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  1. Key Dates; March 9 - Deadline for known keeper issues and "do over" keepers* March 10 – Draft Lottery results (aiming to live stream lottery/results, time to be determined), and keeper list posted March 15 - Keeper Trading Deadline** March 17 - Draft March 30 - 1st Waiver update*** *Known issues mean pre-existing situations. If something new arises, or new information comes to light, please discuss your options with me. Also keep in mind "do over" and injury/suspension replacements are 2 separate situations, meaning you could potentially use both if the need arises. **Keeper trading is to be an even number of players (1 for 1, 2 for 2, 3 for 3), and is subject to review. I need both managers involved in the deal to contact me. The deadline is the final day to announce a trade. ***Waivers will be updated in reverse order of standings every Saturday, beginning from this first update