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  1. Zach Eflin 2018 Outlook

    Someone did the same in my 12 team league and I snatched him off waivers. I'm struggling at finding consistent pitching and this is a dynasty league so I'm excited to have him. The league also values K/9 so I'm hoping he can keep the K's coming. I now have him in 2 out of my 3 dynasty leagues.
  2. Jurickson Profar 2018 Outlook

    The Texas Rangers and Jurickson Profar's lack of AB's. Name a better duo.
  3. Razzball Ralph's Mid-Season Top 100 Update

    Looks like Jo Adell shot up that list.
  4. Kevin Gausman 2018 Outlook

    Dropped him in my dynasty league. This league also valued K/9 and he just wasn't cutting it for me. Even though his ERA and WHIP have been pretty good over the past month his K/9 has taken a hit. He never really dominated at any point in the minors and at 27 years old I don't see anything that suggests to me that he'll dominate at the big league level. If your league doesn't count K/9 he's probably more serviceable but at this point I think the only thing that makes him worth holding is if he's traded to a better club.
  5. Mike Foltynewicz 2018 Outlook

    I recently acquired him so that's probably the reason for his last couple of stinkers.
  6. 2018 "Deep" Sleepers

    For those in deeper leagues or leagues with holds, I've had my eyes on Colin Poche from the Rays. He's 24, but was drafted in 2016 and has dominated. He could be someone who becomes a solid setup guy or maybe even a potential closer. His fastball is not gas (throws 89-92 on average), but from what I've read his arm angle makes it hard for hitters to pick up the ball which makes his fastball more deceptive than most players who throw at this speed. He has an above-average breaking ball as well. I know the Rays like to have that "opener" kind of player and he could fit that role nicely and rack up some K's for teams. There's also been discussions about trying to stretch him out and possibly convert him to a starter. If that happens, I'd definitely keep my eye on him if he can continue to dominate as he has so far. Right now I'd file this as a speculative watch. There's not much of a chance of him getting called up this year (I think due to his trade; he was a PTBNL in the Souza deal) but he may get a shot in spring training in 2019.
  7. Tim Tebow - NYM

    I don't think you can be listed as a prospect after you hit a certain age.
  8. Ken Giles 2018 Outlook

    I was looking at Giles' stats from last year to this year and one of the biggest things that stuck out to me was that his walks are wayyyyyyy down but his hits are way up. This suggests that he's been throwing too many pitches out over the plate and would explain why people have hit him a lot more this season over the past seasons. I think Giles needs to start working out of the zone more again in order to regain success. His walks may go up a little, but the hits he gives up should go down as he gets more people to chase pitches or make bad contact with pitches outside of the zone. Just my .02
  9. Jordon "Jo" Adell - OF LAA

    At this pace I'd say late 2019 at the earliest. He hasn't played past advanced A ball so my guess is next season he'll get AA exposure. If he continues to rake there's a chance he gets a call up late in the year. I'd say 2020 is more realistic at this point.
  10. Jed Lowrie got snubbed.
  11. I think you could get more than Belt. If it's a keeper league most teams should be willing to give up quite a bit to land such a young SP with electric stuff. I'd shop him around and see if you can get a bigger return. Belt is oft-injured too which makes me leery.
  12. Dynasty Trade Offer - Go for it?

    I should note not all of my trades work out great. Last year I dealt Rendon and a combination of Kopech, Victor Robles and Gleyber Torres for Machado and Darvish. That one is not looking good for me considering Torres is now mashing for the Yanks. But like the previous poster said I've had a number of trades where I'll deal names like this and then they end up being average or not even making it to the show. Adell is a monster right now and at 19 it's very exciting what he's doing. But the great thing about prospects is that there's almost always another Adell right around the corner waiting to get drafted. Unless he becomes a generational talent like Mike Trout I consider most prospects expendable.
  13. Dynasty Trade Offer - Go for it?

    RotoBird, This has been a league that's been around since around 2000. I drafted guys like Price, Verlander to my MILB squad back in the days. Throughout the years I've always sacrificed younger talent to build up my current talent. Sometimes I overpay, but we have a 16-man MILB team that allows us to stock up on MILB talent. I acquired Altuve, Castellanos and Trumbo in 2015 for Adrian Gonzales, Devon Travis, Delino DeShields & Brett Lawrie. Altuve was the only guy I was interested in and I dropped the others over time. I tend to trade young players to teams who are constantly rebuilding as they value youth over actual value and sometimes I can get a good veteran for it. Sometimes it works for me and sometimes it doesn't. I dealt Verlander, Shelby Miller, Willin Rosario and a 1st round MILB pick for JoFer back in 2014 (this was when he was shelved with TJ). Verlander being the main component as well as the lost opportunity cost of a 1st rounder (not sure who he took). My success began with good drafting and once I created a core of enough "home grown" talent I took a "Yankees" approach and started acquiring talent via trades or FA and usually the trades would be where I'm dealing quantity to get quality (3 solid players for one stud). The year I got Altuve was the first year he hit double-digit HR's so at that point I was just trying to acquire a speedy 2B with good average. I don't think anyone could've guessed the pop at the time. I consider myself lucky on that one. I dealt JT Realmuto (another home-grown dude) and Smoak (free agent pickup last season) for Gary Sanchez and a last round pick this year. A lot of my deals I try to buy low. With Sanchez struggling I felt like it was finally the perfect time to take a chance. Realmuto isn't bad by any means, but having a 30-HR capable C is very intriguing for me. With my current roster, I got the following guys off of FA - Goldschmidt (he wasn't drafted by any team; so I got him off waivers), Pollock (the year he was struggling/hurt), Pham, Mazara (when he was still struggling and not hitting for power), Morrow, Giles, Arrieta. A lot of the other players were acquired using my farm system or trades. I'm currently waiting for Pham to heat back up so I can hopefully package him up with a SP to get an even better one. As long as I can keep drafting promising talent I can continue to keep dealing that talent to keep improving my lineup. I may tinker a little too much, but the last couple of years I wasn't aggressive in the trade area so that's why age is catching up with my pitching staff and why I'm looking to put some youth back into it.
  14. Dynasty Trade Offer - Go for it?

    RotoBird, Brinson is like holding a bag of dog doo right now. Nobody wants to touch the guy. SP is my weak spot right now and also the area where my age tends to show a bit. One of my biggest trades in recent memory was to land Jose Fernandez (RIP) and that set me back on my SP situation a bit. I've done well with drafting talent for my MILB roster and have used some of that talent to upgrade at current positions. I'm a perennial championship contender so my focus is on winning above all else. I also have Luis Robert in my farm system so giving up Adell wouldn't destroy my farm.
  15. Jorge Polanco 2018 Outlook

    Just snagged him in my dynasty league at the expense of Semien. I think Polanco has more upside.