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  1. Cesar Hernandez 2B | PHI Phillies' Cesar Hernandez: Won't be leadoff man Manager Gabe Kapler said he expects Hernandez to slot in as the Phillies' No. 6 or 7 hitter once the regular season begins, Scott Lauber of The Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Kapler's batting order may have some fluidity as the season unfolds, but Hernandez's move to the bottom half of the lineup to begin the campaign represents a sizable blow to his fantasy value. His run-scoring and base-stealing opportunities in particular will likely take a massive hit since he won't have the luxury of batting in front of the stellar quartet of Bryce Harper, Rhys Hoskins, Jean Segura and J. T. Realmuto. The Phillies plan to use Andrew McCutchen as their table setter, with Kapler citing the veteran outfielder's combination of on-base skills and power as the main reasoning behind the decision. CBS Sports
  2. Aaron Boone said earlier in the week that Bird added “good weight’’ to his 6-foot-4 frame, and Bird says he packed on 20 pounds to push the scale to 230. “Not super intentional, I ate and worked out,’’ Bird said. “After the New Year I started lifting. If I am heavier and can move, I know I am in a good place.’’ https://nypost.com/2019/02/22/a-healthy-greg-bird-already-is-bashing/
  3. What are the odds they feel like they know what Hampson is, but want as much evaluation of McMahon as possible to see if it's "real." Seems unlikely, but maybe?
  4. some things never change... mets injuries and rockies lineup decisions.
  5. september was mcmahon's worst month, statistically speaking. .190/.227/.333 edit: not to appear disingenuous, august was his best month of the season, but i don't think it can be viewed as anything other than noise without sustained production.
  6. this seems... unreliable. i don't think his ADP has fell in dynasties at all and i would challenge you to prove this claim.
  7. i've seen people mention he's throwing harder now, but what gains are we talking? he's maxed out over 97 multiple times in the past, and by month in 2018 he averaged 95 mph toward the end of the season. you can play around with timelines and see that over his career he's hovered around 94 and touched 97 almost every year in his career. has he really added/changed anything? for those wondering, the sample size for september of 2018 was small (14.2 IP), but if we're considering the 9 IP he's thrown in spring training to be indicative of anything, i think 14 IP from last season is certainly on the table. average mph by month in 2018.
  8. anecdotal evidence, but whatever... via /u/bradfurrywalls on reddit: Generally i tell people that NPB is between majors and AAA, KBO between AA and AAA, and taiwan league quite further behind. KBO is picking up a bit more recognition from other parts of the world in the recent days, but its still nowhere close to Japan. This comes from a korean-canadian who watches both leagues (kbo more than npb, but you get the idea) via /u/scheteo on reddit: I'd say NPB is definitely the better league when compared to KBO. However, KBO is much more unpredictable. The bullpens generally can't hold a lead (unless you've got Jung Woo-ram on the mound) and the defenders make so many errors that any play can turn into a run. Plenty of home runs too. There's more "action" than in NPB but it's not very high quality. It comes down to what you prefer. If you want easy access and wild, unpredictable play, go for KBO. If you want better baseball, go for NPB. The crowds are fantastic in both, even if the outfield seats can be empty during a midweek night game in Korea.
  9. i'm not claiming vlad's weight won't cause him problems or will, it's totally unpredictable from what we know, but just to dispel the notion that he can't have a good career because of his weight: prince fielder was listed at 6'1" 240 when drafted and had 10 seasons of 157 games or more played, with nine of those coming in his first 10 seasons in the league. obviously he had a substantial medical issues that cost him the end of his baseball career, but predicting what might happen to vlad now or 10 years from now is a silly exercise. there are examples of fit guys who can't stay healthy (pollock, dahl, etc.) and unfit guys who stay on the field (colon, billy butler, etc.).
  10. Right on papaw, can we get back to if/when/how chavis contributes to the Sox?
  11. yaz, as in carl yastrzemski, the guy who hasn't played since 1983? how is this relevant to pedroia?
  12. i disagree with a couple items. puig is not a natural english speaker, so giving machado a pass for bad choice of words, while holding puig to his exact wording is ill advised. no disagreement that machado is a much, much better defender at a premium position, but puig is arguably better with the bat than machado. puig career wOBA .357 (129 wRC+) machado careeer wOBA .349 (120 wRC+) my point was this: assuming puig produces this year with the reds, nobody is going to say "we'd love to give him a contract, but he just doesn't try hard enough." he has talent, and teams will gamble on talent, overlooking other flaws in the process. they always do, and machado is the most recent example.
  13. Not that you're wrong necessarily, but machado just signed a huge contract after proclaiming he's not a hustle type guy. Obviously some teams overlook these concerns.
  14. it appears to me they are making upgrades/modifications to the forums. i imagine this is related.