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  1. I'm very intrigued by this player. Care to shed light on what you think of him and his situation?
  2. I'm rebuilding a team I didn't start in a dynasty league. We draft college players a year ahead of when they come out, so our upcoming draft won't feature a BUNCH of rookies. In fact, guaranteed the 1st 4 picks will end up going straight to Mixon, Kareem Hunt, Perine, Lynch Which team would you rather have this season? I'm probably F'd either way, but a trade offer is in that will give me one of these two starting lineups. QB ARod WR Cooks WR Crabtree RB Forte RB Gillislee TE Brate/Ertz W/R/T Fitzgerald/Snead 1st Bench RB: It's ugly. Davonte Booker most promising. Should be able to land Sproles or any number of quasi-attractive handcuffs. or QB Eli(I should be able to snag Tyrod and/or Dalton) WR Cooks WR Crabtree RB McCaffrey RB Gillislee TE Brate/Ertz W/R/T Fitzgerald/Snead 1st BENCH RB: Samaje Perine
  3. Has someone changed the roster settings to QB W/R/T W/R/T W/R/T W/R/T W/R/T W/R/T W/R/T W/R/T ?
  4. wtf? oh. never mind. thought i did something stupid
  5. 4.4 Joe Mixon This is who I thought Ryan should have taken even in the 3rd. All around stud RB talent. Not a good line but promising situation w Gio hurt and Hill underperforming.
  6. I'm very conflicted about what to do if it gets to me without at least one more Ryan consultation, which I may ore may not get. I know what's best for his team, and I think I know what's going to fall in his lap, but I don't know if I can convince him that it's the best choice for his team. I also just poured a Tuesday-in-the-summer vodka drink. And it's making me want to roast some of the other picks that were made in the last round.
  7. @FFCollusion Great analysis, but doesn't a lot of that Miller assessment begin to feel like a reason why he might just flat out lose his job, or at least lose a lot of his touches?
  8. Not only a great offensive line, but an increasingly dangerous passing offense to give him many goal line touches. Are you sure he's healed? Like his back spasms gone?
  9. I am among the doubters about Lynch this season. Can you shed some light on your confidence going into the season? Without 3 year old youtube clips? I know that's a major caveat.
  10. You can certainly expect looking goofy.
  11. I thought this very thing about Howard until I learned more about the strength of the Chicago O Line. With their woes at QB and WR, he is the undisputed centerpiece of this offense. Gamescripts will be dicey, sure, but not nearly as dicey as Rob Gronkowski's spine when delivering and receiving haymakers w strong safeties.
  12. Before dislimb's last pick I texted Ryan: Rank these 3: Jordan Howard, Gronk, Player X He came back w: Gronk, Howard, Player X. I told him I was relieved for him that Gronk was sniped. And that rationale has to do w what I said in round 1 about taking AJ Green. I think risk management is more important than just about anything else in the early rounds of a league this size. Moreover, I see a big cliff after Howard at RB, and he/we HAD to take him there in my opinion. .