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  1. Uh wow, how did you pull that one off?
  2. I'd look to upgrade Meadows and Mazara but looks good considering how SP heavy you went.
  3. this is a tough one, but I would lean Voit, I'm really high on him.
  4. I'd get at least 1 bat, like Judge or Harper if they are available.
  5. This exact trade just went down in my OBP/SLG league. I'd take it.
  6. Probably Bradley if you want speed, Dickerson if you want more power.
  7. Also this allows me to activate Alonso (not pictured) from my NA slot.
  8. What do you guys think? 12 team h2h 7x7 with OBP/SLG, K/BB, OBPA. Gave: Donaldson and Laureano Got: Matt Chapman
  9. Mondesi x 5 Donaldson x 4 Merrifield x 4 Flaherty x 5 Eloy x 4 Voit x 5 Story x 4 Grandal x 4 Marquez x 4
  10. OBP/SLG Keeper league Gave: Josh Donaldson, Ramon Laureano Got: Matt Chapman