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  1. Michel isn’t a grinder he’s a bigger scat back
  2. Looks like concussion protocol hit his head on the turf on the OPI
  3. I’ve lost three fumbles Moore fournette, carson and 3 picks from Jameis And he has Sammy W FML
  4. He’s a very poor mans will fuller he’s insurance
  5. Tank city nobody is gonna play for jack
  6. Cowboys don’t play anyone the first three weeks zekes out for a while
  7. CMC ODB Fournette is what I got from the 3 spot, 10 team standard redraft
  8. I'm out of options rolling him out horrible
  9. No Gus love this week? I have to start him i like his chances, anyone else?
  10. Amari at the time of his trade had the most separation of any receiver in the NFL. Google it havent seen it updated ...but he's a a legit WR1
  11. I'm starting him with confidence as my flex. over ekeler, Adams, ware and Humphries
  12. I'll be that guy that takes mahomes too early. I have him this year, and it's a god blessed pleasure
  13. Drop Howard no point in rostering three tes
  14. I like both this week tough call. The over unders show a shootout with New Orleans