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  1. Thin air due to the lineup & ballpark.
  2. The ray
  3. Get Franco, The met OF'er, and Souza and drop 3 of you're pitchers for those sticks.
  4. Drop a pitcher for Souza.
  5. Drop two sp's for the ray & citi field.
  6. Pinstripes
  7. Keep you're bats and only mover Verlander for Villar.
  8. Beantown in that solid offense for sure.
  9. Keep Socal and drop two pitchers for the ray & citi field
  10. Drop two SP's and scoop up Zimmy & The Met.
  11. Keep cheesehead
  12. Dear god NO
  13. Swanson
  14. Get the snake maple leaf isn't anything special.
  15. Just move Madbum, Allen, and another pitcher for Springer, Dustin P. and Harper