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  1. BA takes 910 ABs to stabilize. Also a fact.
  2. This is why my league has a very vague, but useful gray area rule. Any actions deemed to be uncompetitive for your own team can, and will, be subject to commish review. Since he's out of the picture, pretty clear the move is for spite only, and not in the spirit of competing. Moves reversed, warning given, any further nonsense he's locked out for season and replaced for next. In 8 years it's been used once, but glad it's there
  3. Ever seen guys slip n slide over home plate? I would imagine this would create more injuries than less
  4. He was sent to pen for a little bit
  5. He's not done yet. Hopefully that groin is good to go next year
  6. Never pitched before eh? Sounds like a great way to make an injury worse, while destroying our stat lines in the process. Sing it with me now..."the pec muscles connected to the...."
  7. I have to agree here. I get these are humans, and even get their sentiment. But as a pro you have to know a public statement like these get you nowhere. Just increases anxiety all the way around for no gain
  8. WAR is at its best when comparing apples to oranges type players. Leadoff speed guy vs cleanup power guy. It basically is why Rock Raines got in, as he should've imo. For HOF purposes it's rather useful
  9. I feel like all this is much ado about nothing. They have enough talent to make a run, they tried to improve and the price wasn't right. Less can be more, winning the deadline often means losing the war.
  10. Holy hell, a 2 hit night.
  11. Kela in the seventh. Ugh
  12. LOL great troll job, that was boss
  13. He's not allergic to the ninth, huh. Go Blake
  14. Some of these posts are genuinely bad, but many are people carrying on an old rw joke. One that could def go away imo, but a lot of are deliberate misspellings. I remember when I was excited to have Haniger and Bird on my team. And Lucroy sucks.
  15. Considering the back story on this ring, I bet it'd go for double that