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  1. I am interested, Thanks
  2. Are there still slots open? LeagueSafe?
  3. Thanks! I didn't know how the Gallo hype is anymore. I know the power is still there.
  4. Bump...redraft preferred.
  5. Pretty specific and basic but I'm hoping to join a league as I specified. Thank you.
  6. Hopkins.
  7. I'd probably stick with Fitzgerald.
  8. I'd take Abdullah and Jennings if it's the league in your sig.
  9. Abdullah IMO
  10. I'd take Jonathan Stewart all day.
  11. The new blurb scares me. Mike Evans plays at 4:25. My options are DeVante Parker or James Jones who play at 1. (12 team, 3 WR/1 Flex league, don't judge my depth ) Do I risk it and leave Evans in or start one of them? If so, who? WHIR, thanks.