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  1. Would be a nice little boost in value if Shaw picked up 2B eligibility - stacked against other 2B current stats he'd be #4 in HRs and #3 in RBIs. Gives you some flexibility for other slots if you're getting power from second.
  2. Reminds me of 2006 Mark Mulder, except the opposite! By Breakdown ERA W L SV SVO GP GS CG IP H R ER HR BB SO AVG Home 2.59 7 3 0 0 15 15 3 104.1 103 34 30 6 33 64 .263 Away 4.74 9 5 0 0 17 17 0 100.2 109 56 53 13 37 47 .283 Day 6.86 2 5 0 0 11 11 1 61.2 91 48 47 10 23 36 .350 Night 2.26 14 3 0 0 21 21 2 143.1 121 42 36 9 47 75 .234
  3. And he's headed to the DL with a right oblique strain.
  4. Gotta love the 2 SB after the groin injury!
  5. Also agree on Ramirez/Bregman, regardless of your pitching situation.
  6. We can keep 4 keepers with no penalties, 1 must be a rookie that season. There's no way for me to keep Acuna and Tucker, unless I'm willing to drop Stanton or Nola back into the draft. My RP has been decimated since I owned Hererra and Strickland. I hate the idea of trading for RP, but I've put out some feelers for both closing help and SPs. What type of value should I be looking to get back in return? He hasn't gone off yet, but I think it's coming and he's flown up the prospect rankings and most seem to put him @ top 3 value.
  7. Didn't look terrible today, although Shields had him looking silly with his offspeed stuff. First AB he took to a full count and then got caught looking at low cutter. Second and third AB he got almost all offspeed stuff and looked lost. His first hit came on another 3-2 count and he stroked it right past the first baseman's glove. He tried to steal on a 0-2 count and probably would have had it but it got fouled off. Next pitch he was taking off again but had a bad jump and held. Either way gotta love the confidence.
  8. Is this the internet?! Thanks for the even-keeled response - we could use more of that. And again, I'm not trying to attack you, I just don't think it's very reasonable for any of us (Unless we have some closet MLBers on the forums) to extrapolate our personal experiences to these guys, especially a talent at the level of Acuna. I'd also hate for a newer fantasy player to come into this thread and think that Acuna has one foot in the grave. I was watching the game live last night, and obviously the first word that came out of my mouth when I saw the play rhymed with duck, but hopefully we dodged a bullet and this guy will drink some more Gatorade and get back out there soon! Cheers!
  9. Your point seems to be that getting injured while running is not a legitimate injury, and is due to MLB players not undergoing proper conditioning and training (Provide zero evidence to back this up). You bolstered this 'point' by telling us that you were a 5 sport player into college, and never had injury problems (Irrelevant). Then you bring track players into this, and I link an article where literally the best track runner of all time was dealing with a hamstring injury. But sure - we can agree to disagree.
  10. 1. Track sprinters are in their own lane. They do not have to worry about stepping on a base (or potential obstruction from 1B legs being in the way), nor do they have to slow down soon after passing the base in case there is an opportunity to advance to 2nd. And yes - track stars get hurt all the time. 2. I'm not trying to be a dick, but you comparing your experience to one of the top prospects in MLB is ridiculous and smacks of /r/Iamverybadass . Do you really think that players who are making/stand to make hundreds of millions of dollars have access to worse trainers than you did at a high school/college level? Or are you just that much tougher (I'll also assume you played 162 games a season)?
  11. Can't watch the BAL/MIN game due to blackout - anyone got insight on Gibson's performance this afternoon? He's been a rough own lately and I'm trying to hold but looking for an excuse to not drop him for LeBlanc (ugh).
  12. What injuries are acceptable to you then? Only collisions at the plate? What about when Giancarlo took a FB to the face? If a pitcher isn't throwing violently across the body or with the dreaded inverted W, yet still goes down for TJS, whose fault is it? If they aren't on the Mets, surely they have good conditioning/training programs. Injuries happen, and they are going to happen with greater frequency if you are a rough and tumble speedster, as opposed to say David Ortiz.
  13. https://twitter.com/DOBrienAJC/status/1015655432831070208 We'll have to wait and see what happens with Acuna re: injuries. It's pointless to draw conclusions based off of a 1-month DL stint and him missing potentially 2 games.
  14. Man, this thread is a lot of doom and gloom for a guy who has missed 30 days in his months-long MLB career. Both of his injuries came when he was trying to hustle out an infield single. His knee injury in May looked WAY worse than last night, and he ended up missing a month, with reports saying he was good to go earlier but obviously Atlanta is going to play it safe with their #1 prospect. I don't know anything about his conditioning, but unfortunately one of the risks of a high speed, impact player like Acuna are potential injuries due to zipping down the baseline to try to leg out grounders as opposed to putting your head down and jogging for the guaranteed out, potential collisions/awkward slides when stealing, and flying around the outfield running into walls (Although this part of his game hasn't developed as much yet). We could get a report today that he is out for the season - I'd be shocked, but anything is possible. I don't think there's any reason, however, to label this guy injury prone or to get overly worried about the injury we saw last night.
  15. Yeah - definitely not ideal and they are going to use the kids gloves with him, but what the announcers originally described as 'hobbling' right after he cleared first base quickly diminished and if you didn't know he had gotten injured you probably wouldn't have noticed a change in gait as he walked to the dugout. I'm obviously trying to be optimistic but hopefully we hear something soon. EDIT: Okay in hindsight you can notice him favoring a leg but still doesn't look terrible so will hold out hope.
  16. Acuna getting pulled after legging out an infield single. Walking under his own power with a slight limp but looks like we dodged a bullet.
  17. Looked great tonight. Good placement/movement on his fastball and had the curveball working, with very little hard contact. If you need pitching help you could do worse 7 IP, 5 H, 1 BB, 0 ER, 7 K
  18. I won't be starting him against Verlander, but it's nice that he's getting the nod of confidence from Boone. Hitting cleanup in the top ranked offense in the majors is pretty nice for what was a lottery ticket draft/FA pick-up for most owners.
  19. He looked lost out there tonight. When he was missing, it wasn't even close. With that in mind, if you thought he was worth a go before this then I'd probably give him at least one more start but I might leave him on my bench for it.
  20. Pollock is definitely legit. I don't place a ton of value on Ohtani just due to the limited ABs that he'll receive. I own Moustakas and obviously he's been fantastic this year. His ADP was around 90 compared to Bryant's ~15 largely due to folks thinking that 2017 was a fluke, but so far he's been proving his critics wrong. Having said that, Bryant is obviously the more talented player, and is more likely to continue to produce elite #s for the rest of the season and beyond. The jump from Mozara to Pollock isn't enough to offset the potential downgrade from Bryant to Moustakas. It's close, and I wouldn't laugh at you for making this trade, but I'd hold tight or maybe see if he can throw in someone besides Ohtani.
  21. I'd say Soler right now, but I think Conforto has the highest ceiling of all 4 so if he shows signs of returning to form I'd be very quick to pick him up.
  22. He's been in the league for a while so he doesn't have that new car smell and he didn't pitch in 2016 and his 2017 season was garbage which I think is contributing to the lack of hype around his performance thus far in 2018. If you compare his peripherals from 2014/2015 to this season, they are very similar. His Hard% is up this year (40.5% versus 23.7% in 2015), which is contributing to his inflated HR/9, but I'm hoping that he'll continue to get stronger as he gets more IP under his belt and the Petco factor throws him some luck.
  23. Easy trade for you. To echo everyone else - Freeman is a fantasy beast. Losing Syyndergaard hurts but Ohtani is a fantastic replacement plus it's downright FUN to watch him pitch (Reminds me of watching every single Fernandez start once he made the jump from single A to the bigs).
  24. The only way this works out in your favor is if Carlos actually ends up missing a significant amount of time. If he comes back healthy and to form then you lose this easily. Reports have him missing 1 start. It's impossible to know how things will end up, so if you're very risk averse you could pull the trigger, but a healthy Martinez is one of the top SP in the NL and that's worth more than some .AVG/SB in my opinion.
  25. I'd say Middleton, with Vizcaino right behind him. As a Cards fan, this entire Bud Norris thing has been very confusing. After years of relative mediocrity (Except when he faced us while on the Astros. Then he'd dominate) he's converted into a reliever and becomes a dominant closer? Not saying it doesn't happen, and I own Tyler Clippard so I should probably keep my mouth shut, but with Holland (And as a dark horse, Reyes if they decide to not put him in the rotation, although all reports are that they will) right behind him I just don't see him finishing the year as the closer. And FWIW - Middleton and Vizcaino have better career K/9 than Norris, although the latter's use as a SP for years drives his numbers down a bit. Vizcaino is on a surging Braves team, so I'd expect a good number of opportunities to come his way as well.