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  1. heating up.......
  2. added for the playoff run. why not if you got a spot in a redraft?
  3. Gotta be getting close to a return here
  4. patience...
  5. been awful good lately - too quiet in here.
  6. it's redraft. i just feel like moncada has more upside than story at this point - but i'm wondering if wong is worth the drop.
  7. Got a bye for the first round of playoffs (lasts this week and next)...would you drop trevor story for kolten wong for MI? i could drop yoan moncada as well... it's a deep 12 team league.
  8. ughhhh - i was just about to trade for him. are you guys really worried, kinda worried, or not at all worried?
  9. i will probably sit him. and he will probably go on to pitch 8 shutout innings with 10+ k's.
  10. go with your gut. it's playoffs man. it will lead you in the right direction.
  11. smh... bump
  12. did you guys not see my final offer? bellinger/faria/moncada for arenado/justin turner/carrasco - swapped turner for britton, since i don't really need more closers. he's only going to keep one of the 3 i'm sending to him - he's got bryant as a 19th rounder next year. again, we only keep two players, one of which can be a waiver wire add as a 25th rounder.
  13. don't listen to rush. you made the right deal.
  14. if you need help at MI, i think it's an ok deal. i don't see any value with kintzler anymore, so i'd be good dropping him. thnanks for your input on mine.
  15. 10 team standard h2h league with 2 keepers (1 waiver, 1 non)...team listed in sig below. I'm in first place - would you deal Bellinger as a 25th round keeper (2 round every year kept after) for Arenado and Britton this year? I would still likely keep Conforto as a 23rd and Seager as a 21st. I'm going for it this year - Thoughts? *edit....i'm actually leaning towards giving him keeper options since he's out of the race: Bellinger (25th) Moncada (18th) and Faria (25th) for Arenado/Carrasco/Britton (none of which would be kept next year - only rentals for this year).