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  1. Jacksonville Jaguars 2019 Outlook

    touche i don't think anyone should reasonably expect 2017/2018 philadelphia nick foles if he signs with the jaguars. with jeff fisher, in 2016, jared goff put up similar stats to the foles line that was quoted from 2015. with a new coach, goff immediately turned into a franchise-style quarterback. i'm certainly not implying that foles will turn into goff, he won't have the talent surrounding him or the current league wunderkind coaching him, but to use foles time/stats under fisher as a baseline of his starting capabilities seems unfair.
  2. Pats/Chiefs

  3. Jacksonville Jaguars 2019 Outlook

    stats from a jeff fisher coached team in 2015 are not relevant to today's discussion regarding nick foles.
  4. C.J. Anderson 2019 Outlook

    it's odd to discredit what he did when given an opportunity. should we discredit gurley's stats because the team and situation is perfect?
  5. T.J. Yeldon 2018 Outlook

    @Jags02 single-handedly driving the yeldon train.
  6. Paul Goldschmidt 2019 Outlook

    goldy actually started the season better than he ended it. mar/apr - 119 PA sept/oct - 99 PA it was May that killed fantasy owners
  7. Washington Redskins 2018 Outlook

    fantasy playoffs. the skins are one of those stash defenses because they have several good match-ups during the fantasy playoffs.
  8. Kris Bryant 2019 Outlook

    not particularly well.... came back on 9/1 and produced the following: .259/.354/.412, 2 HR, 0 SB, 9.1% BB, 32.3% K, 108 wRC+ (with a .385 BABIP) not horrible, but not 2nd round value, if that was the question/assumption.
  9. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    agreed. still though, if they auto-penciled in sproles as the #1, i'm leery of their ordering. sproles had less than 200 all purpose yards in 2017 and only 14 yds this season. how in the world did they come to the agreement that he's the defacto #1 going forward?
  10. Josh Adams 2018 Outlook

    any list that has sproles as #1 is probably not worth worrying over..
  11. Kapri Bibbs 2018 Outlook

    deep league, desperation only, bye week fill-in. yes, please, sign me up. he had a TD last week.. yahtzee!
  12. Top RB Handcuffs/Lottery Tickets

    kind of off-topic, but in the same realm. what is the general consensus on grabbing a random high-level handcuff vs grabbing the direct handcuff for your team/RB. example (not my team, just a hypothetical): if you owned saquon barkley, would you rather stash wayne gallman or spencer ware? if you owned zeke, would you rather stash rod smith or malcom brown?
  13. St. Louis Cardinals 2019 Outlook

    i don't know... harper would be great for STL, but i'm not sure it makes much sense. jose, fowler, bader, and o'neill are already a jam in the OF. if you add harper, that just compounds the problem and forces a trade. i would much rather see donaldson at 3b, pushing gyorko to 2b and wong to the bench, with money still left to spend on pitching. edit: to add a little bit onto this thought, gyorko and wong would make a pretty good platoon at 2b. gyorko hits lefties pretty good (career wRC+ 125) while wong is passable vs rightes (career wRC+ 99), but still better than gyorko (career wRC+ 94).