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  1. He's been death on righties, but a batting practice pitcher against lefties. Righties have a 487 OPS against him, lefties 1.111. Keith Law said this on a San Diego sports talk show a few weeks ago: "I think he’s going to be a very good reliever, in time. He has no third pitch to speak of to be able to get lefties out. He didn’t get lefties out in the minors, this year or last year. It’s fastball, breaking ball. They’re both pretty good."
  2. Bailey's return ended after 1.2 innings and 61 pitches at Washington. He allowed 8 runs on 6 hits and 3 walks, fanning 2. The 8th run was charged to him after being pulled. Fastball was 92-94 consistently. Probably give him a pass for this one, considering the circumstances, and hope for better next time.
  3. He just said tightness, nothing about triceps.
  4. Explains why he was out after 88 pitches in a gem of a start..... hopefully its nothing. Tricep issues are not new for Darvish..... https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/texas-rangers/rangers/2017/06/23/yu-darvish-leaves-game-triceps-tightness-expect-miss-time
  5. Darvish out after 7 scoreless and 88 pitches. A little surprising.
  6. Blister it is. His last two starts, including tonight, have been a step in the right direction. Hopefully the blister is nothing that lingers. Unless he misses time or gets pushed back, looks like a date at Houston is next.
  7. Cotton pitched 5 scoreless on an economical 66 pitches before getting lifted with a hand injury. Twitter speculation says it might be a blister.
  8. One of the most disappointing prospects of the year. Other than May, he hasn't really hit in AAA ever since he got there to close out last season. He's hitting .237 in 426 PA at AAA between this year and last, and without a lot of thump (.396 SLG). And he's on the minor league DL again, adding to concerns about his durability. He has a stained hammy, at least his third hammy injury since 2014. He also missed a chunk of time with a broken orbital bone in 2016, though that injury was more of bad luck than anything else. Even if Cutch is dealt, Meadows hasn't done anything to merit a promotion, assuming he's back on the field by then. He's still only 21, but his stock has definitely slipped this year.
  9. How does everyone feel about him tonight in Chicago vs Pelfrey and the White Sox? Cotton is coming off a QS vs the Yankees. Inexplicably, Cotton has a 3.13 ERA away from Oakland this year and an 8.27 mark at home. Admittedly, not a huge sample size, but still odd. The WSox are 26th in runs and OPS vs RHP.
  10. Hard to know what to make of the guy. At 24, he wasn't exactly young for AA, which makes tough to judge his numbers there. A few analysts (like Keith Law) said before the season he was more of a RP in the long run.
  11. ..... and Eickhoff has hit the 10-day DL. Upper back strain.
  12. Thanks for the responses. I agree, none are ideal options. This is a H2H points league where we have 10 SP starts a week to play with. My guys aren't lined up well this week since many went over the weekend, so I'm a little short. The only options for my 10th start on my current roster are Gausman (CLE -- a no), or a possible DL returnee like Bailey or J Gray. Their statuses seem undetermined still.
  13. I'd take that offer. Verlander hasn't been himself, but neither has Arrieta. You could argue Verlander is a better rebound candidate.... his fastball velocity is actually up this year per FanGraphs, so there's hope. He's struggling, but the stuff seems intact. Arrieta's is down a few ticks, which is troubling. Rosario is one of the very best prospects in the game, will play a premium position, and is MLB ready. He could be a star for you.