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  1. Rob Gronkowski 2017 Season Outlook

    Goddell has absolutely no consistency with the what suspensions get handed out. To say he’s getting suspended for sure means you know more than the mouth breather Goodell himself. AJ Green and Ramsey got 0 games because they were thrown out of the game. Crabs and Talib get 2 because ummm sure why not? I honestly believe Rodg has no idea and no rhyme or reason why he does the dumb s--- he does. I think it helps that Gronk isn’t some repeat offender. He’s not exactly Vontez.
  2. De'veon Smith Season Outlook 2017

    As a Michigan fan I can tel you all this dude is the king Plodfather. Might be the least explosive RB in the history of he NFL. I wish him the best but I wouldn't expect much. Especially behind that offensive line.
  3. Diggs for McCoy? PPR WHIR

    Yeah make that deal. Diggs if off to a hot start but Mccoy is a proven stud.
  4. #2 WW on Luck?

    Yeah I think Luck is worth that price. I have a hard time thinking you'll be able to add someone the rest of the season who will be more of a difference maker than Luck. Only worry is the health and when he'll actually play. I think he's worth the gamble.
  5. Trade Baldwin for Jordy?

    Get Jordy and it's not very close.
  6. Pickup Carson for J.White WHIR

    Yeah man. Pick up Carson no doubt. He has a lot of upside if Seattle's O can get any consistency going.
  7. Fitz for Hyde? WHIR!!

    I think you'd be giving up a little too much. I love Ertz and think he'll be a difference maker all season. If you could somehow work out a deal without Ertz than I'd pull the trigger. If not I stick with what you've got.
  8. Trade opinion WHIR

    I would make that trade. I've never been a huge Crabtree fan though he has proven me wrong in the past. Cooks offers way more upside then Crabtree. Doug is a loss to your team but you still have three pretty good RBs as long as the stay healthy. I think Ertz is way underrated. I would be looking to add him anywhere I can. He's been great so far. Not may TEs I would take over him.
  9. I would make this deal. I think Dez is being slightly undervalued right now and is a big upgrade over Parker. Cousins and Wentz gives you two good QBs and allows you to play the best match ups. Wilson has been frustrating to own so far because of how inconsistent the offense has been so far.
  10. Gurley vs. Ezekiel

    I own Gurley in the only two leagues that I am in. No way would I trade him for EE right now. Gurley catching passes in a much improved offense and the sky is the limit for him. EE hasn't looked the best on the field but I wouldn't worry about that too much, the talent is there. I would be more worried about the off the field stuff. Keep Gurley. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/671120-jay-ajayi-or-leonard-forunette-keeper-league-whir/
  11. Got offered Fournette for my Jay Ajayi in a keeper league. Who would you rather have for the next few years. We must keep 6 each year so both would be keepers for multiple seasons. Team in the sig. Leave a link. WHIR
  12. WTF is a JAG?

    A cliche term often used incorrectly here. It's not he's a just another guy. It is he's just another guy. It's a term for average that people who think they're cool use.
  13. Cody Bellinger 2017 Outlook

    This guy is the Mayor of Dong City.