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  1. I'd stick with Olsen here. Better QB.
  2. Drop McDonald for Brate?

    I'd keep Vance here...
  3. I'd start Howard over Drake but I'd be tempted to start Gus over both.
  4. Drop Sutton, Kirk, or D.J. Moore

    I'd drop Kirk here, close one though...
  5. I'd rather keep Gus over Penny at this point - who knows what will happen this week though...
  6. Weeks 15 and 16 - OBJ or JuJu?

    yes, don't overthink it. OBJ all day.
  7. Drop burton for Brate? Whir100

    I'd stick w/Burton here.
  8. DJ Moore or Jon Brown for ROS in ppr?

    DJ because not sure how much Lamar is going to throw, looking to run alot.
  9. Need to start one at Flex, full point PPR. Thanks and WHIR T.Riddick vs CHI Gus Edwards vs OAK K.Drake at IND P.Barber vs SF J.Richard at BAL
  10. Doug Martin or Theo Riddick? PPR

    Think I’m going with riddick here...any other thoughts?
  11. Ingram or K johnson ppr WHIR

    Ingram and Doyle
  12. Yahoo Lineup Question- 100% WHIR

    Yes you can swap players in and out of your bench like that.
  13. Full point PPR league. Both have potential for good day today. Who should I start at Flex this week? Thanks and WHIR.
  14. Evans for Marvin/Aaron Jones?

    definitely get Evans. I like both Jones but Evans is a STUD.