictions-2/
  5. Can you please just elaborate on what you're arguing about, instead of being vague? Thanks.
  6. Russell Westbrook 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    I pretty much agree with everything here except that I consider a Lillard-like FG% would be a sizable hit to Westbrook's value, especially because he won't be hitting ~3 3PTM like Lillard. All the risks outlined above for MAYBE a #1 overall return is just not great risk management for me, unless you're going into the draft with some brilliant pre-planned punt strategy (which rarely happens, I presume). To be clear - I do believe Westbrook reaching #1 overall to be totally within the realm of possibility. However, I also believe that he's the perfect guy to draft #1 overall, if seeing triple doubles gives you tunnel vision and you're happy to disregard his flaws and risks. It'd certainly be a fantasy strategy befitting of Westbrook's reckless, gambling, yet exciting style of play.
  7. He actually hit his first 3 threes in the first 3 minutes, so he was on pace for 48 threes!
  8. He was actually #40 on BBM last year, at only 12ppg and only 29.7mpg. Still think that he'd only be a 4th/5th rounder this year with Granger?
  9. You still feel embarrassed. Embarrassed no more. Even if Granger comes back, I think George will be able to maintain his 1st rounder status (which he has been for the past 2 weeks). He's actually been a better version of Batum, which is really crazy. It was clear from the preseason that the Pacers wanted to groom him into the 1st/2nd offensive option, and it seems like George is finally responding to that challenge. Due to his strength in all the other cats, I think he'd still be a 1st rounder even if his scoring were to dip to 15-16ppg, as long as he does it with decent %s.
  10. You still feel embarrassed. Don't be embarrassed at all... Batum and PG will be fairly close come seasons end I see them both in the 15-25 range. Well, I'm sure each time George puts up a big line like this the feeling will go away more and more, hahah. I'm still a bit hopeful that PG can be more valuable than Batum around the season's end for H2H playoffs. I think Batum can become slightly inconsistent due to all the offensive weapons that the Blazers have. The problem is that PG's consistency is non-existent right now, but it's always good to confirm (from yesterday's line) that his ceiling is still awesomely high. Lets hope that he will build on this.
  11. Well, I feel slightly less embarrassed about trading Batum for George before the season began now. Glad to see that he is still capable of producing these monster lines.
  12. Well, now he likely has every opportunity to ascend to stardom. I'd agree with the others' assessment though, that he may take a big hit in efficiency. Remember the 30/9/5 7 3s, 5 stl, 1 blk line from last year? I like George's chance of duplicating something like that if Granger is out.