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  1. I, on the other hand, prefer to win.
  2. Just for reference, conforto still has better counting stats *and* better ratio stats on the season than Ian Happ.. all of you advocating to drop conforto, would you also drop Happ right now?
  3. it doesn't say anything.. a single instance does not indicate a pattern or expected result for future instances. i'm not sure why you would think that someone should trade hicks for conforto.. hicks has a 152 wRC+ on the season whereas conforto has a 147. in the last couple of weeks, conforto has been scuffling and since june 1st has a wRC+ of 85. hicks, in the same time period, has a 141. hicks has been consistently better this season and especially better in the last few weeks; for what reason would you expect anyone to trade the better fantasy player for the worse?
  4. wtf is going on here.. @NyMetsfan5 are you seriously claiming that you intimidated Bryce Harper with your physical build? He saw you and decided it was in his best interest not to challenge your heckling because you're that imposing? You're delirious...
  5. I mean.. some dude on a baseball forum posted that he knows somebody who knows somebody who said that he heard that someone in the red Sox org said they're thinking about promoting a prospect soon. What's not to believe? Rock solid, kind of like the guy the other day who said the Yanks were promoting Torres soon. In all seriousness, I'd expect them to at least try devers out before the trade deadline. There's no reason not to.
  6. Eh.. wasn't really thrown out, bad call, but that's whatever..
  7. I wanted to hold, but DL slots are long ago filled with higher upside.. to the wire he goes.
  8. Where exactly is Derek Gould at? Shouldn't this be a major part of his job...
  9. agreed. weekly leaguers are kinda screwed... does he start or no? FWIW fantrax shows him starting on Sat. against COL
  10. i'm glad that pitcherlist put out the new rankings for pitcher callups, but i seriously question giolito being #1. he still seems to be walking a lot of folks and not exactly dominating batters, but i guess the point of the list is identifying most likely callups and the impact they make. with wacha and wainwright falling apart for the cards, i would think that weaver and/or flaherty would be two popular names.. flaherty is doubtful, but if weaver is actually injured, then he's probably next in line.
  11. Ask and you shall receive. http://www.pitcherlist.com/the-stash-617-ranking-the-top-10-pitching-prospects-to-stash/
  12. So I'd love to hear something else about shoemaker and his status... "Long shot" doesn't inspire confidence, but doesn't really tell me much either. I want to drop now so I don't miss out on whoever might be the next good grab but scared to do so not knowing if he's truly injured or not.
  13. I agree, although Weaver was removed from his last start with an undisclosed injury and no info had been released since then, that I'm aware of.
  14. you're next in line if JMak backs out or someone else in the league drags up on us..
  15. invite sent.