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  1. Do I trade Bauer for a 2020 2nd? WHIR

    Keep Judge, Rizzo, Arenado those are you're locks: Flip Bauer for that pick, and then draft either an OF or INF upgrade.
  2. Trea Turner or Carlos Correa? WHIR

    Correa and it's not even close! Turner gets hurt often.
  3. Is this to much for Benni

    Keep Moncada/Meadows, move you're other player & find another piece to add on, then go after Beni & some other player from his owners roster.
  4. Pick 1.10 for Dubon + Duplantier + pick 2.10 WHIR

    I you own Dubon? Keep him he's the brewers all star SS of the future, flip Duplantier for Nico straight up though.
  5. Snell for Bregman trade predicament

    Get Bregman and keep him on you're team for the long haul. He's a very solid option who can play 3B/SS nice multi elig to have, makes Lone star even more valuable.
  6. Keeper option NL only

    Conforto extend for 2 years
  7. Snell or Bregman

    Juice box
  8. Snell for prospect package

    Keep Story move you're other player for his Dahl, Bichette, Gore
  9. Dynasty/Keeper Draft Help

    Valera, Robinson, Larnach
  10. Keeper help WHIR

    Goldy, Both Turners, Torres, Beni
  11. Offer Springer/Rendon for Vlad?

    Can't see you're team on phone stick with Springer/Rendon, find another player to move for Vlad.
  12. Who wins ? (Dynasty)

    If you're getting Peter Alonso? do it! But if you're trading Alonso? Pass.
  13. Acquire Inciarte?

    If you're getting Dee Gordon? Do it now.
  14. Big Trade

    Keep Story, move you're other player for Arica. Then offer up some other pieces for his LoCain, Royce, Tellez