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  1. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dr1DRWpX0AUeIFw.jpg Eastern Conference player of the week! Wow couldn't have imagined this was possible for him this year. Confidence is going to be even higher than what it has already been, he's locked in as a starter now and plays next to OG with the bench as well.
  2. I'm from Toronto so I've watched every game so far - I also happen to have him in both the leagues I'm playing. I think he will end up in the 26-28 mpg by year's end, right now him and OG are sharing the 4 but they will also share some time on the floor together as the 3/4 combo as they are both a huge part of Toronto's program/future. Kawhi's been needed more than we'd want up to this point and once we start facing some of the lower end teams we'll blow them out and won't need to run Lowry/Kawhi out for 35mpg, with the team's depth I think they would prefer to get him and Lowry into the 33 mpg range. Coach Nurse has also been giving run to the whole rotation early season, but inevitably some of the guys will eventually play themselves out of the rotation from showing they are not deserving of the mins. And Pascal's recent play has probably earned him more minutes moving forward at the expense of some of the end of rotation guys.
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