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  1. I agree, but in a draft yesterday I took him over all those guys. There’s too much breakout potential.
  2. Did the Mets seriously not trade this guy? He's going to walk in the offseason.
  3. In our points league, everyone gets a franchise tag each year. It's the only way to hold onto players who were added after auction. The franchise tag is based off of Fantasy Pros dynasty rankings, so guys like Griffin Canning or Zac Gallen are incredibly expensive to tag ($13-$14
  4. Catchers are fairly devalued here. Both of these tags are $5,000,000. Smith, if his power is real, would be a good point scorer.
  5. I'm a White Sox fan and I can safely say anyone expecting Anderson to be what he was before his injury is hoping luck holds out. Go with the upside of Bichette.
  6. If I'm you, I'm dropping Carpenter. The guy has been a complete bust.
  7. In my league today's the deadline to franchise tag one of these two players. Who do you keep, Dodgers' catcher Will Smith or Jon Duplantier?
  8. I don't believe this to be a true statement.
  9. The White Sox coming out of the gate 0-6 after the ASB effectively ended any chance of Robert coming up this season. They've lost all momentum on this.
  10. Guy looks like he can reach greater heights than McCutchen ever did (and that's saying a lot).
  11. Seriously the announcer has one job to do and calls him Alcides Escobar the until he rounds 3rd.
  12. He won't be up this year. No reason in redraft.
  13. Why would he be given to the Brendan McKay (hitter) owner? That person added a player of absolutely no value, why should they get first dibs of a new player entering the player-verse.