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  1. Seals-jones or ekeler?

    Def Seals Jones he will be Rosen's security blanket this year. Move another one of you're players for a RB.
  2. Correa/Torres

    Keep Torres he's gonna turn into an awesome player for many years to come. If you can move another player for Correa though try it if you haven't already. If you can land CC that would make a great Infield side with he & GT.
  3. Harper for Strasburg

    Hang onto the Harper/JMart duo. We all know what Bryce brings to the plate, but Martinez is on fire lately and a prime breakout year is coming. You don't want to miss out. Try and move somebody else for Sanchez though.
  4. Dynasty trade Sano for Bichette

    Hang onto Sano he's a top 3B in the league and those are hard to come by in this day & age. See if you can move another player for Bichette. He could turn into a special player for the Jays.
  5. What’s wrong Offensively? WHIR

    You have a solid offense it's just a long grueling season, just keep grinding it out and things will come together for you going forward.
  6. Have to go with Arenado he rakes 40 taters a year and drives in 120 - 130 RBI's. Try and move someone else for him.
  7. Trade: Albies for Gary Sanchez?

    Stay put with Tomahawk chop he's having an excellent season thus far and you don't want to miss out on that, see if you can move someone else for Sanchez though. You gotta land the best hitting catcher on earth!
  8. Enough for Story WHIR

    Keep Cron he's having a good underrated year for the Rays. Move the other player for Story.
  9. Herrera/Arrieta for Wil Myers

    Myers all by himself clearly wins. He's the better production player in real life & in fantasy.
  10. Morrow for Brantley and Quintana?

    Def toss Morrow to the other owner for his Brantley good luck to you.
  11. Don't know if you did it already dangle up Verlander for Vlad Jr and see what happens. Good luck to ya!
  12. Trade Eloy for Hendricks?

    Hold onto Eloy he will get that call up this year. Whitesox need some help in their OF going forward.
  13. Dear god YES get Vladdy Jr onto you're roster. Spend spend spend!!!! The kid is way too good to rot away in the little leagues. Toronto is too foolish letting him stay down in the minors. They need to put fans into the seats this year. Bluejays need to wake up already and do it!!
  14. Just bought Altuve. Right call??

    Ouch should of held onto those sticks and moved someone else for just Altuve in a 1-1. Now go after you're trio of bats you lost and somehow bring them back home.