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  1. Ian Happ 2019 Outlook

    His K rate was lower in 2017...he's only 24.
  2. Ian Happ 2019 Outlook

    Not sure here you get the 0.247 from. .240 x 400 = 96 hits .270 x 550 = 148 hits 244 hits in 950 at bats...is 0.257 He hit 0.253 in 2017..I don't think he will strike out as much as he did last year. I'd guess he falls somewhere in between 17/18 so 0.240 seems reasonable. Almora isn't much more than a defensive replacement and platoon guy..so I see Happ playing the majority against righties at somewhere in the OF.
  3. Ian Happ 2019 Outlook

    11 team NL only...Here was our standings for average at the end of last year. .267 .266 .257 .257 .257 .256 .252 .248 .245 .244 He walks more than the average player so his ABs are typically lower than the normal hitter. Say he hit's .240 in 400 at bats..team him up with someone who gets 550 at at bats at .270. Ends up being a .260 average for the two players.
  4. Ian Happ 2019 Outlook

    The average batting average in the NL is .247. If he hits .230 to .240, that's not doing much damage. Add in around 20 home runs and 10 steals for someone likely to qualify at 2b, 3b, of. I think he bounces back / takes a step forward this year.
  5. Jackie Bradley Jr 2019 Outlook

    Good post hype sleeper.
  6. Willians Astudillo 2019 Outlook

    I should be impressed he homered off someone in practice?
  7. John Hicks 2019 Outlook

    True, the Tigers are going to be pretty horrible though. So his R and RBI totals won't be great. But between C,1B and DH he should play enough to put up 10 to 15 HRs with a decent average.
  8. Does Sporting News put out a fantasy magazine still? I remember buying that in the past and thought it was good.
  9. John Hicks 2019 Outlook

    Not projected as a starter, but Miggy Cabrera will likely need a bunch of days off at 1B and Hicks can fill in there. I like him this years a cheap C. I think he could get 300-350 at bats easily.
  10. They are always conservative..I think they publish projections on their website that list different projections for each player. Like each percentile of the possible outcome. I think they do an average of what they expect the player to do at each percentile...so statistically half will over perform and half will underperform. That probably doens't clear it up much...but on their site they have a good explanation of why their projections are more conservative.
  11. Which side in a 5x5 AL only auction league do you prefer? standard auction settings Alex Bregman at $20 for the next 2 seasons or Eloy Jimenez at $0 for this season and $18 for 2020, 2021, 2022
  12. Who are some of the possible keepers on the open team?
  13. If Tampa ends up using Chirnos as the long guy following an opener, I like him as a sleeper. 75 K/25 K last year in 89 innings. He's only 25 with room to improve, should be able to pick up some cheap wins.
  14. 2019 Offseason Closer Thread

    I could see by the end of the year that the number of teams using only one guy for saves could be less than half the league. More teams are realizing that it's better baseball to use their best pitchers in critical situations rather than saving them for the ninth inning. I'm starting to think the strategy is to get one or two of the elite closers that you can be 95 percent sure will get the saves.
  15. Rank these prospects

    AL only prospects, please rank. I tend to give guys who can contribute this year a higher ranking. With that in mind rank with 70 percent weight for this season and 30 percent future value. Dylan Cease AJ Puk Sean Murphy Ryan Mountcastle Brendan McKay