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  1. He is opening the year at Double-A.
  2. Fingers crossed they don't grab Hanley.
  3. Trade Eloy when he is called up. The hype machine should get you a better pitcher.
  4. I like to think about how some players are notorious for slow starts/hot summers. I'm giving him some time before worrying, but understand your point about quality of opponents.
  5. This feels like an overreaction. Not every good player starts the year as a world beater.
  6. Nah brother we have been bait and switched. I bought into Ozzi Alibes. Ozhaino reminds me of this
  7. Dropped for Jose Urena. This scrub cant even make the lineup. EDIT:I have made a huge mistake
  8. Please report to the Kannapolis intimidators. I want to see him play a few games before double a.