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  1. There is absolutely zero chance (beyond injury) that Bird wins the job.
  2. Lost my championship 147-143 to a team that picked up Robby Anderson and Damien Williams in the last two weeks. I had no money left to bid on either. I had an 11-0 team at one point and lost to waiver wire stars. So let it be a lesson to you to always save some money for playoffs. On top of that I started Allen over Cousins and that cost me the win. Also my opponent had ten def and that flukey td was the difference. Cost me $360.
  3. I think he's a stud but it really depends on their defense if he's a stud fantasy QB. Still obviously a qb1.
  4. I didn't understand why Mixon was ranked in the top 5 by most fantasy sites this week.
  5. Yay me. Finally took the plunge and started Allen over Cousins.
  6. Ugh was going against Ten def so screw all you
  8. No way. There are too many good RBs and a number of WRs surpassed him (Nuk, Hill, Adams, Theilen, Thomas). Still a great 2nd round pick.
  9. What else are we supposed to talk about in the Josh Gordon thread?
  10. Did I say he was a bad person? Did I say drug addicts can't go years sober? The fact that people are shocked a drug addict relapsed was extremely naïve.
  11. Drug addicts wake up every single day fighting for their lives. Its something that they must face every single day whether they relapse or not they are still drug addicts. It must be nice living in you fantasy world. Keep calling people idiots though.