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  1. I think Holliday will actually help the Yankees this year, but from an experience standpoint not a fantasy standpoint. Especially with Carter now signed, I don't think Holliday can be a real fantasy consideration unless its an AL only league.
  2. Great haul. I guess the Red Sox knew they were going to have to go all out to get him. I have a feeling Moncada and Kopech will be very good, but i guess with the roster they have now they feel they can win.
  3. I'm surprised they gave up both Kopech and Moncada. I think if Kopech's stock continued to rise they could trade him alone for an all star caliber player. It looks like the Sox will be expecting Pablo to contribute this year with Shaw traded and Moncada not a possibility. They should probably sign EE though if they are going all in on the next few years.
  4. Very surprised the Sox actually got him. It won't hurt his fantasy value. I think he will end up pitching better after separating from Chicago. It has to be tough to constantly deal with all of the trade rumors.
  5. I can understand moving him to their third string and a backup to Rawls, but I'm pretty surprised they just cut him. He must have been a locker room distraction.
  6. Thanks Padres. Killing fantasy baseball owners dreams since 1969.
  7. I heard a rumor that Bregman is great friends with Johnny Manziel. Everyone should drop him immediately, especially if you are in a league with me.
  8. Margot is the other option. There were rumors of him getting a call if Upton was traded a few days ago, but apparently he has a sore foot now. I really hope it is Renfroe.
  9. From a real life standpoint, I like Castro at 2B. He is still young and under team control. McKinney I don't have that much hope for. I think he will end up being a 4th OF type if he even sticks in the bigs long term. Either way. Still a great haul for the Yankees when they were going to trade Chapman or let him go in FA.
  10. I should have clarified. My post was more like I wonder where he starts tonight because 3B and OF eligibility would be nice in addition to his current SS eligibility
  11. Curious to see where he plays tonight. SS, 3B, OF eligibility in ESPN would make me happy all over.
  12. Great haul for the Yankees. They basically got Castro, Torres, McKinney, for Chapman.
  13. I never understand what Baltimore does with their pitching prospects. I still believe Gausman and Bundy will be all stars. They just need to go to the Cubs like Arrieta.
  14. Watch Bundy end up being better than Pomeranz ROS.
  15. Not this start no, but I am grabbing him anyway. He could have a huge impact down the stretch if he builds his arm strength up.