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  1. I read this today, reaffirming what was talked about earlier: (11 hrs ago) Kikuchi will be limited to one inning every few starts in the coming season in order to preserve his arm during his first major-league campaign, Greg Johns of MLB.com reports. "The whole key with Yusei is to get him through the entire season healthy," manager Scott Servais said. "I can't tell you if it'll be the fourth start or fifth start or sixth start or seventh start. I don't know when exactly, but it's definitely something we want to stay on." Not only is my league a QS league, but more importantly, we have a start cap (8 per week). When you only have 8 starts to work with, burning one on a guy who lasts just one inning could be pretty costly. Am I nuts to think his usage this season could be a major hassle in that kind of format?
  2. I haven't seen anything confirmed either way. May did give up a 3 run double today which probably didn't help his cause. He had allowed 2 runs previously all spring. He's better than Parker and has much more upside. Parker's a veteran though and some really seem to favor those types.... his spring numbers are solid.
  3. Out indefinitely with an upper back strain. https://www.cleveland.com/tribe/2019/03/right-hander-triston-mckenzie-cleveland-indians-top-prospect-shut-down-with-back-injury.html
  4. Check out this velo from Pivetta today - 99 MPH.
  5. Keith Law doesn't seem to think much of BP's rankings. http://meadowparty.com/blog/2019/01/24/klawchat-1-24-19/ Marshall MN: KLaw, I was just perusing the Baseball Prospectus Top 100, just curious do you ever look at those lists? Not necessarily as a check on your work but just to see how other writers/analysts rank prospects? Keith Law: I look at BA’s (came out yesterday), MLB’s (comes out Saturday), and Fangraphs’ (comes out after the Super Bowl, date TBD). Those are the only lists I find credible, and I believe that is the industry sentiment. Jonathan Mayo and I generally compare our lists once they’re published, too. It’s fun to see what we heard that lined up and what we heard that widely differed.
  6. Anyone intrigued by Trevor Richards as a deep league, back of a fantasy rotation sleeper? The 25-year-old had a respectable enough first year in the bigs: 25 starts, 126.1 IP, 4.42 ERA, 54 BB, 130 K, 1.390 WHIP. He should be locked into a rotation spot going into 2019. On the plus side, he struck out 130 batters in 126.1 innings. His 90-91 MPH fastball wasn't a great pitch at all last year but his filthy change was one of the most effective in the league. He also throws a curve that's a distant third pitch usage wise. That he walked 54 batters in 126 innings was somewhat of a surprise - he had walked just 50 in 239 minor league innings. But his walk rate dropped from 4.4 in the first half to 3.2 in the second half. At the same time, he saw one of the biggest K% increases in the second half. Along the same lines, he was one of the biggest SIERA improvers in the second half. Anyone have any thoughts?
  7. Assuming he goes to Cincy, who gets the boot from their rotation... Tyler Mahle? The additions of Wood and Roark crowded things a little. From their depth chart on mlb.com.... ROTATION 1. A. DeSclafani 2. L. Castillo 3. T. Roark 4. A. Wood 5. T. Mahle
  8. Sonny Gray's 2019 outlook might depend entirely which team he's playing for. Consider his home/road splits in 2018. In Yankee Stadium: 59.1 IP, 78 H (11 HR), 35 BB, 55 K, 6.98 ERA, 1.900 WHIP Away from Yankee Stadium: 71.0 IP, 60 H (3 HR), 22 BB, 78 K, 3.17 ERA, 1.150 WHIP Gray's name has been widely circulated in trade rumors all winter. But for now, he remains in New York, a bad situation all-around for his fantasy value. Aside from not being able to pitch effectively in Yankee Stadium, their rotation has no room for him. It's possible they'll get more aggressive about moving him now that CC has been cleared after a heart issue. One intriguing destination would be Cincy, where he would be reunited with his Vanderbilt pitching coach, Derek Johnson. If he gets out of New York, Gray's value would potentially shoot way up in almost any other situation. Anyone targeting him as a sleeper?
  9. With Kikuchi in Seattle, any thoughts as to how that might delay Justus Sheffield's presence in the rotation? Prior to Kikuchi, MLB.com had this depth chart for Seattle's rotation: ROTATION 1. M. Gonzales 2. M. Leake 3. F. Hernandez 4. W. LeBlanc 5. R. Elias 6. J. Sheffield 7. E. Swanson
  10. Is it crazy to think the Padres traded Richard to clear a spot for Kikuchi?
  11. There has been relatively little recent buzz on Yusei Kikuchi, the latest Japanese import and arguably the top free agent starter left on the market. The 27-year-old lefty has mostly been connected to west coast teams but I haven't seen much lately, and the deadline to sign him is January 2. Here's a scouting report, courtesy SI.com: Kikuchi sounds like a potential solid fantasy starter in the mold of guys like Maeda, Ryu and Iwakuma at their stateside best. Ending up a pitcher friendly west coast park like SD, SF, LA or SEA would only help. He's been connected to a few of those teams.
  12. A H2H points dynasty league around since 2004 is seeking 1 owner for the upcoming season. We'd like to fill the spot soon. It's a daily lineup league, so you'd need to be committed to checking in almost every day. The league is a dynasty, meaning everyone is kept. There are no salaries or contracts. We play for pride, not money. We do split the cost of the league among each owner - about $15 each - but your fee for the first year may be waived. This is a league meant for a minor league enthusiast as each team has 35 man prospect rosters. Knowledge of all levels of the minors is a plus. If interested, e-mail Matt.morris@protonmail.com for more details on the team available.