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  1. Get what we deserve? This guy was a beast to end the year last year.
  2. Its hard to hang with a guy that has that split. The Ks are nice, but that ERA is a killer in H2H matchups.
  3. So what are people doing with this guy?
  4. Marquez is cooked. The Ks are hard to get rid of, but he’s terrible.
  5. The most underrated guy in the game
  6. Probably. You can’t go wrong, but Mike freaking Trout....
  7. Yelich wasn’t this guy for a long time. Trout has always been this guy.
  8. He doesn’t think it’s a big deal. MRI on Monday....🤦🏼‍♂️
  9. Since when is hot and sunny helpful for a tired body?
  10. Why ominous? Could be a cramp. If the best player on the planet indicates that he’s feeling something you pull him right away.
  11. Alonso is about to get paid soon. Vladdy might hit .260 soon
  12. Style matters. Vladdy hit 91 bombs and one off the scoreboard. That’s entertaining in an exhibition. That said, the Alonso story is awesome.
  13. Really happy for Alonso. Mets appear to have a great kid on their squad.
  14. Alonso only needed 34 to reach the finals Vladdy hit 91 Format is lame
  15. If I was playing for a million I wouldn’t have my cousin off the street throwing for me
  16. The format is lame. Those dudes hit close to 40 bombs and one is going home empty handed. The other to finals dog tired.
  17. Scooter is proven. Biggio is a rookie. Tough call, but I like Scooter to rebound.
  18. Scooter came off the DL and Hiura got called up. I’m leaning toward Miley and Scooter.
  19. Drop two. Need to make room and have a log jam with guys coming off the DL. Renfroe Gennett Hiura H. Dozier Wade Miley
  20. His 6 ERA over the last month is evidence of suck...