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  1. aren't you missing the most important/standout part of his contribution? AVG/OBP?
  2. the problem is that we won't know until it's too late (i.e., well into the season) whether the balls stay the same or change. MLB essentially refused to admit the balls changed in the first place, do you think they're going to be up front and honest about changing them back, or slightly tweaking them in an attempt to find a middle ground? i don't..
  3. maybe a decent flier type guy, but i'm concerned he's a juiced ball product. ISOs around .350 in AAA this season, but never showed that kind of power before. hitting in SF will do him no favors if the power isn't real. no idea what his playing time will look like, either. not much [good] competition in SF for an OF spot, but who knows... they're all pretty meh. i'm going to say outside of NL-only leagues or 16+ team mixed, he's not going to provide much value. maybe a little more in OBP/points leagues assuming his decent BB% (roughly 10% across three teams/levels in the minors this season) holds up in the majors?
  4. i've used him off and on, but i'm concerned it's a sustainable change.. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/kolten-wong-is-carrying-the-cardinals/
  5. but this only tells half of the story. i don't disagree with the physics of a ball traveling just as well (or better) in humid air, but it's pretty standard knowledge that a ball stored in dryer type conditions (i.e., lower humidity) is more "bouncy," for lack of the exact scientific wording. it's the reason both arizona and colorado installed humidors, to moisten the balls. so while a baseball may travel just as well in humid air, a ball stored/kept in high humidity is going to travel less distance when struck than a ball stored in low humidity.
  6. thought Keller was a sneaky good stream... smh
  7. What are the odds he actually gets two starts next week? 40%?
  8. i didn't see this mentioned anywhere in the thread, but has he turned a corner on facing LHP? anybody with eyes on that can comment? i think i've seen a total of one at AB this entire season.. i'm really only scouting stat lines. 2019 vLHP (MLB) - 1.150 OPS (56 PA, babip .278) vLHP (Minors) - 1.086 OPS (89 PA, not sure where to find MiLB splits that include babip) 2018 vLHP (MLB) - .445 OPS (33 PA, babip .217) vLHP (Minors) - .670 OPS (134 PA) 2017 vLHP (MLB) - .606 OPS (11 PA, not really worth mentioning) vLHP (Minors) - .799 OPS (140 PA) i didn't include his stats vRHP, but until this year he had always fared better against RHP and lessor against LHP. this season, in both the minors and majors, he's significantly better against LHP, flipping his split. none of these are particularity large sample sizes, so i'm not sure if it's just noise or there's actually something to it. i like that it happened in both the majors and minors, lending a little more credibility to identifying a trend. next week he faces a bunch of LHP and this could be pretty important information for those in the playoffs.
  9. the games they lost while he was in the minors will most definitely play a part. obviously you can't assume he would have turned all of the losses into wins, but even a couple of losses turned into wins would be make big difference right now.
  10. i'm not 100% certain on this theory, so someone with more intimate knowledge of the rays may set me straight. choi is OPSing around .800 vRHP, but significantly less vLHP nate lowe from what i can tell, had easily identifiable worse numbers against against LHP last season in the minors. this season, there's really not a split in the minors. he does bat Left and typically the struggle of splits is against same handed pitching. i.e., in theory, if he had split problems, it would most likely be vLHP, like choi. aguliar has been pretty much garbage against everyone this season, but for his career he's OPS'd right around .800 vLHP. my theory is that choi and aguliar are in a rough platoon and the rays were worried that lowe wouldn't make a good platoon partner, so aguliar was brought in a cheap/easy fix. not to mention in the past, aguliar has been pretty good against both LHP and RHP without significant splits, so there's a possibly he improves on his horrible 2019 season and it able to be used in any situation.
  11. kind of hard to say since it depends on your other options. to keep this non-bench-coach, my opinion is that they'll baby him and if you have any warm-bodied other person available, it's probably best to err on the side of caution. they play six games, with a decently tough schedule for three games @LAD against kershaw, beuhler, and maeda. the second series @SEA doesn't scare me, but the park isn't exactly friendly to homers, so it doesn't seem like a prime week for him anyway. 🤷‍♂️