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  1. awful over the past week. maybe the hype was premature.
  2. streaming tomorrow. hoping for a miracle.
  3. Got lucky with the k on markakis. That was a trash pitch, ball four no doubt.
  4. Welp that was fun
  5. Because the mound is jacked up from the guy with the weird windup in Atlanta.
  6. He actually hasn't been that bad over the last month
  7. So is it looking like McCullers is a firm drop candidate now?
  8. What's up on Bedrosian? Any news?
  9. i dumped him before the news.
  10. per rw, 3-4 more starts. http://www.rotoworld.com/player/mlb/6486/vincent-velasquez
  11. i mean...look what he did in one week. 6.0ip, 1w, 8k's, 0.00era, .67 whip. granted it's one week, but that's sp1/2 numbers.
  12. The K's are nice...but I just can't anymore.......
  13. 9 for 24 / 4 runs / 1 hr / 5 rbis / 3sbs last week...is this the start of something?