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  1. Watch "All or Nothing." Arians literally says he does not want DJohnson to be too good too fast but he can be a bellcow by Thanksgiving. CJohnson was the veteran usher for a very calculated plan that would have unfolded without the injury. Now in his 2nd year, I sincerely doubt Arians regresses on his DJohnson usage.
  2. When they come out of the gate. Sure. But when you think game script, who is more likely to get fed in the second half with a very loosened up box? And who is likely to have the run game completely taken off the table?
  3. The offensive situation is far better. A defense doesn't even have to force the Rams to become one dimensional because they already are. I know there's chatter of getting Gurley involved in the passing game but 1. It's all talk right now and 2. It's setting him up for constant exposure. In AZ a defense has to keep its head on a swivel. They have no idea where an attack is coming from. It could be literally all over the field. Stl? Key on Gurley. Key on Gurley until he gets dinged up or Fischer cries uncle.
  4. True story. I just saw it. And btw if anyone hasn't seen it yet--and apologies if I'm late to the party--but "All or Nothing" on Amazon is about the Cardinals 2015 season and is 1000 X better than Hard Knocks imo. This might not matter to many FF owners, but it does to me: You can see RIGHT AWAY that D. Johnson has a very good head on his shoulders. i.e.. I can't see him getting popped for weed any time soon. He's also in a VERY good offense. Translation? I like him better than LeVeon Bell(plus DWill) and Gurley by a SUBSTANTIAL MARGIN right about now.
  5. Without Beastmode it's Kobe without Shaq. He's going to do everything humanly possible to 1. Keep winning and 2. Make the world understand it's HIS team and that maybe it's ALWAYS been his team. O Line problems are an intriguing nuance that I hadn't considered before reading today. So thanks for that. But. If 1 and 2 above are correct, all that means to me is he will RUN LIKE HELL if/when the line breaks down, which brings me to what I've been thinking about him for about a solid month now: 3. Historic fantasy production coming in 2016.
  6. You're right but isn't this going to remain free?
  7. I think it's time to face facts. Robrain is the straw that stirs the drink in the RWMRL.
  8. Given the roster settings and depth of the league, the way I rate these teams are by least cringeworthy starting lineup in week 1. In other words, I think the playoff berths are won and lost by having the depth to field two good flexes every week, and the differential wrought by anything else are secondary to that. And the Proteus awards for "Least Cringeworthy Starting Week 1 Lineup" go to: 1st 96mnc 2nd BHawks 3rd Mr. Blonde But...a hustle here and a snapped patellar tendon there, and all bets are off.
  9. I shouldn't do this unless specifically asked by an owner. Also...I'm heading into the woods and possibly off the grid until Sunday night...
  10. Robrain, please, it might not be too late. I implore you: 1. Step away from the computer. 2. Untie Iron Cock if he's still alive.
  11. Wow. Holy crap. I didn't even know that. At least a purse is a step up from underwear and cologne.
  12. So the shocker of the day is Rawls. Now. If he is 100% healthy by Sept, I think the controversy willl melt. Provided that he didn't get his wife pregnant, gain 35 pounds of baby weight, smoke 40 pounds of weed, eat 45 pounds of pizza, drink 80 quarts of sizzurp, waste 90 thousand dollars at strip clubs, let his heir apparent to beastmode status go to his head, lose himself in the shadow of R. Wilson who MUST want to put the ultimate STAMP on this team now that beastmode is gone... what a dice roll! What do we REALLY know about this guy? I think a character assessment is in order so that we might gauge what his offseason might have looked like. I think therein lies the tale of whether this was a good reach or a fatal one. Everything else? A lot of contrarians saying "i'm NOT going to get swept up in the zero RB noise"...I'm gonna ZIG when everyone else ZAGS. Problem with that is, not enough people are ZAGGING to justify the ZIGGING! "You wanna see me do the jiggy ziggy dance?" Interesting to say the least. And it won't matter by 130 PM EST of the first Sunday. So take heart.
  13. Got it. So it's not that you WON'T, you just don't like it. I hear you. For every 3 leagues I sign up for, 2 of them are definitely after preseason. But it's cool to have at least one before preseason in my opinion. It makes preseason a lot more interesting and allows you to take some deep shots before the rankings shuffle and blot out our legitimate research.
  14. What about the egg spurt league? Are there two iron cocks? Iron diphallia?
  15. Awesome. I hereby offer myself as a replacement candidate. Where do I earn my "expert" windbreaker, sash, or belt buckle?