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  1. Mack or Barber or Davis or Collins?? Half pt PPR Pick one
  2. Survivor Football 2018 Season Thread

    Houston or Packers?
  3. Agholor, Allison, Coutee - EIther one of them for Johnson
  4. Sell Allen for that not Nuke.. He is worth more. Thanks for the help in mine.
  5. Golladay and Baldwin for AJ Green?

    Nope I keep green. Watch him go off this weekend and you might get more than now.
  6. Do I Accept This Trade?

    Nope you need ingram more than WR.
  7. Somoene dropped Drake? What you waiting for. Def pick him up.
  8. Hyde for Collins / Rudolph WHIR!!!

    Collins is horrible and almost done as Starter. Hyde anyday.
  9. no way. Hunt is solid.
  10. Zeke for Hunt/J Gordon

    Hunt over Zeke any day.