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  1. Thanks @sportsguy21792 Putting my first round pick on the block, plus any fringe starter/bench guy and Cousins, for a package to upgrade QB.
  2. Thanks! You had me worried, but I know we will meet again soon with Mahommes at your helm.
  3. Thanks man. Feels good to win in such a competitive league. Took some big swings that paid off and some that didn't (Martavis for a first? Face palm.) Looking forward to defending the ship next year!
  4. Good luck to everyone in the playoffs.
  5. Looking for RB help with another Ine going down to an ACL. Would move my '19 firsts and/or young guys, want to keep core in tact.
  6. And of course, after you post this, McKinnon goes for an MRI on his knee. F@%& my fantasy life.
  7. Same here. I have IC's and Soulcrushers' 1st rd picks next year that are available.
  8. @sportsguy21792 So are you going to change waiver system to FAs at 12pm? Waivers only right now
  9. Looks like @Drake is on the clock. I made an offer to stank but formally rescind.
  10. Christ. Had to put the kids down for a nap and was away for 30 minutes. Looks like I dodged a bullet anyways.
  11. I remember the first time I had some beers on July 4th... jk