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  1. Who is Zeke's cuff?

    Yup and Zeke is gonna get his 6 or possibly more game suspension after the Oct 2nd hearing. They say week 5 will start the ban. DMC will then become Jerry's main man in the backfield.
  2. Which 2 should I trade away? WHIR

    Agree w/ the above.
  3. Give up Davante for Pryor?

    I'd keep Parker and try and move someone else for Pryor Sr.
  4. Who is Zeke's cuff?

    I drafted both Zeke & Run DMC. McFadden will take over as Dallas' #1 RB when EE gets his ban. Morris is a special teams player for them and nothing more.
  5. Trade Jordan Howard for McCoy

    Instant reject incoming...
  6. Sell Jordan Howard high?

    If you can get Evans do it.
  7. Move Hyde for a WR?? WHIR

    Move him now it's only a matter of time when his season is over..
  8. Funches ROS

    Depends what the rest of you're team looks like can you post it?
  9. Roll with JJ he's been on fire as of late, look for that to continue tomorrow night.
  10. Cutler???

    I own Cutler in my league as a backup QB since we gotta start two QB's each week. Glad i sat him he looked atrocious out there today. I'm thinking about dropping him and scoop up Luck who's available.
  11. Crowder or JJ Nelson on MNF??

    Roll with JJ he will have a good game on Monday night.
  12. Time to drop Luck for Siemian?

    Drop Luck his shoulder is all messed up, Andrew was dropped in my league not too long ago, cleared waivers and all. And still is on the wire. No one in my league wants him due to his arm/shoulder concern.
  13. Reed out...V Davis or Cook .5 ppr? WHIR

    Hope you went with Davis tonight.
  14. Hope you went with Hilton.