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  1. @fawkes_mulder it was bugging the crap out of me that i couldn't find the article.. SwStr and GB rate for pitchers. http://www.fangraphs.com/fantasy/minors-to-the-majors-milb-batted-ball-baselines-leaders/
  2. I see it the same way as you. They're going to need SP #5 next week.
  3. I read an article on fangraphs the other day that talked about the addition of a couple of minor league stats newly available, but that you had to set up your own stat view to utilize them. Unfortunately I can't find that article right now.. the biggest complaint I have with fangraphs: finding/sorting/searching articles for a particular subject is virtually impossible.
  4. Mejia optioned to AAA.. one would think it has to be Berrios time.
  5. are we still buying miller's increased velocity? according to brooks his four seamer averaged 96.5 in game 1 vs cleveland, while in game two his four seamer averaged 94.08 against the giants. a 2.5 mph difference is fairly significant..
  6. To each their own, but to me, if it's too early to pass judgement on one, it's has to be too early to pass judgement on the other. Cool story: I'm not an owner of either, but I saw Travis dumped for a hot WW pickup in one league and I'm debating grabbing him. For the right price, I think he might provide significant value.
  7. The first post is from the Manny Machado thread just a few minutes ago, while the second post is from this thread, also just a few minutes ago.. seems like an odd double standard. Why does one guy (Machado) get the benefit of it being April, but not the other (Travis)?
  8. Agreed.. I'm confused with this blurb
  9. i personally think it's a forest for the trees type thing... i could be completely off base, but i'm going to bet this was a planned game usage. i doubt vazquez completely came up with this strategy on his own during the game. whatever it is, it's probably the same reason managers refuse to move players up the batting order when they deserve it, or continue to pitch bad relievers in higher leverage situations when better options exist, or play aging vets over better young guns. they get so focused on the "correct" decision that they've already made they refuse to acknowledge something different or better may exist. changing would be akin to admitting defeat, and we would never do that. see the michael conforto thread for a current day example.
  10. power and speed are at least two things that robles has over urias. robles has stole 20+ bags in each of the last three seasons with last season at 37 steals and he's already stole three in 2017. urias, on the other hand, has never stole more than ten in a season, and last season was at eight total.
  11. prospects typically don't have yearly threads.. they have one thread that follows them until MLB time.
  12. i get your point and agree it begs some additional questions: is the ump supposed to be looking for a drag mark? could the ump deem a certain pitch "illegal" if he thinks a hop was taken instead of drag? could an opposing team's coach ask for a drag verification by the ump? i don't see that happening, but i guess it could
  13. was discussed earlier and MLB approved capps delivery from last season saying he is "dragging" his foot and not taking a second step. there are some posts already on this, not sure where they were.. maybe his thread? middle reliever thread? here's a read that explains it pretty well: http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/mlb-has-clarified-its-carter-capps-position/
  14. this is so disappointing... i had such high expectations for him this season
  15. interestingly enough there are two adrian beltre 2017 outlooks with several replies in each... they probably need to be combined.