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  1. Almost as challenging as making the playoffs in your league
  2. 5 IDPs PLUS D/ST? Lmao must be millennials
  3. Except in participation trophy leagues.
  4. 250-300? What kind of stupid league is this?
  5. Basically after week 4, I make sure I have a top 10 kicker and just stick with them. Once their bye comes I just drop them and monitor ww for top 10 kickers when other teams drop theirs.
  6. Sounds like nobody believes. Where are you getting everyone?
  7. Willie Snead could be a sneaky WR3/Flex this week
  8. Grade 1 is a few days to a week and its been 2 plus he said he had ligament damage. Grade 2 sounds much more likely. If I had to make an educated guess Id say hes out 2 more weeks.
  9. I think you'd have to have your head examined to play WAS over SF
  10. Red flag #3. If you watch the games he limps after every play.