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  1. Is this guy a sleeping giant due to lack of counting stats?
  2. Why can't he hit for power? He's had a bum shoulder for years and is finally healthy.
  3. I remember reading when he was on the verge of being called up that Glasnow would just take more time to develop because of his height. Seems like the Pirates just gave up too early. But man can the Rays get a Moneyball movie. Out here fleecing everyone. Stole Pham. Stole Yandy. Stole Meadows AND Glasnow.
  4. You're factoring in RW blurbs into your decision just like the very people you are hating on. Are you the guy who likes a band until they become "mainstream" and then you don't like them anymore?
  5. They said he tweaked his ankle. Tomorrow was already a scheduled day off for him. Ripped a double today.
  6. Anybody scooping Fiers just for the opening day Tokyo start?
  7. If what @jonmorosi is saying is accurate, then the all about money argument doesnt hold weight. "In Bryce Harper talks, I am told #Dodgers were willing to offer a four-year deal worth approximately $45 million per season. That would have allowed Harper to shatter the all-time AAV record and become a free agent at age 30." ^^^ This would have been the move if it was 100% about the money.
  8. Guess the discount on Harper is over. Picked him up with the third pick in the 3rd round in a draft yesterday. That threat of the Giants had people shook.
  9. I've seen Renfroe have 40 HR projections, 30 at minimum in multiple spots.
  10. I'm always worried about the counting stats with Altuve, but hopefully he bounces back.
  11. Kirk is a stud in fantasy. Even in his bad games he typically puts up some numbers in garbage time. In real life he has flaws at times, little things like not stepping up in the pocket. Fumbling to end to end it just felt fitting.
  12. What are we thinking about this guy going into next season? Does he bounce back to all-wordly numbers or is this more in line with what we should expect from him moving forward?
  13. As a Redskins fan I'm excited about the possibility of getting a bunch of free 15-yard penalties because he's a tall running back and that terrible new helmet rule makes it difficult to tackle him like a normal person.
  14. I'm going to go out on a limb and say your a Skins fan?
  15. I forgot he ran for over 100 yards twice last year for Arizona. Redskins oline is significantly better than the Cardinals.