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  1. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    There's only so many ways one can spin the heating up blurb.... intensified lol, so now we describe levels of bs heat? Haha Twitter age can be so ridiculous. Let's make a RW pact at this point, and not post in here until the actual signing. Who's coming with me?
  2. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Eh. This is par for the course for anyone playing sports in Philly. These two are quite used to being hated. Fluff news, i agree
  3. Mike Trout 2019 Outlook

    I guess he needs a thread. Still the king, he's the best at... about everything. If you have lineup concerns that's about your only complaint. Easiest #1 pick of your life.
  4. 2019 ADP

    Just at a glance, seems incredibly high on Whit.
  5. Help With Final Keeper Please

    Ya, agreed. I think even if Bryce signs i still keep victor over carp just for the long term potential
  6. Trevor Bauer 2019 Outlook

    Oh no doubt he's a stud. Won't change my evaluation of him one bit. He'll just get no sympathy from me on this one. I'd rather watch him pitch than hear him talk is all.
  7. Trevor Bauer 2019 Outlook

    Internet comment sections aren't usually my go to source. I'd say there's a pretty clear pattern of behavior for him.
  8. Trevor Bauer 2019 Outlook

    They're running a business. A billion dollar one, and they do it like adults. Patronizing "plus one" (really kid? This isn't a gender reveal party here) invites to corporate executives. His refusal to understand that there's more to the charitable giving angle than just giving. Maybe, just maybe, the Indians don't enjoy all the PR that goes with a campaign based on an 8th grade level 69 joke. This rep has followed him at every stop. He kinda needs to be the whiny kid that someone has done wrong. Really, he drips a lot of the immaturity that people 35 and over can't stand about the millennial generation. He cries disrespect but is constantly disrespectful. In the old days, a vet would pull you aside and grow ya up some for acting like this. They did that in Arizona (Montero i think esp) and he made a public spectacle about it. Teammates haven't liked him b/c of stuff like this, again at all levels. He's a millionaire, mlb stud, and not 19 anymore. Grow up kid
  9. Trevor Bauer 2019 Outlook

    Im the biggest tribe fan in the world, and own TB in a keeper. But i think it's time he lost the "look how clever i am" childish routine. Hes certainly intelligent, but he's getting a little old for the righteous kid game. And as smart as he may be, if he really goes thru with this only 1 year deal plan of his he better never get hurt. Or play with drones during a playoff run. He kinda pisses me off lol.
  10. New RW Forums Design Feedback Thread

    Ok so i found them. You click on the red notification and then you have to scroll to the right to see them. Also on my phone. A little annoying but i can deal with it i guess. The baby blue is.... cute? Not my first choice but not the end of the world.
  11. New RW Forums Design Feedback Thread

    I can't access my notifications on here now.
  12. Brett Lawrie 2019 Outlook

    Wonder if he still slams red bulls. And 40s. I just remember a ground ball machine that played baseball like a frat boy on cocaine. Be interesting to see if he's still got skills.
  13. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    I haven't seen a Necco wafer since 1989. That's the hottest action on this stove so far for me.
  14. Brett Lawrie 2019 Outlook

    He's on the Canadian cover of mlb the show 14. Ha, didn't know that.
  15. 2019 Offseason Closer Thread

    Ive said basically this for years... but I'm not so sure anymore. Leverage pens looks to be the new closer, and trends usually go fast in this league.