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  1. First off, who cares about what happened in 2016. I think Demarco Murray had a big year in 2016 also. Second, despite everyone acting as if Joho has been just dominating this backfield in production, you want to take a guess which Eagles RB has more total yards through 6 weeks? HiNT: It's not Joho.
  2. He plays such an insanely explosive game for a guy of his size that it almost seems as though he is a ticking time bomb for injuries. I hope I am wrong but now we are talking about back to back years with "semi-serious" knee injuries.
  3. Yeah. Williams was a product of an offense and amazing QB. If McCoy never came in and Williams got 75pct of the snaps in this offense he would have been a really good fantasy asset. With McCoy in the fold and now Matt Moore is his QB he is pretty much useless (inb4 he goes for 100 and 2 TDs next week).
  4. Tom Brady does it every game. Had 2 QB sneaks for TDs last week on Thursday night in case you forgot. He is an old man and just as valuable to his team and definitely more fragile but yeah, you DEFINITELY know better than Bellichick and Reid. It's just insane you haven't gotten a Head Coaching job since you clearly know better than those 2 Hall of Fame head coaches. .
  5. I tore my ACL. Was able to walk around fine also. His knee didn't explode. That's a good thing. Being able to walk around doesn't mean he doesn't have a season ending knee injury.
  6. I really don't care about his real world championship aspirations. I actually think it is pretty good news for Beal. First off, he is now happy in Washington. So you don't have to worry about him faking an injury mid-season to get a trade done. Second, a trade to a good team could have lead to his usage rate going way down. Third, the Wizards were 32-50 last year and Beal played 82 games. So there is no reason to think he would sit a bunch of games because the Wizards are out of it. Fourth, Beal is going to want to show that he is the leader of this team and not Wall. He is going to try and carry this team.
  7. Guice was a top RB prospect coming out of college and is still only 22. Guice looked good in camp this year. Guice got the start week 1 and AP was not even activated. Guice had a rough week 1, but was playing against the Eagles Defense that has been very tough for even the best RBs this year. The Redskins are going nowhere and have every reason to give Guice a legit chance to be the every down back when he gets back. Of course Guice could get hurt again, he could suck, the Redskins could be the death of any RB. We all knew the negatives before you chimed in. Without these negatives he wouldn't be in the FA pool. But there are very few free agents available that have a clear path to the #1 RB spot for the playoff run. Guice is one of them. He is 22 and will have fresh legs and the skins have ZERO reason to limit his carries or play Apete ahead of him.
  8. Kid needs to prove himself as soon as he can or the Skins will have to draft/sign a legit #1 Rb in the offseason.
  9. The Skins are going nowhere so you would have to think Guice gets a chance at some point to be the starting back for this team. With Thompson always hurt and Apete being an ancient placeholder I would scoop Guice up if I had the space on my roster.
  10. If they sit him out this week, they may also sit him out the following week against the Cards because they have a bye week 9.
  11. Gore is a placeholder until the coaching staff has confidence in Singletary to be the lead back. It seemed as if he was slowly gaining that trust before the injury. Many forget that in week 1, Singletary played 45 snaps to Gore's 19. Granted, much of that had to do with gamescript, but Singletary may not be too far off from being the man.Either way, even if he splits touches with Gore that could be enough for a big game against the Fish where they are 17pt faves.
  12. It's mathematically impossible for a WRs value to go down after losing Mariota at QB. So the question is not if Humphries/Davis/Brown's value will go up or down, the question is how much will it go up. Tannehill is nothing special, but he is a competent NFL QB. That is a pretty big boost to all the Tenn WRs. Personally, I am buying shares of Davis because I think his upside is far higher but Humphries should become a pretty solid PPR play going forward.
  13. Would love to see him back to light up the Giants awful secondary. It seemed as though he was pretty close to returning last week so a return this week seems likely.
  14. Agreed. I'm not building by franchise around Tannehill but he is way better than Mariota. And if he decides that Davis is his favorite Target we could finally see him break out. I'm not starting Davis this week but if I have room I'll stash him on my bench to see how things play out.
  15. I don't think the Knicks plan this year is to rebuild, it's to win games. So I'm pretty sure whoever gives them the best chance to win will get the PT at point guard. They didn't bring in randle, Portis, Gibson and Morris to rebuild. Those guys clog up the PT for a kid like Knox. So that should tell you what their plan is for this year. With all that said, the log jam plus the ability if RJ to run the offense would lower my rankings of all the PG options.
  16. Sure, but going forward (which is all i care about), any talented TE that gets 6 targets and 2 RZ targets is going to be a useful fantasy option. If you have one of the top 6/7 tight ends he probably isn't worth a roster spot. But I'll bet he puts up numbers in the 7-10 tight end range rest of season. That's worth something to a lot of people.
  17. Unless Cam can come back and run over people the way he did earlier in his career he's basically useless. He doesn't read defenses well, he isn't particularly accurate, his arm isn't as strong as it one was. So what is left aside from the big name?
  18. It seemed as if Dallas basically thought they were playing Luke Falk and basically just focused on Bell which let Darnold pick apart the rest of the defense. I'm going to assume the pats will focus more attention on Darnold which will free up Bell.
  19. I was thinking the opposite. It would seem more of a strain on his injury to be battling 300 pound lineman all game as opposed to running routes.
  20. He's been practicing. The issue is whether he gets cleared to play which seems very likely.
  21. Because CBS is run by a bunch of clowns. Their own news listing indicates that he's questionable.
  22. I'm not at the game, but I'm a Jets fan and I can confirm from experience that the wind will be at Brady's back all 4 quarters of the game.
  23. Why would the Bucs trade Howard? He is young, cheap and an elite blocker who can also be a threat as a pass catcher. I get that his role sucks for fantasy owners but that doesn't mean the Bucs are going to trade him.
  24. It's a little different at tight end where most can't afford to carry two. So if you drafted Howard you were forced to start him or drop him early. Not an easy decision.