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  1. I own Senzel but would probably lean Kingery. Help here:
  2. I would take your side of the deal. Help with mine?
  3. I’d go Canning or Severinio (mentioned above).
  4. 12 team 5x5 (OBP) sitting in 8th. Near the bottom in HR, R, and RBI. Should I pick up Franmil Reyes (dropped him earlier) or JBJ to drop Mazara? Leave a link.
  5. 12 team 5x5 (OBP in place of average). It was difficult being disappointed about JoRam. Sent: JoRam and Matt Carpenter Received: Kris Bryant and Matt Olson
  6. Under, Here is the rest of my team: C Garver, 1b: Carpenter 2b: Senze, SS: Mondesi, 3b: JoRam, MI: Bogaerts, CO: Suarez, OF: Betts, Rosario, Mazara, Alvarez UT: Riley P: Hendricks, Lester, Quintana, Stroman, Sh. Greene, Colome, Heaney, W. Smith BN: , Hiura, Keuchel, Y. Molina, Franmil Reyes
  7. Zunino and King Felix are not helping you so why not? Help with mine: