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  1. Lol it is kinda crazy how this started as a cheeky joke, and where it's gotten to now
  2. .270 @ 6'7 42,348lbs sounds like fun to me
  3. Judge Dredd dreads Judge Only Joc can Judge me now Judge, Drury and Mexicutioner Get Judged Judgments and penalties Wil the Judge set Yu Freeman?
  4. Long live Joel Zumayaa and the Guitar Hero fiasco
  5. Bird is pissing me off. Joey sucks. Now Mitch. And my daughter has an attitude today because she hurt her calf pole vaulting. And that's my fault somehow. Today can suck it
  6. Lol now we're sweating single "rough ABs". High stakes no limit hold em doesn't swing this hard and fast, this thread is hilarious
  7. Yes, he's just missed 4 HRs by a matter of a few feet this week. I'm still excited for this kid
  8. Maybe the blurb guy is trying to keep his trade value down for his personal league
  9. It really is amazing how low the bar is on the blurb writing job.
  10. And got the Th-shirt
  11. .208 babip and 87% LOB aren't sustaining. Looks like he's found some extra FB velo though, glancing at his fangraphs page.
  12. Agreed, but there isn't a whole lot of talent besides him.
  13. This is worth watching. I'll say it again, I just don't think Brad will let krod get him fired this year. After this many years of bad pen action, he has to be in change for the sake of change mode. I'd usually be the last to advocate rookie to closer role, but I could see it here if they like Wilson setting up. People are ready to chase Krod outta town with pitchforks around here, the seat couldn't be hotter
  14. Interesting...do we know when exit velo stabilizes yet? I'm wondering if a few dribblers are really pulling down the avg or something like that
  15. Well if you were going to punt saves, you should've done it on draft day to max your category juice elsewhere. Now you'll be stuck trying to trade them all off to fit some strategy. Welcome to h2h baseball, where 4 cl sometimes nets you 1 sv. Chill, you'll win the category more than you'll lose it.