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  1. Drafted this dude as a backup to Kittle after losing Gronk this offseason and could not be more excited about his future. I heard one commentator call him "Gronk-esque" in his ability to get YAC. He passes the eye test for me.
  2. Playing on 1/3 of a good leg will do that.
  3. I believe he's done for. I think even in a dynasty he's a safe drop.
  4. The guy probably wants to be able to enjoy his later years of life without having to be damn near crippled. I can't say I blame him for that. As an owner it realllllllllllllllllly sucks but I get it. I had Patrick Willis and that other Niners LB who abruptly retired after a great rookie year do the same thing to me in the past. Ultimately, it's their livelihood. I'm trying my best to respect that even though that leaves my dynasty with a gaping big hole now.
  5. The fact that I know you misspelled that dude's name yet don't care enough to actually look up the correct spelling tells you how awful that list is. The guy is so bad he's not even worth looking up. Hunter, on the other hand, is very much worth looking up.
  6. Hey, I hope you're right. [...] I'd love nothing more than him to do that. He has shown flashes of brilliance, but I'm at the "show me" phase right now where I'll only believe it when I see it. I have not had the luxury of watching him pitch.
  7. Are they using him as a reliever to limit his innings this season or is this a transition towards a closer role?
  8. Not seeing the top 5 upside. He's a good pitcher, but I don't ever see him entering the territory of Scherzer, Verlander, DeGrom... He's definitely not a "set and forget" guy. He's also 28 years old already. It's not like he's a young promising phenom.
  9. 51 walks in 103.2 IP this year. This is the only thing holding him back from greatness. No pitcher can succeed long-term with poor command.
  10. This is beginning to feel like the season a couple years ago where he was iffy going into week 1 with a shoulder injury and then missed the whole dang year. Hopefully the Colts are smart enough not to do that to their fanbase again.
  11. I'm not a doctor, but I feel like when teams do this they're only delaying the inevitability of TJ surgery. Maybe he comes back full bore next spring as if nothing happened, but if he ends up needing TJ surgery early next season I feel this decision will have been an extreme waste of rehabilitation time. I'm gonna hope for the best.
  12. [...] One thing to keep in mind is that he'll lose 2B eligibility after this season so next year he'll only be 3B eligible.
  13. I can find HD quality, but sometimes the stream quality itself just is not great depending on which link I click. I can usually find an excellent one though.
  14. Not the best quality (at times), but this is my go-to option too. Just watch streams on my computer for nada.
  15. I think Singletary landed in about as good of a situation as he could to end up getting a fair amount of touches. His competition above him is mediocre at best. I just couldn't pass the upside for next year and RB is not a position I was hard up for this season.