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  1. Nice weekend for Schebler with two homers, bringing him up to 12 on the year and putting him on pace for 45. This year's Adam Duvall?
  2. Tough luck again tonight.... he went 8 scoreless vs STL with 5 hits, 0 walks and 8 strikeouts. But had to settle for a ND as the game is scoreless in the 10th.
  3. He's also averaging less than 6 innings a start in that time. It's certainly a troubling statistic, but he's shown a lot better in the past and isn't "old" at 31. Does anyone think he's a good buy low, or a guy to steer clear of?
  4. Impressive stuff... topped out at 100 MPH per some Twitter reports. Really hope they fully unleash him soon so we can see what he can do over 100 pitches as opposed to 60 or 70.
  5. His 2nd AA start was today vs Springfield (STL affiliate). Final line: 3.2 IP, 3 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 9 K 68 pitches (45 strikes).
  6. This is a nightmare situation when there's no clear guy waiting in the wings.... reminds me of SF last summer.
  7. Is Nick Vincent a threat? Diaz just walked another guy, his 4th of the inning.
  8. How warm is Diaz' seat as closer?
  9. Well, what do you know, he hit a HR.....
  10. Count one BP writer as being concerned. Buff (CO): How worried should we be about Tyler Glasnow. Will he get it together and become an effective major league starter? Mike Gianella: Moderately worried. He hasn't displayed any kind of command since Double-A so while I'd like to say yes to your question my answer right now is there's a 40 percent chance he does and a 60 percent chance he doesn't.
  11. I'm getting a little impatient with him. April hasn't been his best month in recent years, but you'd like to see signs of life by this point in May. There hasn't been any. Maybe that hip issue that was mentioned last month is dogging him. Seager was the one of the last guys I thought I'd have to worry about, given his consistency in recent years... but those numbers will be hard to get at this rate.
  12. He's having an MRI, supposedly today, but he doesn't expect to miss a start. We'll see...... maybe some downtime would be good for him.
  13. It's only a matter of time before Rodney loses that job, and Bradley is looking like the best candidate to replace him.
  14. Is anyone holding on to KRod in 12 teamers?
  15. Does anyone think Samardzija is a good buy low? It's easy to get turned off by his 5.26 ERA. But he's striking out a lot of hitters (10.7 per 9 innings) and walking hardly anyone (1.7 per 9 innings). His FIP (3.08) and xFIP (2.76) also suggest he's been a lot better than his ERA would make you think. I haven't seen him pitch, but it seems like luck hasn't been on his side with a .353 BABIP, a sub 60% strand rate, and a high 15.9% HR/FB.