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  1. Travis Shaw- find another guy who is going to hit 30 bombs at 2B in that draft slot. Mark it
  2. Would I rather be a Padres fan? No. Don’t act like the Padres have won anything. Don’t discount 3 in 5 either. That won’t likely happen for a long time. I’m okay with a handful of down years. My World Series memory bank is pretty full at this point.
  3. I see what you’re saying, but the owners are in charge here. This is them taking back power from the players on these contracts. Frankly, that’s their right. When players start walking away from these deals because they feel undervalued is when MLB is going to have a problem. Until then there are thousands of other guys willing to play for millions without griping about it.
  4. He could do it in 1,028 AB. Haha
  5. Trout is going to Philly. Mark that down. This is all by design.
  6. 29 years old. Contract year. Healthy. Give him to me at the discount he’s currently getting.
  7. Win now? Have you seen their rotation? Win in a couple years maybe.
  8. The owners were getting hammered by everyone for not ponying up for Bryce and Manny. I saw it as teams trying to reign in the next crazy deal. I haven’t seen their books, but I don’t think you have the money to buy a team because you gave all your profits back to your employees.
  9. Keep telling yourself that Bryce went to Philly to settle down, start a family, make the Phillies great, and live happily ever after. This was a cash grab. A la ARod in Texas. He never wanted to play there. They gave him the first mega deal and he forced a trade to NY.
  10. You really think his master plan was to end up in Philadelphia? Philadephia? Maybe, but I think the Phillies made this happen because of the Summer they had. Kuddos to them
  11. BS...Harper went there because it was the biggest deal.