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  1. Mmm but I don't see a name brand, so...
  2. I remember it well. I remain very skeptical that he will outscore Starks in any format and I will gladly congratulate you if I'm wrong.
  3. I was joking that the only reason why someone was to pick this guy up is to beat the snot out of his 2nd dummy team. It does happen in yahoo pro leagues. Look out for it. Go Shoelace. If I were in a 14-16 teamer I'd be all over it. Him.
  4. If they have a bye, and they decide to hit the kill switch in week 17, which I do expect, that is more than enough rest unless somebody gets the kind of injury that takes them all the way out for the year. If they sit guys in week 16?! Well now you're talking about a solid 3 weeks off. The loss of momentum could be fatal. You make a good case, but teams don't go through their seasons tiptoeing around worried about injuries. Especially if they are as green as this team. These guys have to send messages as far as they can, within reason. Not crawl back into their baby nuts and cross their fingers.
  5. What's this for? Guys with dummy emails and 2nd teams in their league to pass off questionable trades and beat like a rented mule when they face off twice a season?
  6. This is a young set of playmakers with a coach who still has much to prove in the post season. I don't think they'll start monkeying around with the momentum they have, and will need to maintain, going into a playoff bye. Getting all Belichikian by resting guys AS EARLY AS WEEK 16 will only be on the menu if they absolutely destroy their opponent in the first half of the game, in which case Zeke will have already devoured his Malt O Meal in the endzone a couple times. imo and imp(in my prayers)
  7. Asked that when I picked him up, asked it when I was dumb enough to start him, asked it when I benched him, asked it when I held him, asked it when I dropped him.
  8. I have a grave feeling about this. Just let Morris finish the game. Give him carries until he scores or they turnover on downs, whatever comes first.
  9. It seems like it's in the stars for the Cowboys to lose this. One blunder after another.
  10. I don't exactly WANT another NFL player to errantly shoot himself in the leg in the offseason but if it HAS to HAPPEN...
  11. Is. Baldwin hurt? Or just Ebroning?
  12. I must. But that Norman/Dez note makes me feel pretty good about it. So thanks.
  13. How bout a FG of any length w/ less than 10 seconds left on the clock is an automatic win and a missed FG of any length w/ less than 10 seconds left on the clock is an automatic loss. Huh? Huh? Huh?
  14. Hopkins Sightings < Chupacabra Sightings
  15. Is that really what HE looked like or was this a gamescript thing?