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  1. I’m starting to think I’ll just punt pitching all together and stream 5 guys a day. It’s just so bad...
  2. How does he not get the save? Just looking at the box score
  3. Juan Soto 0-7 so far in the DH 🤦🏼‍♂️
  4. You don’t want Bryant to get hot because he will quickly injure himself and be ice cold for two weeks. This guy...
  5. Kris Bryant manages to get hurt every single time he gets hot
  6. I think most Giants fans know what this team is. Riots aren’t happening if Bum goes elsewhere. If anything, it will bump off what’s left of the bandwagon. We need to be factual about what’s going on here anyway. The Giants are hitting the snot out of the ball and scoring runs. I’m not sure MadBum even matters in this scenario.
  7. I’m not claiming anything. I said Hamel and Bum are similar guys with similar resumes. A deal like that would be ultimate. Do I think they get it? No. Yeah, I do think teams are willing to give up prospects if they think they can win. Look at the guys in most of these multiple player deals. One or two usually works out. That Hamels deal hasn’t done anything for the Phils, but it gave them players to work with. Giants don’t have that and they need it.
  8. I mostly agree with this. I truly think Bum will resign with the Giants next year. Knowing that, nobody is giving up anything unless they believe he has something left for a playoff run. He has flashed signs in the last two starts of being the guy he was.
  9. I don’t get it. The Giants are clearly in a rebuild after a dynasty decade. Nobody is disputing. They are a mediocre team on paper. We know that. They are on a torrid hot streak right now, which brings up the question about whether they should trade. Any baseball fan knows the Giants aren’t for real. We are enjoying a little bit of life out of a team that was listless for months. So far the only thing the Dodgers have won is the pennant. Say whatever you want about their talent versus the Giants, but only one team has won. Don’t act like that isn’t relevant anymore because the Cubs, Red Sox, and Dodgers are better teams.
  10. He’s a West Coast guy. A team out here will pay him to be where he wants to be. Regardless I think he cashes in big time.
  11. I was commenting on the Dodger fan’s nonsense... I agree. The Cole Hamels deal to Texas is a good comp. Phillies got 6 players back. Giants need a huge haul.
  12. **Declining vet - with three rings and a World Series MVP
  13. We all know that San Fran is a good landing spot for this guy. The family connection is too strong.
  14. Diehard fan here. God I hope the Giants don’t blow their chance at renting Bun out for 6 months. We all know this streak isn’t sustainable.
  15. I’m only calling out the absurd expectations. We all saw what he can do in the derby. He just needs to put it all together.
  16. I love this. He went from best prospect in the history of the world to a “best bet” to maybe turn it around. A lot of guys tear up the minor leagues and fail. I don’t think it’s Vladdy, but he needs to get sent back down to get things figured out.
  17. No Chapman for the A’s today. No update on the injury yet.
  18. Any insight on the Matt Chapman injury yet?
  19. Haven’t seen any. He apparently has a pretty substantial no trade clause. I honestly don’t think the Giants get a lot for him. Might as well enjoy the defense and OBP while it last.
  20. No....see every other year this guy has played. The Giants aren’t a good source of runs outside of the current hot streak.