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  1. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/the-yu-darvish-conundrum/ good short read on darvish, his recent struggles, and the upcoming trade deadline. cliff notes: darvish's pitching woes are confusing..
  2. i think getting out of texas would be great for his value. dodgers would be an awesome spot to land... NL team in a much more pitcher friendly park? yes, please.
  3. Maybe albies?
  4. Rumors of Swanson getting demoted to straighten himself out.. any chance albies is the replacement?
  5. he is 1-7 with 5.03 era in last 12 starts.. not good at all.
  6. on the surface you're 100% correct, but i don't know... looking at nunez's stats (i'm not really familiar with him, so i'm scouting a line...) he's running a wRC+ of 101, which tells me he basically an average bat, nothing more nothing less. the red sox on the season have put up a wRC+ of 53 from the 3B position, so 53 upgraded to 101 is pretty tremendous for them. his defense is graded out as a negative according to fangraphs, a -2.0 to be specific, while the red sox are a +3.7 on the season. i don't put a lot of faith into defensive metrics, but it's possible they're trading offensive growth for defensive loss. it's questionable that he's bad, but at least possible. all of that to say, if devers turned out to be even league average, would they have done any worse with him? maybe he's not league average this year, we don't know, but i would like to have found out, like most fans. i basically think the red sox were afraid to find out while in the middle of a playoff run, so they hedged their bets and brought in a completely average player instead of banking on upside+ from a rookie. if devers starts off hot, i can't see nunez keeping him on the bench or in AAA. to me, nunez is an insurance policy that may or may not be needed. they gave up very little for him.. if it was wasted, it was worth it.
  7. not sure but here's a quick search that turned up 2016 and what looks to be 2015. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/katohs-top-100-prospect-list-for-2016/ http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/katoh-projections-for-the-top-200-prospects/
  8. k-rate is pretty rough, but he can take a walk and he's obviously got power.. wonder if he'll get a chance to be a platoon bench bat one day. don't know anything about his defense, though.
  9. the rays had so many talented arms at the beginning of the season ready to step up at any moment... a couple have been given opportunities and injuries have balked a couple others, but geez.. pruitt? just goes to show that depth is so necessary for a pitching staff. his numbers look okay for a little guy, so i guess we'll see. de leon - still injured? honeywell - patiently waiting schultz - injured snell - currently being mediocre in the majors faria - holding his own at the major level hu - converted to a reliever?
  10. So there's kind of already a topic on this exact subject...
  11. I'm a pretty big fan of the stats based katoh.. I'm a firm believer in production predicts future production, and vice versa. Obviously there will always exceptions, but as a whole I like the approach of this system.
  12. Wouldn't both Dahl and Tapia be ahead of McMahon?
  13. Wainwright DL'd and Weaver scratched from his start. Nothing official that I've seen, but draw your own conclusion and don't be late if you're interested in Weaver this season.
  14. Depends on the team need, but in the hypothetical situation in my mind I like albies. Steals are so valuable these days.