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  1. I have a 6-1 team and a 1-6 team. Both were drafted by the "best player available" maxim. I don't know how to feel any more. And I've learned nothing.
  2. You're right but sometimes there comes a point where you have to run the table to stay alive. That has to start with ONE win. ONE win often has to start with a bold move that turns what's left of a couple of name brands to get one ACTUAL POINT PRODUCER.
  3. Healthy line with Broncos controlling the game and CJA is fine, Booker is fine. Shaky line with Broncos scrambling to stay afloat and Booker is fine. I hate everyone involved.
  4. Osweiller would be pretty good if he wasn't completing fing horrovle
  5. Hope he turns commentator. He'd be a nice counterpoint to the normal brigade of blowhards and morons.
  6. In the preseason I noticed him hauling a** right into his blockers, before they had a chance to get things set up. This was Zeke's problem too. I'm not sure if this is what he specifically corrected but I know what I saw back during the "he sucks/they have no faith in him" segment of the season.
  7. You're right but I'm a big believer in a mindset having the power to change physical performance. Just ask Randy Moss.
  8. DJ getting the Gayle Sayers treatment. They want to end his career right quick
  9. Never seen 2 teams more deserving of a tie
  10. Russell Wilson 80 yard scramble for TD not coming.
  11. Yes...when will a DRASTIC regime change happen. It's the only reason I can think of to hold.
  12. From your ears to my bench to my drop list.
  13. What is happening out there? A staring contest? I've seen more points scored during a MFing lightning delay
  14. I hold all of you who didn't work harder to talk me out of using him responsible.
  15. There were 2 reports. About a half hour apart. Things happen DURING warmups. like aggravations. Limitations. Neeermind