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  1. Should I ? ((Whir))

    McCoy for Allen.
  2. Trade a WR? WHIR

    Try and move Cooper first for a QB. Winston is terrible and you're backups are even worse.
  3. Can't see you're team on the cell phone can you please post it thanks.
  4. Trade Hyde SF is awful and Carlos is made of glass.
  5. Big Ben or Matty Ice???? whir

    Ben this week. Gotta go with the 2 time SB champ and future HOF QB.
  6. Which team would you rather ROS?

    How are you 11 - 0? Don't believe that for a second.
  7. QB Hell? WHIR

    Dalton he's playing the Browns easy choice. They can't stop anyone on the ground or air, calk up another loss for the Dawg pound.............
  8. River or Dalton week 12?

    Dalton look at who's he playing this week. The Browns can't stop anyone on the ground or air. Make it another loss for the Dawg Pound...............
  9. Ajayi roll with this week GL to ya!

    Ajayi & Darkwa JuJu
  11. Who to drop dilemma WHIR

    How is Rodgers not owned? I drafted him and kept him on my bench the whole time ever since his injury. You need to get AROD right now!! Drop Fuller.
  12. Any Trade Deadline Moves? - WHIR

    Stay put with you're team. It looks good for ROS.
  13. Bell side clearly wins this.
  14. Any suggestions on improvement? Whir

    Offer Brees & Darkwa for Russell Wilson + another RB and see what happens GL.
  15. Who do I drop for Perine? WHIR

    Adios Ron Smith!!