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  1. Crazy Value + Monstrous Upside = FFNerd Heroin + FFNerd Cocaine + FFNerd Getting Some
  2. Pats 38 Falcons 37 Devastation on tap for Assy Ice and friends when Edelman takes a jet sweep, pulls up, throws a 60 yard TD to Amendola with 0:00 remaining on the clock. Extra point is good. Mustache party.
  3. I can almost hear the clavicle snapping now.
  4. I'll let you know when the Texans and Jags name their starting QBs.
  5. I was actually referring to the thread title. Bounce back? Get it? Double zinger! lolololol breathe breathe breathe lololololol
  6. Will the fat jokes never cease?
  7. They had to come back against the Jets and they also let the Saints slip a CRITICAL onside kick in on them. From a stastical standpoint you're right. From a team psychology standpoint if I'm a coach I'm not going to get so conservative that I shut it down so early that a month worth of rust takes hold on my stars, which is quickly followed by self doubt, which is then followed by blunders. How many other pick sixes did Manning throw that year? Does a frosty Colts team let that onside kick happen? Think of yourself as a coach here. And think of the Cowboys with that bye a few years ago when Romo and Witten were photographed kicking it in Cancun during the bye. I keep my foot on the gas AT LEAST through a good 3/4ths of the 15th reg season game. Zeke will eat unless Zeke gets tweaked. repeat.
  8. They should have b slapped them by 20 points. I watched a team trying to recapture its previous momentum. They couldn't do it.
  9. I'll never forget the year the Colts were 14-0 and started sitting people too early. They never recovered. They had to come from behind to win the AFC Championship. Then they lost the SB to the Saints. I can't help but think if they kept their foot on the gas, everything would have been different. As soon as you play not to lose, not to get hurt, not to do anything better be a SAVVY a** MFING VETERAN Like Tom B coached by Evil Bill. These guys aren't that.
  10. 12-1 team gets bye. Gets beat by 7-6 team that autodrafted. Christmas is cancelled.
  11. Fear of bad weather does more damage than bad weather
  12. I need about 60 from Dak, Zeke, Evans to stay in my matchup until Mon. Let's F-ING GO!!!
  13. Fantasy Football ruins Christmas.
  14. Rolling with him. Needs to play with his nuts out to quiet the rumblings. Dallas needs to reestablish itself as the bully on the block. The best thing he can do is throw to his RBs and Beasley ahead of looking downfield for the big unreliable whiner. I think that is going to be the biggest factor in getting back on track. I hope to god they realize this. I like him for 200 yards and 2 TDs, with maybe one of those coming on the ground today. Bottom line: Feels more secure than Flacco, Simien, Mariota...
  15. Thanks for not making me feel as stupid as I am. And thanks to this thread I am officially OUT on Flacco and Tucker(though I don't dare drop my mvp) so thanks...for now