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  1. In yahoo’s conveniently designed system it plainly shows that WRs have been last in the league vs. Cleveland. Is this a mirage, or is Cleveland’s pass defense this stout? Yes I know, it’s hard to sit Kupp, but sometimes you’re stacked with same-level options and gotta break ties somewhere.
  3. And Carolina seems to have just enough offensive talent, problems, and inconsistency to stall right around the sweet zone for a kicker. This is almost never discussed and I don’t understand why. Yes every point counts and Matt Prater’s latest bed crapping counted for a loss.
  4. You’re never gonna feel secure with these guys. Deal with it or avoid. Or pick them all up and wait until the injuries pile up to dictate usage. Breida is a very good football player. Who would you rather have right now? Brand names like Devonta Freeman or Leonard Fournette? Not me. But if I get bitchslapped with a 5 touch game or goose egg as he limps off I can’t complain. risk/reward may or may not be your thing and there’s no need to argue it further.
  5. Why wear him out when your season is already boned? If CMC and Kamara weren’t having troubles of their own, I’d regret taking Saquon #1. As it is, I’m ok with it. For now. But damn.
  6. The OJ Howard owner might still buy high.
  7. Pray for no stat corrections. Now THAT would be cruel, fam.
  8. What's bigger? The turd Davonta Freeman is laying in this game or the turd coming out the back of his helmet?
  9. Styles come and go, right? Looks like it's back in!
  10. If I miss the playoffs because of today . . . today . . . shall be known as DJax Groin Day
  11. For the first time . . . . . . in Analogyville . . . . . . we have Randy Moss . . . . . . and Wes Welker . . . . . . in one package. 135/2690/33 N' that'shisfloor
  12. The green and white...the skittish pocket presence...the awful decisions... I can't hold my tongue any more Wentz looks Sanchezy.
  13. Jermichael Goedert banged up again I see
  14. DJax walking around on the sidelines now. Is something wrong with his leg or just b-boy limping?