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  1. Jeff McNeil 2019 Outlook

    I would too but the Cano deal was more nuanced than that. We got Edwin Diaz for Kelenic and Dunn because we also did Cano for dumping Jay Bruce and Anthony Swarzak's money. Edwin Diaz was a huge acquisition for team with a gigantic hole in the bullpen. I think Familia was a nice addition as a setup guy as well. I think I'm sensing you just have a different strategy for building a team the way you believe it should be done which would have more of a long term strategy. Brodie has made it clear his strategy is to build for the short term and support his three big starters. I think we are all used to keeping an eye on the long term but I can't say BVW's goal for this year will not be achieved until the season is done. I also don't know what other moves he is contemplating at the trade deadline if things are going as planned or going like crap.
  2. Jeff McNeil 2019 Outlook

    But that's what Major League teams do when planning for the season. They look at what guys have done combined with what they've done in the minors. Jeff McNeil never show'd any power until last year. Don't know if it's a natural progression or an outlier. The rest of his profile is excellent. I don't know why you think he can't get more AB's if he's killing it early in the season. Teams can adjust.
  3. Jeff McNeil 2019 Outlook

    Brodie might be a complete bust in the end because of his going all in this season with older players with no vision for a longer term plan. But I think we need to see how the team does this year and what other moves are made. I think he is trying to maximize the teams potential with a starting rotation that is in the top echelon this year. I just think it's also funny to see people get crazy about a team trying to compete for the playoffs this year and having a younger player with only 225 major league AB's not given a full time spot to start the season being a completely mystical thing. I don't think the team will hesitate to sit Alonso if he struggles and I don't think it will ruin his future either.
  4. Jeff McNeil 2019 Outlook

    Career's ruined if he doesn't play everyday this season and probably never will. Again, an overreaction for a guy with 225 major league at bats.
  5. Jeff McNeil 2019 Outlook

    Look I love Jeff McNeil and if I were making the decisions I would agree with you and play him full time at 2B. But BVW did the Cano/Diaz deal which while interesting and clearly upgrades the team this year isn't something I would have done. I could think of different ways to spend the Wilpon's money but there's no guarantee it would be better than what BVW is putting out there this year. Clearly the Wilpon's have given him a limit to how much money he can spend this year, which is sad for a big market NYC team, but another discussion. BVW is filling out the roster the way he thinks will give the team the best chance to compete this year. Maybe he is delusional but he's trying. This Mets team will compete with the talent assembled but I don't think it will be enough to beat the Nats whose starting pitching is also excellent. McNeil was a 12th round draft choice who has exceeded all expectations at every level. He turns 27 in April and is a very versatile and athletic player. I think it is an overreaction to think he will be an elite hitter based on last season's limited number of AB's. And there is nothing to stop the team from giving Jeff McNeil more AB's if he does hit like last year.
  6. Jeff McNeil 2019 Outlook

    There is no reason if Jeff McNeil hits that he won't get more AB's, it just won't be at 2B. McNeil on a radio interview said he played OF in college and feels comfortable out there. He did say he thought 2B was his best position. But he's clearly athletic and versatility at the major league level can only enhance his value going forward. He's only 26 and with the the older players on the roster, there's likely to be more guys visiting the DL like usual for the Mets. McNeil still has a bright future possibly as an elite bat but probably as a really nice bat. I don't see why he can't carve out some playing time with a chance for more if those 225 major league AB's weren't just a small sample size. I was holding out hope for AJ Pollock for CF but he probably wanted more money than the Mets felt comfortable spending. Lowrie on a 2 year deal for $20m is a nice signing and probably means the Mets don't have to count on Cespedes this year. A little competition for playing time is a nice thing for any team and the Mets haven't had to worry about that for a long time.
  7. Jeff McNeil 2019 Outlook

    I think McNeil could probably platoon at 1B with Alonso if he struggles because I don't think Dom Smith has shown enough. I think Broxton and JD Davis start off in the minors. Both have potential but don't seem to fit at the moment. Nice depth at AAA. Broxton has no role on this team if Lagares is on the team. And JD clearly needs AB's rather than sit on the bench. I think Nimmo becomes the guy to play CF even though he isn't great out there, he isn't a butcher either. If not, Lagares could get more AB's in CF where we know how good he is out there.
  8. Jeff McNeil 2019 Outlook

    A bit of an overreaction on Jeff McNeil and his 225 professional at bats. Sure he was great last year and has a promising future but he's only 26 and is a nice guy to have on the bench with his versatility. We knew he wasn't playing 2B once Cano was acquired. People assumed he would get at bats at 3B because of Frazier's struggles last year. Now I would think Lowrie will get the good side of a platoon at 3B against RH'ers if Todd Frazier remains on the team. Lowrie could get some AB's at 2B and Cano & Frazier can play some 1B if Alonso struggles a bit against RH'ers which is possible. McNeil looks to be getting AB's in the OF with Nimmo most likely getting a lot of AB's in CF with Lagares as a defensive replacement late in games. I think McNeil can wind up with 300 AB's even if there are no other big injuries which isn't bad. If he continues to rake, the manager can always adjust. Cespedes might not return this year which is what I would take from the Lowrie signing which was a very nice acquisition and improves this years team.
  9. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Is Hamilton still on Broadway ?
  10. *DISCUSSION* 2018 RW Mock Draft III *DISCUSSION*

    Don't sleep on Ahmed Rosario. His numbers improved over the 2nd half which is what you want to see from a young 23 year old player. He has legitimate SB value in fantasy with 24 last year. And I think the power continues to trend up. Will be a full time player again this year.
  11. *DISCUSSION* 2018 RW Mock Draft III *DISCUSSION*

    Oh, I missed that. Seattle is in full rebuild so somebody should be trying to pry him away.
  12. *DISCUSSION* 2018 RW Mock Draft III *DISCUSSION*

    EE is about to turn 36 and I think you can count on 30/100 which is pretty nice this late and still qualifies at 1B. If you need power after the 10th round, EE can still get it done. He's got one year left so Cleveland could move on at some point.
  13. *DISCUSSION* 2018 RW Mock Draft III *DISCUSSION*

    I agree. Folty continues to develop and improve each year. Last year he kept hitters to a .195 BA which was a big improvement on previous years. 202 K's in 183 IP with a 2.85 ERA and a 1.08 WHIP. I like Flaherty but Folty deserves more respect.
  14. *DISCUSSION* 2018 RW Mock Draft III *DISCUSSION*

    I think David Dahl is a fantastic pick at this point. You get a discount for all of those injury filled years I guess. He finished strong last year and looks to be a middle of the order bat in Colorado. I don't think he gets drafted after 100 in March though.
  15. 2019 Sleepers

    Well that makes sense to me. A good situation for him in Baltimore. Fangraphs in Oct. had him at 125 and ESPN has him at 126, which I thought didn't make sense.