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  1. Luck vs Skill Revisited after 2017

    I'd agree with everything above but possibly the injuries. I feel like there's prob a few teams in most leagues that were just decimated by it. I know we had a few teams with 7+ dl guys at once. Distribution of that certainly varied league to league, but I bet there was more than a few teams out of it no matter how skilled they were owned. The other thing that can really change the luck feel to me is when one owner gets too busy in real life to really make sound decisions. It happens. In our long running h2 league it finally happened, and really skewed the balance. Most top heavy year the league ever saw, and he had the worst h2h record in h2h history.
  2. Greg Bird 2018 Outlook

    Mostly freakish. The back from before last year would concern me way more than the two foul balls he hit himself with
  3. Greg Bird 2018 Outlook

    Assuming the HR trend continues into next year, I agree with this.
  4. Holds - any official tracking?

    Last I knew, since it's not a MLB recognized stat, you won't find what you're looking for.
  5. Toronto Blue Jays 2018 Outlook

    I have to agree. This team missed it's window, and is way too old. It's waiting for the Vlad and Bo show to begin. How's the farm arms looking?
  6. Cleveland Indians 2018 Season Outlook

    https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2017/10/antonetti-chernoff-francona-discuss-indians-offseason.html I think we lose Bruce, and probably Santana. Kip is looking like a possible trade candidate. Brantley and his 11m can walk too. I hope they somehow get Santana back, let Brantleys option go, and pursue JD. Doubtful though. Lineup needs some juice
  7. Greg Bird 2018 Outlook

    It's like he's cursing me with every swing, I was way early on him this year. My Tribe was supposed to win and keep Greg a sleeper
  8. Bryce Harper 2018 Outlook

    Don't disagree. I was responding to another post that was value-hopeful on him. There's just some guys you can't get "value" on, Harper being one of them. And that's ok, the value is high floor with an insane ceiling.
  9. Washington Nationals 2017 Outlook

    Found this, crazy " [Baseball Reference] None of the 2.73 million half-innings in Baseball Reference's database feature each of an intentional walk, a passed-ball K, catcher's interference, and a HBP. Tonight, in the top of the 5th, the Cubs had batters reach on each of these consecutively."
  10. Bryce Harper 2018 Outlook

    Sorry, with Harper you don't get value. You get a lot, uber talent and everything that goes with it, but you're not getting it at a value. Thank Sports Illustrated and a great early start to a career for that.
  11. Ok Wahoo Nation, let's talk. Game 5 hurt my soul, going out like scared 12yr olds is a memory I'd like to forget. The good news: we get most of the band back next year. Basically all the pitchers. That alone should keep em division favorites. I'd like to see the offense get a little more dangerous. In an age where power falls from trees, we could use another bat. Signings of Napoli, E5 and Bruce the last two years have proved huge but not quite enough, do the Tribe pursue another? I hope so 70 GD years.
  12. Evaluating Pitchers for 2018

    I like Seve as much as the next guy, but this is overvalued to me. If he's going this high I won't be owning
  13. Kevin Gausman 2018 Season Outlook

  14. Boston Red Sox 2018 Outlook

    Local radio (MI) was speculating Ausmus to Red Sox lol
  15. Washington Nationals 2017 Outlook

    If he's sick, he's sick. Not much anyone can do about that. There, that's my one and only Dusty defense for the year.