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  1. I want to hear how folks are building their team with a late pick. At pick #10 the best top player available would be the following: Beal, Leonard, Irving, Walker, Drummond, Butler, Holidays Who is the best pair? Beal & Doncic Drummond & Gobert ?????? I going with the assumption that Lebron, Embiid, & Lillard are not available.
  2. Who else on MEM can score outside of Colney? They have to play JV to put points on the board. He just need 25 min. to be productive.
  3. No news when he is coming back. Going to be tough to hold if you are in the playoff hunt and playing catch up.
  4. I need help in 3s and Gordon is available. Should i drop either Clarkson or Oubre for Gordon?
  5. Teague still give you like 8 to 9 AST per game and great FT%. I think his FG% will come around.
  6. Should I drop Teague or Gay for the following FA. Hayward Wiggins Oubre Ariza
  7. as a Ayton owner I think it's fair. Bledsoe is pretty solid. One bad thing about Ayton is that he doesn't give you much BLK for a big. So i look at him as a double double guy w/ solid % and upside. help:
  8. I think Siakam for upside. Batum number been trending down Year over Year. One bad thing about Siakam is that he doesn't give you 3s. help:
  9. It depends how many players per team for your 14 team league. Example: I am in a 14 team league with 9 men roster. I wouldn't burn my #1 waiver for Bogdan. However, if it's a 13 men roster then DO IT. help:
  10. I currently have Crowder. Would you drop him for TT? TT REB number is looking very juicy the last 4 games and I think he can actually keep it up. Thought?
  11. Never a TT fan, but might have to jump on it based on the way his putting up those REB number. He can single hand carry your team REB. Can he avg. 15 REB per game? LOL....There's no one in CAVS to challenge him on those REB. He might be able to do it.
  12. harden (51pts), bjelica (29) e Payton (30) and Reggie Jackson (27) kemba (47) beal 39 Ingram (23) and Lavine (41) It all depends how many team. Harden is the best player in the group here. Payton have decent value. Bjelica and Jackson are FA material in my 10 team league. You can easily drop them and find better FA. Kemba and Lavine and Beal are rock solid. Ingram is great too. Take Kemba side if it's 12 or 14 team league to build depth. Take Harden side if 10 team league and u can swap out Bjelica and Jackson for better FA. Hope this help.
  13. I would stay put. Kemba & Dlo is a great Guard combo. Kawhi will have many rest days. DLO stock just went up a bit after tonight.
  14. Chandler was given min. before and didn't do much. I rather gamble on Muscala. Big man that can shoot 3s and REB. worse case u can drop him after one week. help: