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  1. My NL team is really taking this week. Had 6 or 7 starts already, and not a single win. All my hitters are b slumping, was hoping for one for week that could put away the title. Stuck sweating it out now.
  2. What the hell, went from 3 closers to 1 in a single day. Magill has been performing fine and now he's out? Hand mysteriously injured? At least I can count on Ian Kennedy!
  3. Just a horrible year for injuries...Buxton, Haniger, Stanton, Snell, Tauchman, Hand...keeping this AL only team alive barely..can't sustain another injury or two.
  4. Have Gray as my pitcher in FanDuel..somehow still not going to be in the money...loaded up on Cardinals and Rockies...Guess I should do that again tomorrow..can't imaging a series in Colorado with so few runs scored. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be 10-8 or something crazy.
  5. Damn Rockies and Cardinals have killed me the last 2 days in FanDuel..really 1-0 in the 5th?
  6. 4 starters yesterday, the worst start was Gallen and his 3 ER in 6 innings. Still couldn't get one win!
  7. Garver is unstoppable..Nationals probably went one inning too long with Sanchez.
  8. If Bauer doesn't have a decent outing tonight, should buzzsaw through that Seattle lineup.
  9. Kinda always figured Wade Miley was still trash.
  10. Was hoping for a few decent pitching outings for once...Zach Gallen had a different idea.
  11. Two games in a row they pulled Bergman up big really, thanks for those 4 or 5 missed at bats!
  12. Could use a good week to solidify my place in about 0-14 to start the week!
  13. Nola with the big middle finger to his owners.