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  1. Maybe if he is as hated in his second career as Witten is(was).
  2. Due to wanton hubris and a deeply embedded culture of losing the Browns have difficulty getting on the same page, go 0-4, start blaming each other, and with no one in town to stop Odell from punching out sideline equipment, he shatters his hand. Entire coaching staff fired when they hit 1-7. Hunt returns from suspension to give them a lift, after which they rally to finish 7-9--just enough to give them all kinds of fuel for flexing on IG and another round of jinx-inducing hubris in 2020.
  3. Does anyone have “most pass interfered with?” stats? I feel like he’s the runaway WR1 in a PPPI league.
  4. I bet whatever surgery he needs is merely a cleanup procedure type thing. I didn't realize the zipped mouths will get them a fine, but at least that explains why he doubled down and insisted he was fine after the SB when clearly he wasn't.
  5. This is a classic case of fresh legs. Nothing more. If Rerun Anderson was given anything resembling a real workload dating all the way back to preseason, he would have been nursing a high cankle sprain by week 1, never looking quite right all year, and fading into unceremonious retirement. Now? He waddles into a situation where everyone else is battle weary, if not flat out injured. Im starting to wonder if teams will start to plan for RBs like treat RBs like tires at the Indy 500 as opposed to players expected to carry the mail for 16 games plus post season
  6. Can you believe this fat f--- is going to get a super bowl ring? And probably has a 1 in 3 chance of being SB MVP?
  7. Aaron Donald is a wrecking machine. He'll knock you into tomorrow, Rock.
  8. I thought the Rams were a fake good team. But they've re-surged from their slump. That said, this ain't over. The Dallas D has to dig much deeper though or they got no shot.
  9. His off the field antics have signaled knucklehead but from what I saw in Hard Knocks he is mostly just a very psyched up competitor and a natural leader who wants to win, not necessarily beat his own chest because he thinks he's great, but rather to please his teammates.
  10. Yep. Scrambling. Looking downfield. Extending plays. Making big plays. Running a few in... ...Until he breaks some knees and collarbones. im not saying he’s made of glass but when set free he makes himself more vulnerable. Like Big Ben without the durable frame
  11. They scheme to win games without concern for big fat stats. The thread already has an identity crisis: Fantasy value vs. Real FBall value. The latter appears to be rock solid. The former is in the toilet, but that could return based on personnel shifts, but probably not in a single year.
  12. Suggested team name: Idiot Davant
  13. They need more guys on this panel. wtf is this the Supreme Court? god I miss redzone