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  1. i think he's got to be the number 2.. if not him, then who else?
  2. Pertinent information: Weekly lineups. perfect for those of us that don't have the time we'd like to devote to daily fantasy teams. Categories: HR, RBI, R, SB, AVG, OPS /// QS, K, W, ERA, SV+HLD, WHIP The QS and HR categories are weighted to be worth twice as much as other categories. Lineup: C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, LF, CF, RF, UT, SP x 5, RP x 4 Keepers: Keep 8 players each season, up to 4 bats, up to 4 pitchers. Keep forever, no contracts or designated draft positions. Keep all minor league players, up to minor league roster max. of 25. Lineups: Lineups are set weekly. Maximum of 4 pickups weekly. 2 WW, 2 FA. Lineups: 18 starters, 7 bench, 2 DL, 25 Minors. Payouts as follows (through Fantrax league treasurer): 1st Place = $150 2nd Place =$75 3rd Place = $50 4th Place = $25 Regular Season Division Champions = $25 X 2 = $50 Team: Morales, Kendrys TOR UT Martinez, Victor DET UT Story, Trevor COL SS,UT Jay, Tyler MIN SP,RP Cueto, Johnny SF SP Martinez, Carlos STL SP Archer, Chris TB SP Lackey, John CHC SP Pomeranz, Drew BOS SP Davies, Zach MIL SP Harvey, Hunter BAL SP Kolek, Tyler MIA SP Newcomb, Sean ATL SP Tate, Dillon NYY SP Barraclough, Kyle MIA RP Ramos, A.J. MIA RP Dyson, Sam TEX RP Buchter, Ryan SD RP Fulmer, Carson CHW RP Peralta, David ARI RF,UT Pence, Hunter SF RF,UT Tucker, Kyle HOU RF,UT Thames, Eric MIL LF,UT Cabrera, Melky CHW LF,UT Blackmon, Charlie COL CF,UT Quinn, Roman PHI CF,UT Meadows, Austin PIT CF,UT Lucroy, Jonathan TEX C,UT Alfaro, Jorge PHI C,UT Turner, Justin LAD 3B,UT Solarte, Yangervis SD 3B,UT Kipnis, Jason CLE 2B,UT Schimpf, Ryan SD 2B,UT Santana, Carlos CLE 1B,UT Cron, C.J. LAA 1B,UT
  3. just skimming through this thread and noticed this post.. can't believe nobody commented. what a shame
  4. Whats the ETA on this healing? Could this linger on all season?
  5. Man I was just poking fun at the whole conversation/situation.. no offense or disrespect meant toward you (or bj2030). Its what I do.. bad timing and awkwardness.
  6. Is that an opinion or statistically based?
  7. i'm an inciarte fan, believing he will provide value to fantasy managers this season, depending on where he's drafted and the league setup. that being said... using past data regarding RISP to make future assumptions/projections is a really bad idea. RISP isn't a stat that correlates well year to year. i can't find the article i was looking for, it was on fangraphs and it related to the cardinals team from maybe 3-5 years ago that had some crazy high numbers with RISP, but it basically debunked the fact that clutch hitting exists. here are a couple of similar articles: http://www.beyondtheboxscore.com/2015/5/11/8577943/baseball-clutch-hitting-visualized http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/clutch-baseball-teams-arent-clutch-baseball-teams/ i like everything you wrote, but i would suggest using regular slash numbers for those players you mentioned instead of RISP.
  8. I'm guessing on principle.. which is his right, but for baseball consideration only there can't be a good reason. Kang is extremely productive and better than any of their other options.
  9. pedro strop hunter strickland kyle barraclough carter capps, if healthy and not closing grant dayton (this guy rocks my socks.. i've drafted in all of my leagues that have already drafted) will smith nate jones brett cecil these two may not start the season in the majors, but i think they've got the "stuff" josh smoker james hoyt joe jimenez for detroit has put up ridiculous numbers in the minors.. not sure how close he is, but i think he's worth mentioning also. and yeah, @fawkes_mulder is spot on, kelly in the pen is dynamite. i expect really good things from him, and carson smith to come back at some point also this season. there are a few others, but i guess it depends on what you consider elite ratios and k's..
  10. it's a good question.. i'm guessing they'll start him in high-a and move him to AA quickly, assuming he produces. i could then see somewhere around mid-season a move to AAA and then maybe late in the season the majors? i don't know.. that's a best scenario speculation and really fast through the minors. really tough to know what they're thinking. i'm sure they (the front office) could be looking at super 2 of 2018 as the best time for mlb, so maybe AAA could be max in 2017 season.
  11. Senzel starting in Cincinnati by end of season? Or am I being too aggressive..
  12. and that's what i don't agree with. kelley is dominant in late inning relief and will be just fine as the closer, barring injury, on a team with championship aspirations. IMO, obviously.
  13. Kelley's a legit solid MR masquerading as a closer type. There's nothing wrong with Kelley being your closer if you're a competitive team except you didn't set your sights high. This is your quote.. unless low expectations are a ringing endorsement and someone masquerading is considered good, I'm not sure where your positive statements are.
  14. how exactly is kelley not a closer type? since 2013 (random arbitrary date, but it seems to be when things "clicked"): 32.1 K%, 7.9 BB%, FIP 3.05, SIERA 2.46, ERA 3.49 that's pretty dominant, especially when you factor in almost all of his stats have improved each season.
  15. this is probably the best answer anyone can give right now.. and it lines up with what roberts' said. it's his job to lose..