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  1. I'm not sure how Robby was supposed to finish his route when Sam Darnold could not reach him on that particular throw towards the end of the game. I noticed the head coach didn't have any harsh words for his QB whose play was not good. I would imagine Adam Gase is smart enough to know his tenure as head coach with the Jets will be graded on how much Sam improves or not. So I'm guessing Gase will throw anybody else under the bus. I'm not impressed with Gase so far. That was a winnable game on Sunday.
  2. That Buffalo defense was putting a lot of pressure on Darnold forcing him to get rid of the ball quickly which is why Jamison Crowder got so many receptions. Sam under threw a ball late in the game where Robby blew by his guy and had to slow down and the CB ran into him as the ball was getting there. Robby's speed is legit and he will have some big games. I just don't expect consistency with this young combo early on. Buffalo's defense looked really good.
  3. Nonsense. He can draw his salary anytime he walks through the door. Minimizing a career ending injury on his rookie contract is good business. Le'veon forfeited way more money by sitting out and not risking injury. He got more guaranteed money than the Steelers offered but not as much as he wanted. The Chargers can choose to negotiate now and try and get him signed to a cheaper deal having more leverage. Chargers can franchise tag Gordon after the season or let him become a free agent. Either way he will get a nice bump in salary as long as he remains healthy.
  4. The Chargers wouldn't but the poster said Melvin Gordon had been so devalued which is silly.
  5. If he is so devalued maybe the Chargers should release him from his contract. As a free agent I'm sure Melvin Gordon will find out what his true value is and the Chargers wouldn't have to cripple their cap.
  6. Keep an eye on Justin Wilson. Lugo doesn't like to pitch on back to back days. And Diaz has lost his confidence.
  7. You might be right that he never approaches those numbers again which were amazing. But he is only 27 and healthy. The Jets signed veteran Ryan Kalil to play center and traded for veteran Kelechi Osemele to play LG, so the O-line should be better. I think Le'Veon Bell is motivated to have a good season and I think he is going to surprise some people.
  8. At this point it should be clear to Melvin Gordon this wasn't the year to hold out. He should come back and play this year without losing a game check. The Chargers might be willing to do something after this season to prevent a hold out next year.
  9. If the Yankees don't win the WS, I think they will outbid everybody for Cole. Scott Boras is his agent and always goes with the money. Cole is exactly the stud pitcher the Yanks need to anchor their staff. Great offense, bullpen and probably Severino next year should be attractive.
  10. JD Davis is not a good infielder. He seems to be doing better in LF and I'm sure the coaches continue to work with him out there. He keeps hitting and hitting with power. Lots of quality AB's. Houston didn't have a place for him and the Mets got themselves a good young player.
  11. Continuing to hate on Vlad is becoming silly. After a slow start his numbers continue to improve to very respectable in his rookie season, age 20. His future looks incredibly bright and I look forward to some big seasons.
  12. Probably has more to do with the corpse known as Robby Cano batting behind him in the cleanup spot.
  13. Most likely on a pitch limit for the first couple of games. Pick up and bench early on and see if he shows anything if you need pitching. If he pitches decently, everybody will be trying to pick up. Easy drop if he bombs.
  14. Talking radio head Mike Francessa is talking about Noah being the target.
  15. I don't know about "clambering" but I can see somebody looking for a bench bat who can also play some defense late in games. Won't cost anything of value.