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  1. This works two ways though. There will be multiple sellers also, which the Nats can use to their advantage. As always, it will come down to who blinks first in negotiations.
  2. I can appreciate the frustration, but "a sweet pick" at first doesn't equal a gold glove.
  3. Still has a high ceiling, but I think I need to see a start or two before I get excited. If your league is stupid deep he's probably ownable but past that I'd say he's a watch.
  4. Agree. They complain when hr was low, now they complain when it's high. I hate Verducci, all he does is complain and use numbers poorly to feed into his schtick. The Verduci Effect was garbage, like 90% of his work. I haven't been this excited to watch young hitting in forever. Sit on it and spin, Tom
  5. Hahaha^^^ this thread just got even better. I'll be monitoring judge's awkward shyness from now on
  6. His rookie year she came in here and told us how stupid we all were. Turns out she was right. A truly awesome thread
  7. If Detroit trades the only bullpen guy they've had in years someone will burn the stadium down
  8. That's it, I'm forever calling Sanchez "Psycho" now.
  9. Young rookies, please go watch Stripes.
  10. Bigger name piece would maybe be more accurate. I think Mitch will end up being the key piece, intentional or not. Time tells and all that
  11. Or he fouled yet another ball off himself and now has a bruised knee. But yips narratives are more fun I suppose
  12. I'm actually on board with this, despite his early success. There's a lot of room to improve mechanically for Cody yet in that swing, and the similarities to early Joc are there. Namely the super tall start and finish. Hopefully he adjusts better
  13. Unleashing that fury, Mitch
  14. I'd like to see someone with the stones to throw at him. I'm totally ok with a three game suspension if we get to see Judge Hulk-smash some idiot pitcher who thinks he got shown up.