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  1. 12-team standard h2h redraft...currently have pedroia as my MI. i'm thinking of dropping him for zobrist, DL'ing him, then adding orlando arcia. would you make this move?
  2. looking like he may be back soon - what is everyone expecting when he is? seems he was dropped in quite a few leagues.
  3. no way would i deal ray for him.
  4. meh...i'm not sure i like him better than any of those guys. it depends if you need speed or power more. if you need power, stick with what you have. if you need more speed, i guess i'd dump gomez for him?
  5. berrios given injury concerns with pax.
  6. On my pitcher starved team (Lester/Tanaka/C-Mart/Severino/Taillon/Chase Anderson/Charlie Morton (DL)) would you trade Aaron Judge for Alex Wood? 12 team, standard redraft h2h league. My outfield is pretty deep - obviously it would suck losing his power, but I feel this would balance my team better...what do you guys think?
  7. Giants are calling up today per nbc sports: http://mlb.nbcsports.com/2017/06/27/the-giants-are-calling-up-jae-gyun-hwang/
  8. I'd say so
  9. Dude is toast. Wish I would have dropped him sooner than I did.
  10. This is awful advice. The Mets already announced they're sellers. Conforto is the future of this team, he's going to get plenty of opportunities moving forward to showcase that.
  11. Haniger/Bour/Gonzalez
  12. 12 teamer h2h redraft - need pitching... remaining OF would be Ozuna, Cain, Bellinger, Conforto, Maybin, Broxton give Aaron Judge get Corey Kluber
  13. k-rod released by the tigers.
  14. this week? you serious? try all season..