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  1. I'm going to own a lot of craft slot receivers and full backs.
  2. I own zero shares of Dede, but I actually think last night was a good night for him (not his owners). He got targeted 9 times in a game where the Jags were winning from the start. He got targeted in the EZ. He got targeted deep. He got targeted repeatedly despite a couple of horrid drops which means the coaching staff really believe in him. If you own him, I could see the frustration but he seems like a good buy low candidate. Chark looks good, but Dede is the #1 guy for targets in that offense.
  3. CMC didn't crack double digits last week. Mixon has been horrible. David Johnson hasn't done much. It's a long season. If you can survive the down weeks, I think you will do just fine long term with one of the only RBs in the league that never leaves the game and is game-script proof.
  4. Westbrook also dropped an easy TD pass. We are still looking at stacked boxes the next couple of weeks, but if Minshew continues to be borderline competent things will start to open up for Fournette. Either way, if he gets 6-8 targets a game and goal line carries, he can get 2YPC and still be productive (and of course no one thinks he will actually have another game where he goes 12 carries for negative yards only to bailed out by one big run). The titans defense is very tough against RBs even when they can't stack the box.
  5. Yeah, who wants a RB that plays every single snap, gets 6-8 targets a game and will be the focal point of the offense the entire season???
  6. The bad news might be that Cam is only out 1 week.
  7. They MAY be legit. They also played against a QB that had mono (and Crowder still managed to get 14 catches) and they played against Eli (who was just benched for a rookie) and gave up 250 yards passing to WRs named Bennie Fowler, TJ jones,the Codys (Latimore and Core). Not sure we have enough info to consider the BIlls defense a team we have to avoid for our WRs.
  8. Matt Ryan Phillip Rivers Roethlisberger Rodgers Brees Cousins Russell Wilson Brady Luck Looked them all up and none of them had their best years as rookies (or even first year as a starter). Some had good years, but definitely not their best years. It's well documented that QBs take time to learn how to read defenses. The rookie QBs that do well are the running QBs. Cam/RG3. I could see Lamar Jackson having his best year this year. But those are anomalies. Mahomes is a freak and may also be an exception but he didn't play as a rookie. He had a year of learning under Reid before he was trusted to take over. And he's actually on pace for a better year this year.
  9. That's simply not true. Guys like Barkley/Bell/CMC/Zeke are uber talented RBs that will be good wherever they go. They don't need elite supporting casts. Guys like Conner/Damian Williams were not drafted in fantasy because of their skill it was because of their situation. Put Conner or Williams on the Bucs and they go 3-4-5 rounds later. That's not the case with Bell/Barkley/CMC/Zeke and even guys like Cook/Fournette/Mixon. Look at Bell. He's on pace for 1800 yards, 8 TDs and 64 receptions on a team where his QB had mono week 1 and he played with a 3rd string QB off the street for much of week 2. Obviously all RBs do better with better teams. That is a given. But it's always dangerous to take guys like Conner/Williams high in drafts when you are relying heavily on the supporting cast for production.
  10. Fournette has looked fine. Minshew is still better than Bortles. The Jags haven't had the lead in any game thus far. The Jags are not a very good team, but even bad teams get leads/win games and when that happens they will lean even more on Fournette. I would be looking to buy low on Fournette.
  11. A case could be made that the Steelers falling out of contention could help Rudolph. For now they may be more likely to play it safe and try to win games running and with their defense. Once they are out of it they may be more likely to let Rudolph loose.
  12. Not sure where you got your "missed tackles" info but PFF has Henry/Carson/AP as having generated the most missed tackles last year. I don't really think any are all that great. Just because you are big and strong and break tackles sometimes also means you are a big and strong and SLOW and can't avoid tackles (Conner ran a 4.65/40 and is not quick/elusive). If teams can stack the box because they don't fear Mason and there is no AB then you will be forced to break 2 tackles just to get passed the line of scrimmage.
  13. Yeah and magically he forgot how to break tackles after AB left town and Big Ben got hurt. Unless you have some other explanation for his 21 carries and 54 yards the first 2 weeks?
  14. Yeah, but when opportunity is tied to the health of Big Ben or the presence of AB you can get in trouble when those other factors are no longer present.
  15. Yeah. He gets 15-18 carries/targets a game in an explosive offense where people are jumping to scoop up Hardman and Robinson who have combined for 15 targets through 2 weeks. One week Watkins goes off. One week Robinson goes off. I'm pretty sure Williams is going to have one of those weeks soon and in the meantime his floor isn't too bad. With that said, for those that drafted him in the 2nd round it's been a rough start.