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  1. Where are the Jets fans? They seem to be running up the white flag on another season already.
  2. Any chance they fix their line by the summer? There's gonna be a lot of fatty fall down jokes in the rant thread if they don't.
  3. This is blasphemy. You're only allowed to overhype Giant Beetlejuice in these parts.
  5. This is BS. I hereby claim a new Patriots scandal: BiggerBrainGate
  6. Here is what I remember: Moss and Welker were both viable FF receivers at the same time, and either consistent or totally off the charts historically awesome. Exit Moss, enter Gronk. During that era, Gronk and Welker were great, with Hernandez flashing as a TE1 in their shadow, but had he been named a WR(let's face it, his real position), he would have been a bye week fill in. Exit Welker, enter Gronk's nonstop injury woes. During that(this era), it's Edelman and Gronk when healthy, and now the floodgates open up to all sorts of handsome white dudes. There is no antecedent here that really matters, because it's a shifting sand. If Gronk's injury woes continue, Cooks may be the jackpot people seem to think he is going to be. But if we are looking at Gronk, Edelman, Cooks, and the rest of em soaking up targets, then: A. Yes Cooks will get his, and in some games he will destroy your opponent. but B. He will have some very quiet games too. which means C. We are back to what he was in NO and D. Belichick will simply NOT put up with his bitching and E. If winning doesn't cure Cooks of his bitchiness, then F. He will be sent to pasture. so G. As I have said in other posts, I am a Cooks owner in a dynasty league and am very excited, but H. His trade value > What I believe his actual value might be even if I. Brady and he have ANY chemistry and J. Cooks isn't an Ochocinco-like box of rocks who can't learn the offense. so K. Pump the brakes is all I'm saying because there are TOO MANY question marks to spend big. Unless of course you're in my dynasty league.
  7. GD idiot
  8. This Moss vs. Cooks discussion has really derailed the conversation. It reminds me of Superman vs. Mighty Mouse. Among Evan Silva's fantasy losers: "All the Patriots’ pass catchers – Already one of the NFL’s most volatile week-to-week offenses because their approach is game-plan and opponent-specific, New England’s target distribution is going to be murkier than ever in 2017. In Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Brandin Cooks, Chris Hogan, Malcolm Mitchell, James White, Dion Lewis, and Dwayne Allen, the Patriots have eight different players capable of making weekly pass-catching impacts. It’s great in real life, and likely to cause headaches in fantasy." Say what you want about Belichick's crush on Cooks. He has a bigger crush on winning games by baffling opponents as to where and how he's going to strike next. I own Cooks in a dynasty and I am excited to have him...but the biggest value of all will come in a trade some time in August.
  9. Exactly. He's a sharp weapon. One of many. Bloated value screams sell.
  10. That dynasty trade value tho. Complete the following equation: Cooks + --------- = Zeke, DJ, or Bell
  11. I just took over a limping dynasty that had Cooks and Snead pitifully in the same starting lineup. And after today, two arrows pointing up. Csb: I took the jam out of your donut. I did. I drank your milkshake too.
  12. 2017 game log: 1. Monster Game 2. bad ankle decoy 3. Stays in to block no targets 4. Bad ankle decoy 5. Monster game 6. Stays in to block no targets. 7. Stays in to block no targets 8. Monster game repeat price will be bloated no thanks
  13. That was my initial response, but they seem so content to spread the ball around that I feel like it would be boom or bust all over again
  14. Not sure if you're serious but I don't think he'll ever totally shake the gunslinger trigger finger. Even if he gets behind a sick run game like Pitt or Az, all it takes is one stubborn, broken play for him to get broken. On that note, and now I'm getting sucked in, those are the only two spots that he, or the team, should be thinking about this. Denver? Behind that spotty run game? He will be looking out his earhole with a piece of his clavicle protruding from his sphincter on dropback #1.
  15. Even with good protection, he will hold the ball until something he likes develops downfield. Then he will get walloped. Then his body will break again. These are the facts. Even before they have happened. And they are irrefutable. So why are we burning calories on this topic?