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  1. Not bad for a running back....
  2. This offseason can suck my a**. I would say it couldn't go worse, but then JuJu would get hit by a train. FML.
  3. Putting up Luck for trade, seriously. They did let him keep his money for a reason, I'm thinking there's a chance he may return at some point. Looking for a FA pick in return. Far outbis fine. Awesome ROI potential for those finance majors out there. If not, I'll just hold this dud for a few years as hope.
  4. If either was the case, I would have pawned Luck onto one of you suckers. Picked up Brissett as Week 1 Luck insurance - very, very small consolation gift of the events last night. Hey - sometimes you trade a pick and it get you massive returns and turns your team around; sometimes you trade two firsts for a guy who never plays a down for your team. Shooters shoot!
  5. My thoughts were you two guys could have shared custody of that pick. Maybe first/second half of the season, given your schedules. Just make sure it feels at home and is well loved and cared. More than likely, I screwed up. I tried to look up an old accounting of picks and forgot this trade, so I can't complete it as advertised. My bad, @megamoviejohn.
  6. That sucks man, preseason sucks.
  7. FA.10 - Ronnie Harrison S Jax @Drake OTC
  8. 😂🤣😂 Posted October 11, 2017 @predator_05 trades Kenny Golladay, a 2018 1st round pick, and the entire 2019 draft to @JMakin exchange for Duke Johnson and Travis Kelce.
  9. Don't go to the Cock or Mr. Bandwagon...bring your business heeeerrrrrreeeeeee
  10. *acquire the picks to pick the Devins