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  1. Agreed and while Murphy is the chalk pick I think Cano is in for a big year this year (as long as you can stomach is putrid April)
  2. NL Only League- Can keep 7. Budget of 260. 5x5 Ozzie Albies 11 R. Acuna 26 Inciarte 17 F. Reyes 12 J. Lucchessi 1 P Strop 7 (closers usually go for 15-25) C. archer 21 Ian Desmond 24 Nick Senzel 3 (May not start the year but should be up at some point and would be a great keeper going forward) Yadier molina 9 Jameson Tailon 9 Jimmy Nelson 3 Alex Reyes 10 Julio Urias 7 I am pretty comfortable with Albies Acuna Inciarte Lucchesi But after that I am all over the place thanks to very talented but very injured/young pitchers. . Link me to your question and I will return the favor.
  3. Not draft him or trade for him no matter how awesome he may be when he plays. The reality is that any player can get hurt and/or rest in the fantasy playoffs. I am sure others will as well (we already know the Brow's situation). But he had a weak fantasy playoff schedule to begin with and he has two back to backs (one this week and one in the championship week) which created even more potential issues. There are some situations you can predict/avoid and others you can't, this was a situation Embiid owners can't complain about.
  4. Considering his history and the current situation we could be seeing a VERY long suspension for Hill. And that's ignoring any possible criminal justice punishment which could be pretty harsh considering the severity of injuries to a child. Of course, that is all assuming these allegations are true. Hill deserves the benefit of the doubt for now, but it's not looking good.
  5. Yeah, I remember arguing with these guys. You were one of the few, with me, saying it was nuts to assume they were tanking. It wasn't like they were going to get to keep the 1st round pick and that was that. They just would have had to give up the following year's 1st round pick instead.
  6. It's a great sign that he is already proven to be an important piece of their offense and not just brought in as a role player. There is also a decent chance Embiid may sit a game or two (or have his minutes reduced) in the fantasy playoffs which could offset some down games.
  7. So true, I am sure if it was a playoff game yesterday he would have played. But the reality is that the Sixers are pretty locked into a 3-4-5 seed at this point and with the addition of Harris they have enough talent (Simmons/Butler/Harris) to win games without Embiid. Considering his injury history, they are going to be extra careful with him ROS.
  8. That was always going to be the 1 positive. And the Embiid injury/resting issue was the one thing many Harris owners were semi-counting on to offset the 2 shot attempts a game he was going to lose. He's basically just become a slightly less explosive/slightly more efficient version of himself.
  9. Yup, but at least as a Celtics fan you could probably stomach Irving to help you win this year. Davis has no value to the Pels or their fans. If I was a Pels fan I would want no part of Davis on the court. Keep him healthy at home and trade him in the off-season.
  10. Shutdown Risk players: 1- Anyone on a good team that is setting up for a playoff run 2- Anyone on a bad team that is tanking So basically half the league. Gotta love the NBA.
  11. Sorry, but your points aren't valid. 1- The Pelicans are a better team with Davis? Who cares? They aren't making the playoffs this year and are actually better off losing every game the rest of the year to get a better draft pick. 2- He has more trade value if he is playing? No. His value is the same if he plays or doesn't. Missing 20 games or so won't lower his value. If he tears his ACL or blows out his achilles then the Pels have a HUGE problem. Davis owners should have bailed on him when they had the chance. Now they are coming up with ridiculous arguments to convince themselves that Davis should still have value going forward.
  12. If you aren't concerned now, I don't know what it will take to get you concerned. He wants out and likely doesn't want to risk injury on a team he doesn't care about. The team wants to shut him down to avoid injury, but they have been told they can't. He has averaged 10 shots a game in his 3 games back while he was averaging 20 before his injury. On top of all of that, Anthony Davis is pretty fragile. What else would it take to get you concerned? I am sure he will put up a 35-15 type game tonight or the next game. No one is saying he is a zero ROS, just that his situation is a complete mess and there will be plenty of duds/DNPs rest of season.
  13. I don't see that. Kanter was just frustrated in NY because the team was losing intentionally and not giving him any minutes as part of their efforts to tank. The blazers have serious issues generating offense outside of Lillard/CJ/Nurkic so Kanter is a great solution to their bench scoring issues. I am sure he knows his role going in.
  14. Nurkic only plays 27mpg. No one should have even thought that he was going to lose minutes. The questions are whether Kanter will get the other 20-21 minutes and will they consider playing them together against certain lineups. Nurkic spent time playing alongside Jokic in Denver.