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  1. The title says most of it. This is a dynasty league. Is Harden >>> Steph so much so that Blake doesn't bridge the gap? Talk me out of this one. I'm interested in pure value and not considering team makeup.
  2. I'm glad I deployed the "add McDonald a week before he blows up" strategy.
  3. This thread is a tire fire. Hamstring injuries are the most susceptible to re-injury. Going out there at less than 100% is just inviting another injury. As an owner, I'd much rather see Fournette fully healthy before going back out there. I am also a proud new owner, as the previous owner was as dumb as some of the people in this thread, it seems.
  4. Seems like a fair deal. I love Cooks this year, but Howard is equal value on Cooks' best day. Hyde is at 2.8 ypc and that isn't going to get better when the Browns start getting behind in games earlier. Also, the future is Chubb.
  5. Their current price somehow factors into the crazy algorithms this wild website uses, so he'll be a bit cheaper to keep around.
  6. Honestly, the sticking point for me is the Bears defense at this point. Have you looked at their schedule? However, this seems like an ultimate sell high on Mahomes, right? Only sticking point is this is a dynasty with multi-year contracts His Brees - walk year $23m, can be franchise tagged or extended Brown - walk year $42m, can be franchise tagged or extended CHI My Mahomes - 3 years @ 8.5m OBJ - walk year $37m, can be franchise tagged or extended NE Even typing it I second guess with how good that Mahomes deal is, so talk me into or out of this one, please!
  7. Corey Davis is invisible. Having him in dynasty has been a nightmare the past two seasons. Just watching the clock tick.
  8. If I have Green (sadly, no shares), I'm trying to turn him into one of the guys universally drafted ahead of him the moment the clock strikes Tuesday.
  9. I stand by your analysis that you're a salty Ravens fan!
  10. Chad Williams was getting talked up pre week 1. In potentially Bradford's last stand, I could see him putting up a decent line.
  11. I just acquired Fournette in a dynasty (paid dearly). Damn the Yeldon owner for wanting way too much for Yeldon. I'll wait two weeks and get him when he has no value again.
  12. I'd rather be a week early than bidding on him come Tuesday. Added.
  13. From your fingertips to God's ears, hopefully.
  14. Yeah, but the following factors have me really down on Drake: - inexplicalbe splitting of carries with Grandpappy Gore - QB injury issues - O-Line decimation That game certainly was rough. I spent 6 hours waiting for Drake (and Corey Davis) to pull their heads out of their collective asses and score me some points. Maybe I'm just pissed about a pathetic week 1 and can be pleasantly surprised this week! #IHateBadWeekOnes!
  15. It's always funny to see a guy get hyped up and then the games actually matter and poof, value demolished. Hopefully he can have a decent game this week, because last week suuuuucked.
  16. Dynasty league, only player on multi-year deal is Mike Evans. Can extend or tag Bell. Is a return of Evans and Jordan Howard enough for Le'Veon?
  17. I agree people are sleeping on Cooks. Teams don't hand out 5 year deals to WR's and call them their 1's to throw them 5 passes a game. 1,200 and 8 this year
  18. There's no incentive for the White Sox to call Jimenez up before September.