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  1. My mind is completely blown by the fact that anybody would be in favor of getting less calls right. I dont get it... The goal should be to get things right and follow the rule book.
  2. Aaron Judge 2017 Outlook

    Since 09/01 he's .240/.418/.660 with 6 HR and 1 SB, good for a wRC+ of 173. K's are still a concern at 31%, but with a BB rate north of 20%, it's at least palatable. Sept. has been a nice rebound after the rough August.
  3. Shohei Otani - SP/OF Japan

    not sure.. i'll look when i get home.
  4. Shohei Otani - SP/OF Japan

    ESPN will add him when the player pool resets, typically early next year. Fantrax has him now. Yahoo and CBS, no idea.
  5. Shohei Otani - SP/OF Japan

    So my next question is how long is he arbitration eligible? Three years? BTW, thx for replying to my question.
  6. Shohei Otani - SP/OF Japan

    someone please make sure i'm understanding this correctly. when we say he's giving up hundreds of millions of dollars, that's in japan, correct? by staying in japan he could sign a big contract for the next couple of years, but instead it appears he's going to take a few million (or whatever) to sign with a U.S. team.
  7. Call Up Watch Thread

    Willie Calhoun...
  8. AJ Pollock 2017 season outlook

    he only played in 12 MLB games in 2016. in 2015 he hit .315 over a full season of games. not sure you can glean anything from 2016 other than he was injured.
  9. Tommy Pham 2017 Outlook

    this is my fear.. what kind of long lasting affects could we have here. we knew he had issues, but i thought they were mostly mitigated by his new contacts. i hate it for him, he has a lot of talent, but this is probably why he hasn't been successful until now, and this could prevent him from being successful in the future.
  10. Yu Darvish 2017 Outlook

    And then there's this: Darvish becomes fastest pitcher in MLB history to 1,000 Ks Michael Bradburn Sep 8, 2017 22:59
  11. Jimmy Nelson Outlook 2017

    lol what the hell...
  12. Tyler Lockett 2017 Season Outlook

    I think the over and down only really applies to the RB position because there are four of them. I question the whole over and down thing since Carson is #4 while some other dude I've never heard of is #3, but whatever.
  13. Tyler Lockett 2017 Season Outlook

    Well you see, Russell Wilson is the starter and Austin Davis is the #2. Lockett is listed on the same line as Davis. This same logic follows suit everywhere. Are you implying that Lockett is the #2, but not listed with the starters?
  14. Tyler Lockett 2017 Season Outlook

    Not sure if serious or not.. are you saying the #2 isn't listed with the starters?
  15. Tyler Lockett 2017 Season Outlook

    Listed with the backups while Richardson is listed as the starter opposite Baldwin. Concerns?