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  1. surprisingly, i couldn't find a 2017 outlook topic... this guy is a headcase, but he's got the talent to put up gaudy, all-star style numbers. what number of AB are we expecting him to get with the Dodgers this season? roberts has went out and said he views puig as the starting right fielder, and the job is his to lose. is this coach-speak or something to actually believe in? http://m.mlb.com/news/article/216464424/dodgers-eye-yasiel-puig-as-right-fielder/ http://www.latimes.com/sports/dodgers/la-sp-dodgers-yasiel-puig-outfield-20170217-story.html also, i think i read somewhere that he lost some weight this offseason.. can't find the article though. what ADP does he return value? 225-250? i'm eyeing him at about that range, but maybe i'm too optimistic..
  2. Are we grabbing him because we think he'll be a good pitcher or because we're desperate for SP and we're hoping he'll at least be average?
  3. what's going on with joe smith this year? a career 20% k-rate guy who's suddenly striking out a ton of guys..almost doubling his norm to the tune of 38% as of today. a quick glance shows that he hasn't picked up any velocity and it appears he's roughly using the same pitch selection he's always had.. i don't see anything new. why are the results so much different this season? most of the advanced stats seem to support the results and he's definitely on my radar in a couple of leagues. mr devenski has been officially put on notice.
  4. i agree with your concern, but i believe it's too early to determine what degree of a hitters park Atlanta is. it's my recollection that park factors take several seasons to actually stabilize, and while it appears to be hitter friendly at this point, there's certainly not enough data to support this statement. i don't think you're wrong at all, but until something is a bit more concrete i'd hate to do anything rash with my current prospects and/or make future draft decisions based on this assumption. i agree with arizona and colorado, and if atl turns out to be the same, i would definitely shy away from their pitching prospects in the future.
  5. over a full season dahl has a realistic shot at 20/20 with a 300 average.. i am 100% confident they will find him PAs.
  6. this guy might have been reading my mind... i see no reason they bring him up this year when they can wait until super 2 next year. a sept cup of coffee gets him some experience and then see how he handles AAA next season. obviously anything can happen and maybe he suddenly starts mashing in the minors this year, but unless he really really pushes the envelope, i don't see a call up coming.
  7. this is a great tout.. i added him to my watchlist last season and totally forgot about him this year! love this kid and completely agree with BA that he'll have a better career than most expect.
  8. So yeah, I think we can all agree that his value is league dependent and in each league he'll have a different ranking. He's a unique player in a unique situation.. I'd much rather we focus more on his his pitching/performance and less on his specific league value. We'll never come to a universal agreement on his value, that will be up to each individual manager to decide.
  9. i'm very interested in avila.. i had him a few years back when he had a monster season and it appears he's trending toward another one. question, though, what does his playing time look like and is james mccann a significantly better game caller? will avila sit regularly due to defensive liabilities is my general concern/comment/question..
  10. Like the names.. do u think honey or faria will get the call before de Leon? I've been pretty comfortable thinking jdl is their 1st call-up.
  11. So Milwaukee smashes LHP, and while Miller Park isn't quite as bad as chase or Coors, it's not exactly friendly for pitchers.. Ray seems like an easy sit this week, right?
  12. You are correct, and in the article he states he never planned to use anything different than his original unusual delivery. This was a practice only delivery/drill.
  13. Based on their own interpretation of the rules, MLB gave Capps’ motion its blessing, so long as he didn’t jump *up*. It was emphasized that Capps would have to drag his back foot. So it remains. From the various indications, baseball’s stance hasn’t changed, and it’s still okay with Carter Capps, circa 2015. Direct quote from the article.. not sure how else to interpret that no change has happened and Capps is still legal. Do you somehow read that to say he's changing anything?
  14. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/mlb-has-clarified-its-carter-capps-position/
  15. No.
  16. surely one game won't determine whether he deserves to be with the major league team or not. i mean, i guess he could have a horrible golden sombrero game with 3 errors in the field or something, but even still...it's one bad game. not saying you're wrong, just that i hope major league teams have more to go off of than one arbitrary game.
  17. #1 hill wood #1a berrios #2 salazar maeda nola
  18. Jose De Leon or Luke Weaver?
  19. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/padres/sd-sp-padres-trevor-cahill-dl-shoulder-20170517-story.html i won't paste the article, but a lot of direct quotes from cahill himself regarding the injury.. doesn't really tell us much, but it's good to hear directly from the player in [what feels like] honest, plain language.
  20. i have no idea what this means. only a dozen or so guys were identified as solid, and being the worst of 12 closer isn't a bad thing. considering the fate of the ones who weren't identified as solid, it seems like a positive observation. sabermetrics are typically underlying/advanced stats that attempt to identify the true talent of a player and give some indication as to what expect in the future or what caused something to happen in the past. i never claimed maurer was better than player X, only that brandon maurer has specifically not been garbage and the underlying stats support this statement.
  21. because a 22% hr/fb for a petco pitcher isn't sustainable.. not to mention a 361 babip while his career is at 289. calling him garbage and one of the worst closers is just silly.
  22. being on a bad team means nothing for saves.. k-bb of 30% and fip/xfip/siera 2.48/1.76/1.86 is not mediocre, it's really really good, actually.. combine the first two and you'll understand why he's *not* one of the worst closers in baseball..
  23. @azeri98 Not to poop on your list, but Maurer is certainly not garbage..
  24. if he doesn't stick at SS, he'll need a bigger bat to justify fantasy relevance.. and he may or may not have it. i don't know much about this guy, just reading up after seeing the thread. this nugget at FG caught my attention.
  25. interesting tidbit: currently glasnow is #7 (minimum of 20 IP) in the league in hard% at 21.4% i don't own him, and i'm not advocating buying him.. just looking over numbers and was surprised. obviously he's got a lot of flaws, but batters aren't smashing the ball against him. when i get a chance i'd like to look at statcast and see what his percent of barrels is.