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  1. He will have a good year nothing special though i'm avoiding him this upcoming fantasy draft season.
  2. Like it you got a elite WR1 + some picks nicely done!
  3. Keep Arenado he's the better overall player and starts at the much weaker spot. Deal 2 pass on that.
  4. Keep Didi he's on fire and hitting over .300 drop a sp for Ian Happ.
  5. Keep you're bats and drop a sp for Gomez instead.
  6. Hold onto the space needle and drop a sp for by the bay.
  7. Stay put with green monster and move a sp for the fish.
  8. Keep DJM and move the pitcher for Desmond.
  9. Keep Windy City and drop a arm for by the bay
  10. Stay put with what you have.
  11. Keep Dickerson & Buxton, counter offer and move whoever you're top SP is + Matt Bush for Dozier & Cargo
  12. Keep Polanco/Cargo and drop a pitcher for Marte.
  13. Keep the fish counter offer and move a sp for tomahawk chop.
  14. Stay put with Odor and drop a arm for one of those bats.