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  1. bc it's pretty clear malcolm is the play here.
  2. you can't seriously start him this week can you?
  3. i think you're fine, i would sit tight. i think goff will have better # at the end of the year than jimmy personally. i would definitely not be trading for cam.
  4. shallow 12 team, half ppr, team is as follows: qb - deshaun watson rb - aaron jones / austin ekeler wr - deandre hopkins / odell beckham jr te - darren waller flex - john brown d/st - 49ers k - empty bench - duke johnson / miles sanders / curtis samuel / terry mclaurin / darwin thompson / ravens dst problem is i need a kicker, so i need to drop someone or drop 9ers and roll with ravens D @ kansas city (and that seems like a terrible idea)... leaning towards duke for my drop (i'm partial to seeing how the darwin thing plays out this weekend). what do you guys think?
  5. if mccoy is taking 75%, my money is on him hurting himself more than he already is.
  6. Sounds like moncrief nursing a finger injury... πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
  7. I’m in one with guys from my neighborhood, buy-in was $10. God, it’s really awful.