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  1. AJ Reed 2018 Outlook

    The post hype sleeper. Where do the long term ABs come from?
  2. Be that guy. I had a Yahoo pro league go south because of this. After the fifth vetoed cheating trade Yahoo seemingly gave up and they ruined the league
  3. After pick ten-ish it usually gets pretty worthless in public mocks
  4. Off-season Closer Thread 2017/18

    Time to unleash the kila monster
  5. 2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread

    Hosmer to SD https://www.google.com/amp/www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/sd-sp-padres-eric-hosmer-signs-0216-story,amp.html
  6. Congrats to Tao, if ever a poster earned his way into the business it's that guy. Kudos buddy, we'll see you in here soon
  7. Dinelson Lamet 2018 Outlook

    The perfect redraft pitcher. K rate to make the upside ring, adp to keep the hurt down. Why not grab him there? At that price, I don't really even need to know much else about him
  8. Aaron Sanchez 2018 Outlook

    Lots of talk last year that blisters was a big problem across the league, due to the different ball.
  9. 2018 Pre-Season Rankings: Yahoo Version

    Agreed, I was serious! I'm all for getting the #draftbackwards campaign going. Let's screw these rankings all up!
  10. 2018 Pre-Season Rankings: Yahoo Version

    #draftbackwards Let's get Hanley back in the first round guys
  11. There's just no risk accounted for in that price. I love the kid too, but damn.
  12. Short of old school copy and paste, no. It's been a pain in my arse for years. I'm one of the crazies that likes Yahoo for the most part, but that's one thing I'd love to see changed
  13. I think because he hardly played that year they went back a year before on eligibility. That was also a big year of players getting added to player pool, and a lot of things went a little crazy that year (I think). I get the rizzo at 2b thing doesn't feel right. But it is the actual letter of the law, and even your fix only works if we assume that shift doesn't get used more this year. Personally, I hope rizzo shifts like crazy and this becomes an all platform issue. Just because chaos is fun lol
  14. Rhys gets my vote. Just don't see third round return likely here
  15. 2018 Pre-Season Rankings: Yahoo Version

    I'd say Josh is at least ten picks too late, maybe 15.