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  1. Carr easily
  2. Crief and Big Vern
  3. Ginme Stewart. Starks has done nothing. Ever.
  4. Non-ppr league, which two? Jordy Nelson v HOU Tyrell Willims v TB Donte Moncrief @ NYJ
  5. is he going to lose touches to michael?
  6. i think that's more a product of the team as a whole. who are they going to give the ball to, gabbert?
  7. matthews is like a top 20 wr this week, probably more like top 15 in ppr. of course you'd start him over moncrief. everybody with a brain would.
  8. kill me if i'm crying about my 2016 fantasy team 20 years from now.
  9. seriously?
  10. bump
  11. bump
  12. Julius Thomas @ DET Jason Witten v BAL Zach Rudolph v ARI Eric Ebron v JAX CJ Feidorowicz v OAK (in Mexico) Cameron Brate @ KC Coby Fleener @ CAR Ledarius Green @ CLE Vernon Davis v GB