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  1. Where will owners be willing to draft him? He left many owners high and dry in 2018. I imagine he can be had for a discount. Concerns will be: Was he a system back? He hasn’t played in a year? Is he motivated by more than money? Can he be trusted once he gets paid? Is Leveon Bell truly who we thought he was?
  2. I am happy to see CMAC have the success he had. Might pave the way for more backs like him.
  3. Looked exceptional this year with increased workload. PPR gold with few running backs outscoring him this season. Will the addition of new weapons deflate his numbers? Or can we expect more PPR magic in the mold of greats such as Marshall Faulk and Ladanian Tomlinson.
  4. Now they are claiming he was "more venting than actually requesting a trade". Look, I'm not trying to make this political or anything but this is getting out of hand. Everyone looking to be the first to break a story without actually checking the facts. Then, you just follow it up with another story because readers don't demand more from news agents. Who cares about taking the time to find out the truth before reporting it. People don't seem to care about accuracy or fidelity anymore. It is a social media free for all. Teach your children how to discern fact from fiction. The world is becoming an even scarier place. Irresponsible reporting. But hey, its the norm now.
  5. It is a fact that Antonio Brown is declining. He certainly isn’t getting better.
  6. Feels like Groundhog Day. First it was Gurley, then DJ, then Kamara, now Barkley. How many of those previously named “best running backs in the league” put up best running back production the following year to maintain that title? Not arguing just wondering? Variables come into play for every back whether the outcome is positive or negative.
  7. 1. Kelce 2. Ertz 3. Kittle 4 on down. Who cares?
  8. Is this the sign of things to come or will they hit the reset button on the trust once again next year?
  9. Should be able to get DJ at a more reasonable price next season.
  10. Totally agree. Ended up staying for the challenge of being able to stick it to the commish. Finished second.
  11. Yahoo autodrafted Kittle for me in a league that suspiciously announced the draft would be during WORK hours. I promptly dropped him for Njoku in Cleveland. Biggest regret of the season in that league next to joining it in the first place.
  12. Openings: Denver Cleveland Greenbay Arizona Cincinati Tampa Bay Miami Jets
  13. Let the dumb dumbs pay premium prices for past production. His arrow is pointing down. His value should be adjusted accordingly. Get out of your feelings.