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  1. I’m going to violate my rule on not drafting players with three names. Ricky Seals-Jones, TE (ARI) @Ryan81 otc
  2. Charles Clay (BUF) hardly anyone to catch the duke in Buffalo
  3. If all the projections for NYG skill players are anywhere close to accurate Eli is going to have about a 5200/40/10 stat line this season.
  4. It would be awesome to get this sucker wrapped up by tomorrow...
  5. My next 3 picks were PHI, Njoku, MIN lol. Chase Edmonds RB (ARI) Potential cuff for DJ...
  6. I’m going to need a few min here my girls are pitching fits tonight.
  7. A fair amount, when I saw my draft position my first thought was “great I can get McKinnon in the 3rd.”
  8. Yeah definitely not as much of that this year buddy .
  9. Wasn’t Riddick the RB10 a few years ago in 1ppr? I’m not suggesting he’s going to repeat that in his current situation.
  10. 11.5 TJ Yeldon (JAX) Solid starter if the beard goes down. @Ryan81
  11. He was going to be my last ditch QB pick if I found myself on the bad side of a QB run.
  12. Dang, I thought he'd get back to me...well done.