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  1. I second all this. I am likely unavailable until tues the 30th for a live draft scenario though. If that disqualifies me then that's kool and the gang
  2. I'm down for the money league if a slot is available. Will that draft here as well? I like these dirty-laundry-on-the-forum leagues.
  3. Who said he beat anyone on the field? I was talking about his attitude in general.
  4. In fairness, I guess Goff looked really good throwing the ball at the end of the episode. But it kind of felt like the coaches were talking themselves into that. To me, the sun rising thing was insignificant compared to having never called a play in a huddle? And now he's gotta do it on the biggest stage in the world? He called one and the entire offense had no idea what the F he was talking about. I'm also expecting plenty of loosey goosey snaps that hit the ground. Could be a VERY good streaming Defense to take whoever is playing them. I didn't know Gurley was such a cocky trash-talker. Seems like his heads a little in the goddamn clouds to me.
  5. Anyone watch Hard Knocks? Goff is a hopeless dolt.
  6. I'd still draft him if I was the kind of guy to still draft him.
  7. Interesting about the Ravens originally wanting him. I remember when Ben Tate was going pretty high that one year in Cleveland, and many thought West would take over that backfield. Tate floundered, West did pretty well, but had some ball security issues if I remember correctly. Meanwhile the Crowell hype spun off the rails. Meanwhile the Browns coaching staff redefined "hot hand" to the point of ridicule. I think West's attitude might've gone in the toilet from there. I joke about his hair...but I know he's no bum. It would be hard-headed as hell to completely dismiss the potential value here.
  8. And didn't the trade also happen AFTER the JMak rant to end all rants for Robrain to cease and desist?
  9. Okay what happened was... 1. He looked great in preseason behind a great line 2. I put a $56 dollar bid in 3. I got drunk and forgot to change it, which I swear I meant to do
  10. In our first year I know I was ripped to the tits when I took Reggie Wayne in the 6th and he absolutely went off that year.
  11. I have trouble drafting a guy whose hair looks like a lopsided ice cream sandwich. In fact I'd like to get an entire roster of guys who CLEARLY don't G a F about their hair. It's harder than it sounds. And food for thought: Observe how Julio became who we thought he could become ONLY AFTER shearing off his high maintenance locks.
  12. I wouldn't be comfortable until I see...3 games in a row where he is getting consistent touches. And even then...NE could game script him right into a near-gooseegg while Blount rings up 3 TDs right in your eye.
  13. I really want to buy in, I really do. But the Belichikian game script nightmare is only the beginning when a Patriot RB is also INJURED. I mean...what will they really tell us about it? We will need to rely on whoever is reporting from that camp and that's all we're gonna get. Belichick won't tell us a damn thing. This includes whether or not an injury is healed, a guy has fallen behind on the depth chart, spends his weekends on dust and sizzurp, has driven his car into a ditch, woke up in said ditch, and gone back to sleep in said ditch, or is accused of changing his pitch up/smacking his bitch up. A player has to go Full Hernandez to find out any god damn thing on this team. Because then the police can just tell us. So Pats RB + Pats Tight Lipped BS = It's gonna take a lot for me to buy in. A lot.
  14. So...Predator IS Donte Moncrief? Donte I guess Andy's looking pretty good in camp then?
  15. So a QB that doesn't practice much w an RB that's now not gonna practice much. Even if everyone heals quickly, they are losing critical time to get their timing, scheme, and feel w the o line down. Sorry to state the obvious but it's not Madden. You don't just get guys with measurable skills that suddenly mesh as soon as they're all on the field together. Morris and Foles(?) to the rescue?