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  1. Targeting Fox mainly for his playoff schedule of 4-4-4. Even though he has been slumping he can still win u steals and assists with that schedule.
  2. End of Season Buy Lows?

    This. I had a spot to stash and he was basically a throw-in in a recent trade.
  3. Want to target him in a trade but what do you guys think is the possibility he gets shut down at the end of the season?

    Without looking at your roster I think I would take this trade. Bledsoe is a solid player and DSJ will have some inconsistencies. Help here?
  5. Hield or louwill? Whir

    If you need the FT% Lou has enough FTA to definitely bump you up. However, I think Hield is solid enough a fantasy player that I would hold onto him, especially with that playoff schedule (4-4-4) Help here?
  6. Thanks for the help with mine! Hmm.. It really depends what you are looking for. Zubac will get you more rebounds and blocks with a higher FG% while Dario will get threes and decent steals with decent rebounding around 6-7 a game.
  7. Who would you rather own ROS in a standard league ?
  8. Bradley Beal 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    What kind of value would be enough for you guys to give him away? I don’t want to turn this into a thread about my trade so I’m just keeping it general haha
  9. Bradley Beal 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Is top 10 ROS realistic for this guy? I have a trade lined up for him and am wondering if this train is still a full go ROS choochoo!
  10. Gobert & Buddy for Giannis? WHIR

    My Team: PG: Curry, Rubio, Dunn, Lowry, Teague, (IL) SG: Klay Thompson, Buddy SF: Tobias Harris, Rudy Gay, Kelly Oubre, RoCo (IL) PF: John Collins, Dwight Powell C: Gobert, BroLo, Jarrett Allen
  11. Stash help - WHIR

    I would go with Harris in my opinion. Like you said you could use the depth at the SG. Harris will give you decent stocks as well with his steals. Help with mine?
  12. Who would you drop for love? WHIR

    I'd drop Barton. It was between he and Rubio and I think Rubio does his yearly turnaround post-allstar break Help here?
  13. Was offered this trade for my Gobert and Buddy in a 9-cat league. Would I be giving up too much?
  14. Added him. Pretty clear path for minutes now that they traded Harrison Barnes and cut Salah Mejri. There really is not much else as they don't plan on having Z-Bo seeing the court. Looks like it will be just Maxi, Dirk and Dwight splitting the majority frontcourt minutes.