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  1. Points league keeper help

    I'm in a 12 team points league and can keep one player in the round they were drafted in the year before. Whom would you keep? Yelich in round 7 (84th overall) Paxton in round 8 (85th overall) Berrios or Godley in round 22 (253rd overall)
  2. Points league keeper help

    We only can keep one player past the 5th round. These four are my best options.
  3. Keeper help...which SP?

    12 team, H2H points league...keep Paxton in the 8th, Godley in the 22nd, or Berrios in the 22nd?
  4. I need a TE badly to go with Doyle. Whom would you guys rather have?
  5. 10 team, 0.5 PPR QB- Brees, Luck RB- Freeman, McCaffrey, Ingram, Gillislee, Perkins, Rawls WR- Nelson, Allen, Parker, Diggs, J. Brown TE- Doyle D- Cardinals K- Bailey
  6. First draft of the's it look?

    Lol...anyone else?
  7. Which CI to pick up? WHIR

    Looking to pick up one of the following to stick at DH in a H2H points league. Whom would you grab? Alonso, Bour, Bell,Smoak, Bird, Bregman, Castellanos?

    I would put in a claim, as well.
  9. Whom would you rather have as your 2B in a H2H points league (1 point per base, BB, run, 2 per SB, -0.5 per K, -1 per CS)
  10. Points league...Sano or Lamb?

    Whom would you rather own in a H2H points league where each base, RBI, & run are 1 point and -0.5 for each K? Sano or Lamb?
  11. Max Scherzer 2017 Outlook

    Mark Zuckerman ✔@MarkZuckerman Scherzer goes 96, 97, 97 to strike out Tebow on 3 pitches. 1:39 PM - 27 Mar 2017