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  1. Assuming your team is competing to win soon, yes. Newcomb and Soroka both have injury histories, and neither has been very successful at the MLB level yet outside of two good months for Newcomb last year. And in a 12-team mixes league, it's not even clear that Newcomb and Soroka will be much above replacement level. TINSTAAPP. Roll the dice and hope for 2-3 more good years out of Kershaw.
  2. Agreed. And he will still end up with an ERA over 4.50.
  3. I agree with the top 4 but would re-order them. Paddack and Strahm #1 and #2 because of a) Park Effects, and b) hugely improved offense and defense behind them. Lopez and Peacock #3 and #4. Lopez may be as talented as Paddack, but the team is so much worse. Peacock is hard for me to gauge. 30-year-old breakouts aren't very common. For every Randy Johnson or Nolan Ryan there are a bunch of Len Barkers. The dropoff after that is huge. The Brewers play in such an awful park and will have a very poor defense this year. I feel sorry for Orlando Arcia and Lorenzo Cain trying to catch 90% of the balls into play. Their last really good homegrown pitcher was Yovanni Gallardo. Nothing against those three pitchers, but they just face such an uphill battle to fantasy relevance.
  4. Baez must mean Javy, right (not Michael)? If yes, then it's Baez, Snell, and Yelich. But if you can swing a last-minute trade with Bregman, do it. Maybe you can get a cheaper stud like Soto for Bregman plus Baez, or something like that.
  5. It's not clear to me that you are trying to field a competitive team in saves. With Edwards, Rondon and Barraclough, seems like you are focusing on H instead. That being said, I would drop Barraclough for Holland regardless. I've owned Barraclough for years and watched his BB rate remain in the 5s while his K rate has plummeted. He shouldn't get the majority of holds on that team. Not against dropping Shark for Holland; I just think Barraclough is your worst pitcher. And definitely hold onto Knebel until you get a clear prognosis.
  6. What is your budget? I have no idea if $11 is cheap or expensive.
  7. Not unreasonable. But who would you use to replace Bryant in you OF? That's the make or break question,
  8. Very reasonable trade in a redraft league due to IP limit considerations. Would be absurd in Dynasty, however.
  9. Or alternately, counter with Touki instead of Reyes. Even better for you.
  10. I love me some Hampson, so I would do it and then take Diaz or Segura (the latter assuming you play a MI).
  11. Yes, that is crazy. Your team is designed to dominate on offense and saves, ERA and WHIP, while punting on Ks and Ws. That's a very good strategy in H2H. Upgrading from Pedro Strop to Edwin Diaz doesn't really advance your cause, however, since you will be in the same situation with a weaker offense. What you need is better SP. Morton and Ryu will put up the occasional awful start, which will kill your ERA and WHIP for the week because your relievers won't pitch enough innings to cancel it out. Stanton for Nola is more like what you need. Or, if you are really set on going with Morton and Ryu, I would consider trading Puig for Edwin Diaz. Ohtani can slot in as a capable Puig replacement. But there's no need to do something as drastic as trading Stanton. Or better yet, try Ohtani for Hader. Hader will support you in ERA and WHIP as well as any closer.
  12. It's certainly a strong team, especially on offense, but you could use a 3B and SP for the first 1-2 months. I like the idea of selling the hype on Vlad if you can get first-round value for him, which is a fair ask in a keeper. Something like Vlad for Sale from a team who is strong on pitching and weak on hitting. Then you can drop Ryu for a 3B, or some such move. If you can't get top-dollar value, you might as well hold. But I'd still drop Ryu for a Jake Lamb or Brian Anderson.
  13. This team looks solid if not spectacular. Love the IF when it becomes Freeman / Altuve / Turner / Vlad. That's gotta be tops in your league. The back end of the offense is iffy with Voit and Meadows, but those are two guys worth taking chances on. The rotation clearly has a big drop-off after the first two, or perhaps the first one depending on Kershaw's health. And the relievers aren't great. But there are no changes I would make right now. You will want to drop Strop once Morrow gets healthy -- at that point you can decide which PHI or MIA reliever to grab. And I wouldn't make any changes at 3B. Kang is looking like a disaster so far, and Happ won't play all that often. Anderson is a perfectly reasonable fill-in for a month.
  14. Yeah, you got incredibly lucky being able to take the Nats (who have three top-20 players) and then getting Trout as well. I'm not sure how nobody else took the Braves in order to snag Acuna/Freeman/Ozzie, however.