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  1. High target, high floor guy. If only Cam's arm worked.
  2. Also Joe Flacco had 4 or 5 passes batted down against Oakland this week and he's 6'6 (Flacco was also the leader in batted passes percentage according to PFF in 2018). Kyler's batted passes are not because of his height. He had 5 passes batted down all year last year. It will depend on his ability to adjust to the NFL game which is something I believe he can do.
  3. Local Arizona media says Kliff gets in at 4am every morning to watch film. This quote after week 1 supports practically everything you stated Kliff knows what he did wrong and owned up to his mistakes. He also said he tried to get too cute with his play-calling but managed to adjust and get the offense going.
  4. Thanks for all the replies guys and I will get to your questions soon! I have actually been contemplating lately grabbing Marquise Brown over Hockenson.
  5. Currently own the #1 waiver and am contemplating using it right away on TJ Hockenson. Problem is, I own Kittle as well. It can turn into a good problem to have and can trade away either one for some RB depth which I need. Or should I wait it out until a RB comes along on waivers? Is there someone else on waivers I should be picking up? My team (standard league) QB: Kyler Murray, Big Ben RB: James Conner, Chris Carson, Duke Johnson, Carlos Hyde, Derrius Guice, Jaylen Samuels WR: DeAndre Hopkins, Kenny Golladay, DJ Moore, Emmanuel Sanders, Geronimo Allison TE: George Kittle DEF: Seattle Other players on waivers: John Ross, Hollywood Brown, Raheem Mostert, Chris Thompson, AJ Brown, Giovani Bernard
  6. the guy I was replying to made it seem like Hyde was available in his league and was gna cut Johnson for him.
  7. this is me talking you down Houston offense is crazy good and Duke (even in a timeshare) will get his drop someone else for Hyde
  8. Monster shoutout to my league-mates who took OBJ, Julio Jones and Davante Adams before Hopkins.
  9. Inches from a 2nd touchdown and also questionable play calling on 2nd and 3rd down at the 1-yard line. But it is refreshing to see a coach own up to his mistakes and make adjustments from them. David Johnson is locked in as an RB1 and can't wait to see the offense consistently clicking.
  10. Any chance starters rest come 4th quarter if they keep this up? Ingram is KILLING me lmao
  11. CMac definitely makes this trade worth it despite Josh Gordon's risk. CMac and Montgomery is a legit running back duo. I am high on Dede stepping up as a WR2 this season to mitigate the loss. Help here?
  12. I like Lockett and Aaron Jones more than I do Hilton and Michel. Luck's knocks Hilton down a peg and I think Aaron Jones has a ton of upside. Although Seattle does not throw much Lockett is Wilson's clear number 1. I would trade Hilton and Michel if possible for Mike Evans. Help with mine?
  13. You're definitely going to need to add more than Cohen for Chris Carson. What does your team look like? Help here?