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  1. 2nd Overall Pick. What to do? WHIR

    Both Altuve & Arenado are very worthy of the 2nd pick, it all depends on who you like more this year. Good luck in you're decision.
  2. Lewis right now due to playing the weaker spot, but that could change to Juan Soto after this year when Harper leaves Washington.
  3. Yelich & Bregman but would counter and move an arm for Turner in a 1 for 1
  4. Marte dynasty deal

    Stick with Marte then counter offer and move one of you're arms for Billy Hamilton in a 1 for 1 deal.
  5. Hilton, Russell Wilson, Kamara for keeper picks.
  6. Newton/Brady Trade. WHIR.

    Keep the Brady side. Those are the better players. See if you can move two other players from you're roster for Cam + McKinnon
  7. Who should I keep?

    Benintendi, JUP, Cano, Contreras, Freeman
  8. Toss up between Blackmon & Lindor it all depends on who you like more for this year & beyond. Good luck.
  9. Little Keeper Help? Pick 2.

    Pinstripes & Beantown
  10. Trade/Keeper help

    Yes get Beni ASAP!!!! & win you're league before opening day! As for the keepers go with The redsox OF'er, Bellinger, Altuve, Turner, Andrus, Happ, LoCain, and 3 other sticks from you're roster.
  11. Keep Murphy and don't think twice.
  12. When should Acuna be drafted?

    Draft him super early and don't miss out!
  13. Trade help

    Keep you're sticks, counter offer and move a arm for Calhoun.