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  1. Isn't this his 2nd wreck in about 6 months? Plus he pulls up a girl's top at a parade while still being investigated for walloping his ex? If he could...go ahead and buck this trend...that'd be great. mmkay?
  2. Interesting nuances here. I do not know if the owner cut Lynch, or if he was removed from the roster by CBS. Bringing this up would likely be the sticking point. Or, I could just sit back and watch the drunk uninformed guys say "hey that's BS" and see where the cards fall.
  3. Thanks guys. Prepare to be cited if the commish takes a $*&# on this one. And no, there were no contracts in place. There is no precedent for this in the league and this cat trying to make this claim probably knows it's a long-shot and he may even be half-joking. Now. Assuming Lynch is back in the mix, where does he fit in to your "rookie" RB rankings in a draft? Let's assume you have a GAPING HOLE at RB in your starting lineup and will undoubtedly need to start one that you draft immediately to have any chance at a decent squad.
  4. I'm not sure this is the right thread for this, but here goes. The pre-retirement owner of Marshawn Lynch has made a claim that a player returning from retirement should go back onto the roster of the team that had his "rights"...just like the NFL. The commish has yet to make a ruling or even a response to this claim. Is this typical or utter BS? How are your leagues handling Lynch as it pertains to dynasty drafts?
  5. Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?
  6. Can we at least agree that he is firmly the #4 rb in dynasty rankings and firmly ahead of #5 Kareem Hunt?
  7. Belichick treats his RBs like tires on an Indy car. I bet if you crunched numbers you would find statistical correlation between Pats RBs and fantasy teams that miss playoffs.
  8. The Cardinals offense feels like a sinking ship to me. Prescott is just getting started and I think the Dallas OLine is still the nuts, despite losses and shifts. I'm thinking significant regression w/ DJ, some wear-and-tear based injury problems, and at least a slight uptick for Zeke. I'm picking Zeke #1 in standard, lemme think about it in ppr, and 2018 might be the TRUE Cardinal offensive wasteland because they are allergic to having a decent backup QB for some reason so...I'm taking him over DJ in dynasty too. BTW: Who's his handcuff this year? I thought I heard DMC was getting re-upped but is Alf gone?
  9. If they are serious about a fully redesigned offensive philosophy, it actually makes some sense to draft Samuels for depth and understudy purposes. The thinking may be that without Samuels, they have placed all of their hopes on one rookie staying healthy and fresh, or else they would have to pivot to other packages altogether in the event of a gassed or injured McCaffrey. The reps in both practice and games add up, and it takes a devoted many reps to develop a new type of attack.
  10. Sorry. It just sounds like a name that has to end up in the police blotter.
  11. I was hoping for the Saints pre-AP deal. Carolina doesn't feel like an ideal landing spot. But I think Denver would have been the place for him to really bust and maybe even get his chops busted.
  12. It's straight to Matt Spaethville. Ben UtrectTown. Luke Willlsonia.
  13. Thank god. For a minute there I thought he just became totally worthless on my dynasty roster.
  14. Cameron Brate just turned back into a turd pumpkin.
  15. I think I'm with you. Teams will dare Bortles to beat them. And when he can't, Fournette will have nonstop tough sledding.