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  1. Win that league before week 1 starts!!!
  2. Shady & Hopkins That way you get two elite players at different roster spots
  3. No way! You gotta keep Turner/Correa at all cost. Instead move one of you're arms for the other teams Lindor.
  4. Dear god YES Murphy is the better overall player.
  5. Keep Trout, counter and just move the met pitcher for Harper.
  6. Love the Zeke & DJ combo at RB how did you pull that one off? Also rest of you're team looks good. But you need a backup QB to Mariota. He's injury prone. Drop a weak bench player for a QB.
  7. Stay put with Murray as you're RB. Don't like the ones that are after him, also Booker is out 6 - 8 weeks he got hurt. You can drop him and grab another back off the WW.
  8. Either one of the Evans/Shady/Gordon list you can't go wrong with any of those. It all depends if you want to start you're draft picking a WR or RB.
  9. Drop Godley and move the rest for more offense.
  10. Do the drop Godley & Faria and scoop up Bell & Gurriel.
  11. David Robertson since he's not a closer anymore.
  12. Drop all 3 and scoop up more offense for that second half march into the playoffs.
  13. Keep Wilson Ramos, And hold onto Miggy, but counter and deal a sp for the Cubs catcher, and if Sanchez is Gary? on the FA list you need to get him now!!! Drop a sp.
  14. Hold onto Goldy he stays on you're team, and no one else's!! But do counter & move ERod + Jim Johnson for his E5 + another bat.
  15. You gotta keep JD he's an elite 3B and those are rare. Move Archer for Rendon.