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  1. Rivers loves his big bodies tight ends. Was about the only positive thing about the game. I expect the over the hill gunslinger to look for Henry often as teams sell out to stop KA13 and Ekeler.
  2. I disagree. Fuller is highly inconsistent and has only put up one solid game this season. Outside of that, he has been below average. Sutton on the other hand is clearly his teams number one target. He is delivering on a weekly basis and is in a tier above Fuller IMO. Once Fuller starts playing consistently and stringing together back to back productive games, we can talk. But today, I take the Sutton side.
  3. Fluke my a**. The Chargers are desperate. Henry will eat.
  4. Top kicker in the league. He stays in my roster until he is not.
  5. Listening to the chicken littles in these threads is a sure way to lose. They always find reasons to bench players. Lesson learned. Just pay attention. It’s the same people every time.
  6. Facts. AT the very LEAST he is a SOLID flex option.
  7. Just had to come in and steal the spotlight from that guy, didn't you? I'm on the verge of another ban and quite honestly, you're not worth it. Peace!
  8. Thank you Coleman. You already surpassed expectation in this CROWDED dumpster fire backfield that owners should avoid at all costs.
  9. I overthought this and bought into the whole the sky is falling narrative. The Redskins were supposed to run it every down. Will someone please give me a reason not to start him next week? Your advice is GOLDEN!!!! Ready to worry!!!!
  10. Enter Hunter Henry. Thanks for keeping the seat warm Dizzly.
  11. So many chicken little types actually talking about benching this guy because Adrian Peterson. Words of wisdom...don’t subscribe to the worry mentality in these threads!!!!