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  1. There goes Crowder’s value ... geez prob a good buy low and stash when Darnold comes back
  2. Bears D looking good... worth a pick in the later rounds!
  3. Last pick in a 12-teamer. Let's go!
  4. Also remember that NFL has a hard salary cap. More money to start players = less money elsewhere. I personally think defensive players should get most of the money as a top defense can keep team in games. QBs shouldn’t unless you are too 5. Pats can win without a stud RB (or WR). CJ Anderson easily replaced Gurley.
  5. I sorta like this more.. 3 solid RBs.. and bunch of WR2s..
  6. this board, fantasy pros are super useful. I also recommend - great articles and insights (fantasy and not)
  7. Damien Darrel Darwin you know some team is going to grab the wrong RB...
  8. follows all 32 nfl beat writers. Instead of you trying to find and follow all 32, just follow any tweet by each team writer is retweeted by a fast, quick way to get camp news! Best source of info that can help finding that next fantasy gem
  9. hopefully, it's not the reddit crowd coming over here..